Dow Chemical Company targets developing markets with UV filter

By Katie Bird

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Dow Chemical Company is reaching out to developing markets with a zinc-based UV filter from Australian company Antaria.

Dow has been distributing the ZinClear IM products in the US since last April and will now be targeting new markets with the ingredients.

“Since becoming our exclusive marketer and distributor for the Americas last April, Dow has proven itself to be an excellent company to work with,”​ said Bruce Cameron from Perth-based company Antaria.

In total, Dow will be supplying twenty new countries with the range, covering much of Eastern Europe, Russia, Asia, India and the Middle East, in an attempt to take advantage of the growing markets in these regions.

“The personal care markets in these countries are experiencing tremendous growth, as consumers are becoming more aware of the need for adequate protection from the sun,”​ said Jim Gall from Dow Personal Care.

Inorganic filters growing in popularity

In addition, with the new range the company is hoping to cash in on the growing popularity of inorganic UV filters.

“The use of inorganic UV absorbers has grown steadily in recent years, so being able to add ZinClear to our portfolio in these new geographies is a tremendous opportunity to demonstrate our ability to be a leading provider of innovative solutions to meet formulators’ sun care needs,”​ said Gall.

Furthermore, the company recently expanded its sun care portfolio with SolTerra Boost, and ingredient designed to boost the protection of inorganic filters.

The growing popularity of inorganic filters combined with the increasing demand for very high SPF products, gives the company high hopes for the boosting ingredient.

“So far, the response to SolTerra Boost has been outstanding,”​ Gall said.

SPFs of 50 plus can be reached by using SolTerra Boost in conjunction with zinc oxide and other inorganic sunscreen filters, according to the company.

In addition, it claims the ingredients can also be used with blends containing both inorganic and organic filters giving formulators greater flexibility.

“By combining SolTerra Boost with a product like our ZinClear IM zinc oxide dispersions, formulators can more easily achieve full spectrum protection at higher levels, while maintaining the aesthetics needed for lipsticks, foundations and daily moisturizers,”​ Gall explained.

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