Firmenich to set up new sustainable supply partnerships for fragrance ingredients

By Katie Nichol

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Switzerland-based flavour and fragrance company Firmenich revealed in its 2010 sustainability report that it is establishing four new sustainability partnerships.

Firmenich’s existing work sourcing sustainable vanilla in Uganda is designed to increase social and economic opportunities for vanilla farmers in the country, and based on this work, Firmenich is now extending its sustainable sourcing network into seven different countries, the report revealed.

Sustainable supply partnerships in Egypt, Magagascar and Haiti are set to launch in fiscal 2011, and the groundwork is being laid for the establishment of sustainability partnerships in India, Guatemala, Malaysia and Indonesia, the report revealed.

“Firmenich has ambitious sustainability goals, the benefits of which are a contribution to the protection of our planet and to helping clients and consumers around the world do the same,” ​Karen Saddler, vice president of corporate communications told

Sustainable supply partnerships

Firmenich is currently working with four main suppliers in Uganda and Madagascar to expand its Sustainable Ugandan Vanilla Project , and in Egypt, the company plans to source several natural aromatic extracts including jasmine, violet, acacia, geranium and bitter orange.

One of the world’s leading producers of high quality vetiver oil which is used as a key ingredient in a number of fragrances, is Haiti, the report revealed. A project that was developed by Firmenich to source more essential oils and extracts with commercial importance is being undertaken in Haiti, and according to the company, as the oils are no longer produced on a commercial scale in country, this necessities the planting of new trees.

New plant biology building to open in 2011

In Shanghai, Firmenich is currently constructing a plant biology building, set to be completed in 2011, which is expected to deepen the company’s understanding regarding essential oils.

“As a number of essential oils used in fragrances are sourced from plants, this center of expertise will conduct research to deepen our understanding of the biosynthesis of these oils with the objective of improving their quality,” ​Toni Gautier, corporate vice president of research & development at Firmenich, explained.

The 2010 sustainability report also highlighted the company’s aim of only developing and commercialising new perfumery ingredients that are biodegradable.

“Demonstrating the biodegradability of perfume ingredients before their launch – which is more stringent than today’s regulatory requirements - is part of Firmenich’s sustainability vision, setting industry standards for the fragrance and flavor business of the future,”​ Saddler said.

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