Scarlett & Crimson tween girl brand extended into US

By Simon Pitman

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UK-based Coolabi has forged a manufacturing and distribution agreement with US beauty company Japonesque that will develop its teen and tween cosmetics line in North America.

The range will be launched in both Canada and the US in Spring of 2011 and is expected to be stocked in leading retail stores in both countries.

“The potential for growth in the North American market is significant because the retail channels for this category are highly developed,”​ said Michael Dee, Coolab brand development management

Concurrently an agreement has also been announced to start distribution and marketing of the product line in other global markets through Ruby Hammer and Millie Kendall (who created the line), ensuring that the brand will be developed on an international basis.

Targeting girls aged 11 to 16

The licensing agreement with Japonesque will lead to the development of a line of products aimed at girls aged 11 to 16.

The agreement builds on significant success in the UK market for the product range, even though the brand was only launched there last fall.

The Scarlett & Crimson characters are best friends who create their own music and fashion, attributes that have helped forge a line of cosmetics that numbers 26 different make-up products, including bronzer, blusher, finishing powder and nail varnish.

US market more developed for young girl cosmetics

“The product line for the US will be similar for North American, but is likely to have an even wider range that could include up to 90 products, reflecting the fact that it is a more developed market,”​ said Dee.

“A distribution agreement with leading retailer Boots in the UK saw the product line completely sold out over the busy holiday season due to the fact that the brand garnered significant press coverage,”​ said Dee.

Subsequently an additional distribution agreement has also been signed with another leading UK personal care and health care retailer Superdrug, ensuring that the brand has significant mass market penetration in the market.

Hammer and Kendall will also be concentrating on further developing the brand for marketing and distribution in new markets outside of North America.

Tweens are a big growth market

Tween girls (8-12 years) are increasing their usage of a number of beauty products according to NPD Group’s latest report, ‘Insight into the Youth Beauty Market’.

The market research company noted that this finding comes at a time when teens (13-17) and young women (18-24) are reporting a drop in usage of beauty products.

Regular usage of mascara among tween girls rose from 10 percent in 2007 to 18 percent in 2009 and eye liner use increased from 9 percent to 15 percent.

Overall, the report found, on average, tweens regularly use 4.5 different beauty products, an amount consistent with levels reported in 2007 (4.3).

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