Organic fine fragrances not sophisticated enough, says expert

By Katie Bird

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Consumers will have to change their expectations before the market for organic fine fragrances can take off, says industry insider.

While the organic skin care sector has grown at an unprecedented rate in recent years, the number of organic fragrances on the market appears to be lagging behind.

Tastes are too sophisticated

One reason is the difficulty of producing organic products that meet consumers’ sophisticated tastes, according to Francis Pickthall of fragrance and flavour supplier CPL Aromas.

“The Chanels and Christian Diors of our time are only really possible with synthetic ingredients,”​ he told CosmeticsDesign.

Fine fragrances that meet consumers tastes need a level of sophistication that isn’t really possible from organic essential oils, he explained.

For Pickthall, tastes may need to change before organic fine fragrances really hit the big time.

In addition, in an industry led by fashion trends and novelty, the ability to innovate new ingredients quickly is likely to be a bonus.

“It isn’t that we have exhausted the fragrances of the natural world, but it may be easier to create new synthetic materials than natural ones,”​ said Martyn Cole from the organic certification body the Soil Association.

And, there is the issue of price – synthetic ingredients are likely to be cheaper than their natural counterparts.

“For some, for example an apple fragrance, synthetic aldehydes will be cheaper. This is not to say that synthetic materials are in existence only because they are cheaper, they can also offer scents that don't exist in the natural world, ” ​he said.

Scents for organic personal care

However, organic fragrance ingredients are making their mark in personal care and skin care products.

The growth in popularity of organic products is leading companies to search for organic scent solutions – a market that the global players are beginning to tap into.

CPL Aromas and Arylessence are two of the suppliers who have recently launched organic lines, in the hope of exploiting the growing demand for organic personal care products.

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