Nanoencapsulation: difference between ‘making money and breaking even’

By Katie Bird

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Nanoencapsulation: difference between ‘making money and breaking even’
Nanoencapsulation can make significant savings for formulators as it can reduce the amount of active ingredients needed, according to Ken Chomistek, a research engineer with Microfluidics.

Chomistek recently presented the company’s high shear fluid processors to the cosmetics industry at the HBA show in New York.

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Microfluidics’ system uses high shear forces to push the materials through a very small orifice size to create the nano-particles, he explained.

This can bring a number of benefits to a formulator, most importantly cost savings on active ingredients, he said.

‘Weave its way’ to the cellular level

The smaller the particle, the easier it can weave its way through the body, Chomistek said.

“If you have an ingredient that you want to deliver transdermally, nanoencapsulating it using our system will allow it to get through the skin and all the way to the cellular level,” ​he maintained.

According to the researcher, this improved efficiency of the active gives formulators two options: either using the same levels of the active and advertising the formulation as an extra strength product, or using lower levels of the active for the same effect.

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