Time-delayed delivery system ups acne treatment efficacy

By Simon Pitman

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US pharmaceuticals and skin care specialist SkinMedica has
developed a timed release delivery system for the active
ingredients of an acne treatment that is said to up efficacy and
lower the chances of skin irritation.

Neo Benz is described as the first benzoyl peroxide prescription product formulated with Microsponge Delivery Technology for the treatment of mild to moderate acne vulgaris.

Because of the delivery system the formula allows the gradual release of the benzoyl peroxide over time. Although the ingredient has proven efficacy in the treatment of acne, it can also have a harsh effect on the skin, leading to soreness, irritation and rashes that can reduce efficacy.

The formula has been developed containing three different strengths of benzoyl peroxide - 3.5, 5.5 and 8.5 per cent - each of which are delivered gradually to remain effective over a longer period of time as well as having a less harsh action on the skin.

"This [delivery system] enables physicians to prescribe a benzoyl peroxide with a very low incidence of the irritation that is commonly associated with this class of treatment,"​ said Rold Tranick V.P. of Research & Development at SkinMedica.

"Low irritation may increase patient compliance and the overall therapeutic effect, making this an important addition to the physician's armamentarium against acne."

Although the delivery system had been used in a number of other pharmaceutical and cosmetic products, this is the first time it has been used in a prescription-based treatment.

The system works by entrapping the active ingredient, in this case the benzoyl peroxide, in microsponges, that are then gradually released throughout the course of the day following the initial topical application.

Enhanced delivery systems have in recent years made a huge difference to the efficacy of a range of cosmetic treatments and products. Particularly in the skin care arena, such systems have helped to enhance a range of products, from anti-aging treatments to skin toners and sunscreens.

SkinMedica says that the effectiveness of Neo Benz Micro has been backed up clinical studies showing that inflammatory and non-inflammatory lesions were reduced from 22 - 40 per cent during a four week treatment course, that continued with use up to 12 weeks.

According the Dr. Stacy Smith, lead investigator to the company's clinical study, NeoBenz Micro can also be used in combination therapies that include antibiotics or retinoid treatments.

According to the company some 5.7 million people in the US were affected by acne vulgaris, of which approximately half consulted a dermatologist, making it the most frequently diagnosed disease within the profession.

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