Packaging company Fusion launches airless pack with viewing window

By Katie Bird

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At the HBA Global expo last week, Fusion Packaging launched a new airless pack with a viewing window to allow consumers to see how much of the product is left.

Airless packaging is a popular choice for skin care products as it can help protect the formula within by eliminating contact with the external environment, in addition to cutting down on product wastage as nearly 100 per cent of the product can be ejected.

However, as the packages are traditionally thick walled and not necessarily transparent it is difficult to gauge the amount of product remaining.

This could lead to consumers unscrewing the packaging in order to see how much product remains in the bottle, which undermines the airless nature of the pack.

Demand from manufacturers

According to Fusion Packaging’s Jonathan Gross, the new airless pack range with viewing window (Reveal) was motivated by manufacturers calling for a way to make the volume of product remaining in the bottle, visible.

fusion reveal 2
Fusion Packaging's new airless Reveal range

Reveal’s viewing window solves this challenge with little extra cost, according to the company, as due to its single- rather than double-walled format it remains affordable.

The innovation means that the end customer will never knowingly run out of product, ensuring satisfaction and repeat sale - the company claims.

Available in three sizes, 15ml, 30ml and 50ml, the Reveal bottle can be used for a number of different skin care products, from small size serums to larger moisturizing products.

The Reveal bottle is made from PP, the actuator and collar from aluminium and the overcap from PETG.

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