Consumers still in the dark over cosmetics ingredients

By Simon Pitman

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A new survey shows that three quarters of UK consumers do not read personal care product labels for the ingredients because there is ‘no need’.

Market research carried out by Mintel on a cross section of women in the UK showed they were more likely to trust a brand they know, with around 47 per cent saying they would not check the ingredients in this case.

Likewise products of natural origin also reassured those questioned, with around one in four respondents stating their belief that if a products is labelled as natural then there is no need to check the ingredients.

Labels 'too difficult to read'

Perhaps the most telling reason for the apathy towards personal care product labels is the fact that a large proportion of women surveyed said they found the labels difficult to read, with one in five women stating that the small print size or positioning makes it hard to decipher.

This underlines the importance of making product labels easy for all ages to read, particularly true considering that the now ageing baby boomer generation represent some of the wealthiest demographic cross sections.

“As the UK’s population continues to age, there is a very real need to make it as easy as possible for all users to be able to read the ingredients if they so wish,”​ said Alexandra Richmond, senior beauty analyst at Mintel.

For those that can be bothered

However, whereas there are consumers that either have trouble reading labels or just simply can’t be bothered, there are also a considerable number who are closely following both the types of ingredient and where they are sourced from and the impact they might have on the environment.

According to Mintel’s data, concerns peak among women with children, who claim to pay close attention to labels and ingredients, a factor that also underlines the huge growth in natural and organic certified baby personal care products.

Mintel’s survey results also showed that a significant number of women are not paying attention to the use by dates on their cosmetics, with only a quarter of those surveyed claiming they would discard their personal care products if they smell funny or become discoloured.

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