Fragrance Foundation extends awareness campaign to capture holiday shoppers

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The Fragrance Foundation has extended its industry-wide campaign to boost sales in an attempt to capture the imagination of the holiday shoppers.

With a mission to expand the appreciation and use of fragrances worldwide through all distribution channels, the Foundation’s campaign does not contain brands or push specific products.

Rather, the idea behind the ‘One Drop Changes Everything’ campaign, which was introduced this time last year, is to inject some of the magic back into fragrance, focusing on the transformative nature of the product.

This year’s fall extension of the product will see the campaign image of the perfume atomizer silhouette appearing on a selection of telephone kiosks in midtown Manhattan from November 19th.

Drive holiday season sales

Fragrance Foundation President Rochelle Bloom explained the motivation behind the kiosk campaign is to capture the attention of shoppers during the holiday season, which has historically always been a critical period for the industry.

One Drop Changes Everything

“In our ongoing effort to support the category we felt that the striking visibility of the creative and the headline will hopefully make the millions of consumers who will see this think fragrance, fragrance, fragrance for the holidays”​ she said.

Fragrances bought in the holiday season, often dominated by gift sets, have historically been a big earner for the fragrance industry, but in recent years sales have been hurt by a weaker retail environment.

At the recent LuxePack show in Monaco, Bloom spoke about the magic of Christmas themed fragrance collectables of the past, and how to recapture that feeling today.

She suggested manufacturers should rethink the holiday period and bring back the 21st century version of holiday theming, complete with exclusive items and collectables rather than just showcasing value items special offers.

Entice consumers to become fragrance fans

At the launch of the campaign last fall, Bloom explained that ‘One Drop Changes Everything’ was an attempt to entice consumers who use fragrance products occasionally into becoming fans who use them more often.

Such consumers number about 62 million in the US and changing their behaviour would have a significant effect on the industry, she said.

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