Carbon neutral fragrance line launched

By Katie Nichol

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Fragrance company Sweet Anthem has partnered with Blue Marble Energy to create a carbon neutral fragrance line.

The Eos line comprises two fragrances; a feminine version with a floral tea-based scent and a masculine or unisex version characterized by citrus and cognac.

Seattle-based BME, a company that produces biochemicals that can act as drop-in replacements in any product which currently uses petrochemicals, used its carbon neutral bioesters in the production of the fragrance line.

Danielle Hendrix, the company’s communications manager explained that the bioesters are carbon neutral because BME’s patented conversion technology leverages the cellulose in organic waste biomass (in this case spent brewery grain) to produce volatile fatty acids and biogas energy.

“This biomass would otherwise have either been sent to decay in a landfill or burned, releasing harmful greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide,” ​she told

In addition to the environmental benefits of substituting petrochemicals with biochemicals, as the latter are derived from renewable organic sources rather than petroleum they are not subject to volatile oil prices, shortages or resource wars, said Hendrix.

Sustainability at no extra cost

The company claims that sustainability does not come at a higher price, with the production cost of a carbon neutral fragrance being equal to that of a traditional fragrance.

“The production of the fragrance itself is no more costly than normal. It is simply that the production of the ingredients within the fragrance changes. At Blue Marble Energy, we are able to produce these carbon neutral, completely sustainable biochemicals at cost with petrochemicals,” ​Hendrix said.

Meredith Tucker perfumer and CEO at Sweet Anthem told that beyond the green aspect of developing a carbon neutral fragrance, the company was keen to educate consumers about the environmental impact of products they buy.

“Cruelty-free fragrances are nothing new, but a carbon neutral fragrance has never been done before. And as we learn more about the impact of our everyday lives have on our world, little steps we can take like purchasing a petrol-free fragrance is a personal way we can contribute,” ​she said.

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