US patent for X-Rite’s color measurement technology

By Andrew McDougall

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The color science company received a US patent that protects important proprietary technology in non-contact color measurement.

The patent protects a range of applications, from measuring the color of oil-based cosmetic formulations to packaging applications such as checking the color of plastic vinyl siding as it is being extruded.

"We are very pleased to receive protection on this advanced technology developed by X-Rite,"​ said Steven H. Peterson, product development manager for non-contact color instruments.

Color plays a huge role in the cosmetics industry

Color plays a major role in the personal care and beauty industry, and with the introduction of new products, ingredients and packaging, the company claims that the newly patented technology presents a good opportunity to get colors just right.

The technologies under the patent are used in both the VeriColor Spectro and the VS450, non contact measurement devices, which have been specifically designed for use in the cosmetics and packaging industries.

The latest bench top solution is the VS450, which is a non-contact spectrophotometer with gloss sensor, has been developed in response to the need for lab-to-production solutions.

According to Phillips the VS450 instrument is an extension of the company's VeriColor spectrophotometer family of instruments and is built to correlate data at a 0 degree and 45 degree angle from the test surface, which allows it to yield reliable readings on a variety of surfaces such as oil-based cosmetics.

"[The VS450 is] our response to customers in industries as varied as the manufacture of cosmetics, paints and chemicals that have asked for a cost effective and precise way to measure samples without special sample apparatus such as Petri dishes or cuvettes,"​ explained Kenneth Phillips, product manager for non-contact instruments.

Eliminates problems and deals with demanding conditions

Phillips states the VS450 eliminates the problem of contaminating of the viewing port, common in similar devices, because it never touches the sample.

The VS450’s inspiration, the VeriColor Spectro, is an industry first non contact spectrophotometer that provides unmeasured accuracy under fluctuating conditions such as lighting, temperature and humidity.

Phillips claims companies who invest in the VeriColor Spectro will benefit from its tight tolerance to color measurement, and will prove to have a favorable return on investment.

“Companies that employ this instrument will have a competitive advantage because it promotes first-time quality and provides data for highly efficient manufacturing,” ​Phillips continued.

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