Controversial safety attack on Clarins' perfume

By Guy Montague-Jones

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The National Toxic Encephalopathy Foundation (NTEF) is intensifying
its controversial campaign against Clarins' Angel Parfum with
claims that it contains a dangerous ingredient and should therefore
be reclassified as a drug by the FDA.

The Las Vegas-based interest group claims that Angel Parfum fits the FDA definition of a health hazard because it contains the scent Coumarin, which it considers to be a dangerous poison.

However, Coumarin is found in over 5,000 cosmetics and detergents including many well known personal care products, according to the Mintel ingredients database.

While Coumarin may be toxic in high doses, Mintel analyst Nica Lewis told that the scent would make up a very small part of any fragrance formulation.

Nonetheless, the NTEF, which has made strong claims about Clarins' perfume in the past, is calling for Angel Parfum to be reclassified as a drug by the FDA and removed from US shelves for import violations.

The campaigning organization claims that children who are exposed to Coumarin in the womb can develop behavioral problems.

It also claims that the health of heart patients is put at risk by its presence in the fragrance.

As well as questioning the formulation of the Angel Parfum, the organization also made political attacks.

The NTEF said: "I have to believe after the 9/11 incident and all the political events, which have transpired since that time, that the FDA will enforce our rules and standards swiftly.

"The FDA simply cannot let foreign entities disobey their guidelines without losing both face and authority."

On the NTEF website, the organization has published a number of articles criticizing Clarins including: 'Clarins perfumes preferred by London terrorists', 'Clarins accused of manufacturing court document' and 'Is Clarins Angel Parfum a Valentine gift or St Valentine's day massacre.'

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