Anti-aging skincare uses Chinese herb to combat cell degeneration

By Katie Nichol

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An anti-aging skincare line that claims to be the first to use a patented Schisandra berry formulation to combat cell degeneration has been launched.

The enhancement and protection of cell function is instrumental in preventing and slowing skin aging, according to Glissandra, the Canada-based company behind the 3-step anti-aging skincare line.

Peggy Frank, on behalf of Glissandra, told CosmeticsDesign that “the Glissandra difference is that we have recognized the importance of combating mitochondrial decay.”

Mitochondria are found in all human cells and their primary function is to generate cellular energy (ATP), essential to the repair process and function of cells.​During the aging process, mitochondria become larger, less effective and fewer in number, leading to a decline in ATP production.

Mitochondrial decay has been identified as one of the key causes of skin aging according to the company.

Unique ingredient

The unique ingredient in the product is Glissandrin, an exclusive blend of extracts from the Schisandra berry, one of the 50 fundamental herbs of Chinese medicine.

Glissandrin nourishes the cells through a combination of unique ingredients and advanced technology, which helps to support the healthiness of skin cells and sustain their natural ability to combat skin aging, says the company.

A​ proprietary process for extracting the Schisandrin compounds from the raw berry was developed by Glissandra. The process ensures that when the juice of the berry is released, the compounds remain stable for optimal potency.

In both in vivo and in vitro studies the formulation has proven effective in improving the visible signs of skin aging, according to the company.

Frank said that although there may be other products that use the Schisandra berry, Glissandra has the only patented formulation.

Intensive research

The product line, which is the result of more that 17 years of research at the Hong Kong University of Science and Technology, comprises a restorative serum, age-renewal face-cream and rejuvenating eye cream.

Glissandra’s president, Jean Cheung said: ’After years of research perfecting nature’s gifts through proven science, we’re proud to introduce this cutting edge product line that draws from ancient Chinese traditions to help revitalize and improve skin health.”

The skincare products are exclusively available to purchase online, although the company is working towards offering their products through selected distributors and retailers as part of their authorized professional program.

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