New book lifts lid on evolving Nutricosmetics niche

By Simon Pitman

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A new book, Nutritional Cosmetics, Beauty From Within, aims to highlight the key trends that are defining this fast developing market category.

Edited by Aaron Tabor and Robert Blair, the book provides a nuts and bolts approach to the category, honing in on the latest scientific and medical research in the field of micro-nutrients and antioxidants, as well as some of the key ingredients that are defining the category

Aaron Tabor is an M.D. and CEO of Physicians Pharmaceuticals, and has also published another book, Revival of The Slim and Beautiful diet, while Robert Blair is the research manager for Physicians Pharmaceuticals.

The book’s main objective is to highlight the types of beauty from within products that are currently available on the market and to ‘complete’ the scientific and medical evidence that proves the efficacy of some of the more extensively researched ingredients

Proving nutricosmetic benefits

It also provides a clear insight to the types of benefits derived from taking such products orally by highlighting benefits to hair, skin and nails that consumers can expect.

Covering over 520 pages, the book is split into eight parts and 25 chapters, starting off with an overview about the skin and the aging process, moving on to explain the beauty from within concept, as well as how both supplements and foods can influence skin health and the aging process.

Part three of the book is devoted to micro-nutrients and the importance of vitamins C and E, together with zinc and selenium, to both skin and hair, as well as underlining some of the more eminent research work that has been carried out in this area.

Part four focuses on antioxidants, providing an in depth look at the role natural antioxidants can play in providing damage against sunlight, as well as looking at the inhibitory effects of Q10 on the aging process and the effects of olive extract on skin health.

Action on skin at the cellular level

While part five takes a meticulous look at how nutritional cosmetics affect the skin function at the cellular level, part 6 considers food-derived natural moisturizers and how they act on the skin’s barrier function.

Natural Support for a Healthier Complexion is the focus of part 7, which takes a look at the important role whey protein can play in this area, while also considering the similar ways in which both soy and probiotics can enhance beauty.

The book concludes with part 8, which looks into potential mechanisms to protect against photocarcinogenesis, with a particular focus on green tea and the way in which it extracts can be used to repair DNA, particularly in relation to skin cancer.

The series editor for the book is Meyer Rosen, it is published by William Andrew, part of the Elsevier group, and is available for purchase through the Elsevier website​.

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