Lancôme claims new mascara has cosmetic and regenerative functions

By Katie Bird

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Colour cosmetics are increasingly evolving to offer additional functional benefits and L’Oreal-owned brand Lancôme is tapping into this trend by applying the active complexes seen in the brand’s skin care range to its latest mascara product.

The Hypnose Precious Cells mascara uses the same apple stem cell ingredient found in the Precious Cells skin care range, and the company claims its application not only colours the lashes, giving the appearance of increased lash volume, but also helps regenerate them.

According to the company, the active ingredient can help stimulate the epidermal stem cells that are at the base of the lash follicles and are essential for hair growth and structure. The active ingredient] helps to restore an optimal environment at the skin surface to improve the reactivity of epidermal stem cells, the company said.

Improving lash condition

In addition, the product contains an extract of Centella asiatica that the company said is used in anti hair loss products, as well as the amino acid arginine that it says improves the condition of lashes.

The packaging for Lancôme Hypnose Precious Cells mascara has also been designed with the product’s functionality in mind. The brush is helix shaped and has two flat sections which have been designed to capture the formula and bathe the lashes in it, and two ridges to help define and lengthen the lashes.

L’Oreal subjected the mascara, which is being released this summer, to a consumer survey asking just over a hundred volunteers what they thought of the product.

As well as investigating how the mascara performed while it was on the lashes, the company also asked if the testers had perceived any effects after long term use once they had removed the product.

According to the company, after four weeks of use, 62 per cent of women perceived that their lashes were in better condition, while 77 per cent reported a reduced loss of lashes during make-up removal.

Combating ageing effect on lashes

The company claims that the new Lancôme product can help regenerate lash condition that can be lost through ageing, and as with hair and skin, eyelashes alter with age.

According to Lancôme Research Laboratories, there is a decrease in lash density with age that could be caused by an increasing number of inactive follicles. Decreased lash length is attributed by the laboratory to a decrease in the length of the growth (anagen) phase of the lashes.

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