Cream perfume range harnesses moisturizing benefits of natural oils

By Louise Prance

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A Californian perfumery company is launching a range of innovative
cream fragrances formulated with perfume oils derived from France,
creating formulations without alcohol.

A total of six fragrances have been created for the two new collections created by The Cream Perfume Company, due to be officially unveiled at the Natural Products Association Natural MarketPlace, held on July 20-22 in Las Vegas.

The company says the line aims to reduce skin irritation that is often caused by the alcohol ingredient found in spray perfumes, with the new Asian/Oriental and tropical themed cream perfumes ranges likewise claimed to have moisturizing properties for the skin.

"While most commercially available upscale perfumes are suspended in ethanol (alcohol) and water, we decided to study the origins of perfumery and go back to a simpler time when fragrances were applied as cream-based ointments or unguents.

"Alcohol not only dries the skin, but also quickly dissipates the fragrance oils.

Cream perfumes on the other hand moisturize the skin and last a very long time," said LMCC President Mary Johnston .

Essential oils were imported from France to give the perfume ranges a more authentic selling point, with the company stating that the mix of essential oils, natural bees wax and sweet almond oil serves to moisturize the skin whilst giving the scent a longer lasting effect.

The two different ranges comprise of Lavender Terroir no.2, Honey Vanillè no.11 and Jasmine Floriental no.19 for the Asian/Oriental themed and Mango Poudrè no.8, Melon D'eau no.9 and Apricot Chyprè no.15 for the tropical theme.

The company stresses the importance it placed on creating the cream based perfumes without the addition of alcohol, which is said to causes essential oils to dissipate faster than their natural evaporation rate.

By using perfume oils, the company is not only falling in line with the current natural and organic trend driving the cosmetics industry, but also offers consumers the choice of perfumes with different levels of concentrations.

Sufferers of skin allergies and irritations are able to choose from a more subtle perfume, with a concentration of around 1 and 3 per cent, whereas the range also includes a perfume of up to 22 per cent concentration.

The company claims that the perfume oils last longer than that of normal fragrances created with alcohol, which are prone to fading fast after the initial strong scent as the perfume oils evaporate along with the alcohol.

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