New silicone from Momentive can help boost SPF and spreadability

By Katie Bird

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Momentive Performance Materials has combined two of its existing technologies to create a silicone-based material that can help disperse actives and pigments in formulations.

Velvesil 034 organosilicone gel can be used in color cosmetics, sun care formulations, and hair and skin care products to provide both sensory and functional benefits, the company claims.

The ingredient, showcased at the recent Suppliers' Day trade show in New Jersey, is the organosilicone fluid (Silsoft 034) combined with one of the company’s Velvesil crosspolymer technologies.

This coupling results in an organosilicone gel that Momentive claims can help create a silky soft skin feel while improving the dispersion of ingredients within the formulation.

Effective pigment dispersion

Applications in color cosmetics could include producing a brighter and more uniform shade as the pigments are spread more efficiently throughout the product, explained senior scientist for skin & color at Momentive Performance Materials, Dr Roy Rojas-Wahl.

Rojas-Wahl went on to explain how Velvesil 034 can also help formulators use other ingredients in the company’s portfolio, helping to bring additional functional benefits.

“It is also a good solubilizer and sensory enhancer for one of our recent film former launches, SilForm Flexible resin, which can add to the long wear properties of transfer resistant color cosmetics.”

In addition, the ingredient’s ability to effectively disperse actives means it can help raise the SPF of a sun care product; an interesting characteristic for formulators at a time when consumers are demanding an increased range of products that provide ever higher SPF protection.

Non-tacky feel

On the sensory side, the ingredient can help give the formulation a silky soft, non-tacky feel as well as a cushioning effect.

“Some customers at the ​[Suppliers' Day] booth highlighted the unique cushioning feel and thought Velvesil 034 adds a much desired '3-dimensionality in feel' to formulations.”

Its ability, and that of many other silicones, to improve the sensory qualities of a product and reduce tackiness, has led the company to suggest it could help formulators increase the concentration of natural ingredients in their products.

Formulating with a high proportion of natural ingredients can lead to slightly oily feeling, tacky products, Rojas-Wahl explained, which can be improved by the addition of a number of silicone-based ingredients.

Although a number of the emerging natural and organic certification systems prohibit the use of silicones, certified products still represent a small slice of the emerging naturals market.

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