Kairos launches anti-acne hair care treatment

By Simon Pitman

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US hair and skin care provider Kairos has launched what is claimed to be a first of its kind anti-acne hair care treatment.

Traditionally the highly competitive hair care market has given way to micro-segmentation to maintain growth, but this latest launch is thought to be the first to actively tackle a skin condition while simultaneously washing and treating the hair.

Launched on the North American market last month, the line contains three products; a Clarifying Complex-Clearing Shampoo, a Balancing Breakout-Controlling Conditioner and an Oil-Reducing Pore-Perfecting treatment.

The aim of the product line is to provide comprehensive hair care that prevents excess oil, one of the key contributing factors to acne breakouts, particularly for areas that have frequent contact with the skin, such as the fringe.

Active ingredients to help reduce acne

But as well as reducing the levels of oil in the hair, the products also contains active ingredients that help to reduce acne breakouts and blemishes and ensuring that future spots do not return.

The treatment works in conjunction with each of the products in the line, with the shampoo being specifically formulated to cleanse and thoroughly detoxify the hair, eliminating residues of other products that can contribute to oiliness.

The conditioner helps to improve the quality of the hair, adding to softness and manageability, but, as with the other two products in the range, the company claims that it also works to reduce future blemishes and acne through the incorporation of active ingredients.

Bi-weekly treatment tackles greasy hair

The treatment product is recommended for bi-weekly use and targets the dramatic reduction of excessive oil in the hair, while in turn tackling the problem of future oily breakouts by penetrating at the scalp level, where the oil originates.

The range contains a blend of natural ingredients, including almond oil, lavender extract and bacteria-fighting tea tree oil, while active ingredients include Methylchloroisothiazolinone, Benzalkonium Chloride and Propylene Glycol.

All three of the products contain a low-level dosage of Salicylic Acid, a phenolic phytohormone that is derived from plant extracts that is used to treat the acne breakouts but can also be formulated into hair care products to control dandruff.

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