Eyelash conditioner launched with cell boosting properties

By Simon Pitman

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Skin Research Laboratories has launched a new eyelash conditioner and growth promoter to rival an array of similar products that have hit the market recently.

But what is unique about neuLash, according to it makers, is the fact that the main active ingredient in the formulation is Isopropyl Cloprostenate, which has been isolated from the prostaglandin family using biotechnology.

Prostaglandin is the generic name for any group of lipid compounds that are derived enzymatically from fatty acids.

Promoting cell growth

Found in virtually all animal and human tissues and organs, they have a variety of functions in the body, the most important in this instance being that they can be used to promote cell growth.

The formulators effectively extracted and developed the Isopropyl Cloprostenate and then combined it with a bioengineered poly peptide, as well as a combination of targeted vitamins to maximize the efficacy of the product.

“What really benefits this formulation is the targeted mixture of ingredients, which has been developed to create a cocktail to compliment and further increase the efficacy of the peptides and other ingredients,”​ Richard Carieri, CEO of Skin Research Laboratories, told CosmeticsDesign.com.

Edge on the competition

Carieri believes that neuLash will have the edge on some of the leading competition in the eyelash conditioning category because of its effective formulation and the fact that it can be sold over-the-counter.

Of the competition, the company says that Allergean is using bimatroprost, which consequently has had to go through FDA approval and is considered a medication, while Jan Marini’s has reformulated its products three times, and still only uses peptides.

Likewise, controversy over the regulation of eyelash enhancing products has centred on an active ingredient found in glaucoma medication, which last year drew attention to the regulation of products in the cosmeceutical category and the risks associated with this particular ingredient.

Carieri says that one of the most important issues in the development of the product was to ensure its safety because of the fact that it is applied so close to the eye.

Safety and efficacy combined

“As a result of this methodical and detailed approach, we believe we have a formula that has a clear advantage, both in respect to its safety and its efficacy,”​ said Carieri.

Skin Research Laboratories is both the marketer and developer of the products, which were launched in the spring of this year, and has also started to provide contract manufacturing for the formulation.

Carieri says that on the grounds of its efficacy it is proving to be popular with North American consumers, where its main distributor is Sachs department stores.

Building on that success the company is currently working with regulatory bodies in countries throughout Asia and Europe, where it is expected to soon appear in a number of premium retail outlets towards the end of the year.

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