Valve closure launched for personal care bottles and tubes

By Katie Bird

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A valve closure from Plasticum that can be incorporated into oval bottles and circular tubes promises to seal off products, protecting against external contamination and leakage.

The Netherland-based company’s MaxiDose technology consists of a silicon valve that opens gradually under increasing pressure and closes completely when the pressure is released.

Communications and marketing manager for the company, Ilona Vermeer, explained that the characteristics of the silicon valve allow for the seal.

“The material has what is known as a memory function – it returns to its original shape. So the valve can close itself off immediately and seal the contents.”

Plasticum has incorporated the valve into an oval closure for personal care and food bottles which it calls the Maxidose Oval Snap-on 25.

The plastic lid that protects the valve can be opened with one hand, folded back and locked, so the product can be stored top down and the valve stops all leakage, Vermeer explained.

Plasticum says the closure is designed for gels, lotions and creams on the personal care side, and honey, syrup and marmalade on the food side.

Cosmetic Tubes

In addition, the company is currently developing the same technology to be used in a circular closure for cosmetics and personal care tubes.

“The heart of the technology is the same, but the shape of the closure is different. The neck on the circular closure is for tubes,”​ she said.

This has not yet appeared in consumer products that are currently on the market; but rather is in the development stage with customers, according to Vermeer.

Plasticum has a focus on Western Europe but the company also exports internationally.

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