Nanotech encapsulated peptide anti-aging cream launched

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The US market is about to witness the launch of a nanotechnology encapsulated anti-aging skin care system that has already hit other major global markets.

Dermaheal 2 Weeks Miracle promises to bring fast visible results to consumers wanting to turn back the hands of time simply by smearing themselves in this technologically advanced formula once a day for a fortnight.

Consumers in Asia, Europe and the Middle East have already experienced the skin care range, which was launched as a first generation of products by South Korean company Caregen in 2002.

Dermaheal USA

The current line up includes reformulated skin care products targeting the anti-aging market that will be marketed under the Dermaheal USA brand in America.

The range relies on peptides as a means of helping to rebuild depleted levels of collagen in the skin cells, in turn helping to ‘plump’ up the skin’s dermal layer, aiming to make a noticeable impact on fine lines and wrinkles.

But perhaps the most radical aspect of the formulation is the fact that the peptides rely on a nanotechnology delivery vehicle, which means that the active ingredient is embedded into tiny capsules called nanosomes.

Nanosomes allow for deep penetration

Because these nanosomes are manufactured to microscopic proportions, this means that they have the ability to penetrate through the dead layers of skin and reach deeper dermal layers where skin cells are still healthy, the company claims.

Dermaheal 2 comes in two lines - Redesign, which is an anti-wrinkle and anti-aging treatment, and Rose N Shine – which is a skin pigmentation and anti-pigmentation treatment.

The company says that the products earned the brand name 2 Weeks Miracle because of clinically proven tests that showed results within a 14 day period.

Clinical studies were instigated by an indipedent research group, which followed 32 volunteers for each product line, who applied Dermaheal 2 Weeks Miracle for a minimum of two weeks.

The results of those studies are said to have supported the company’s claim ‘that continuous application of the product enhanced skin condition significantly’.

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