Dermscan expands ethnic research capabilities

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France-based Dermscan has signed a new partnership agreement
withCIDC, Centre International de Développement Clinique - the
International Centre forClinical Development. The move gives the
company a panel of multiethnic volunteers for the conduct of
cosmetic and pharmaceutical studies.

Situated in the Darné clinic at Floréal, Mauritius, CIDC, has been recognised by the Department ofHealth and operates from premises meets European norms and contains the latesttechnology. Eight hospital rooms and six laboratories equipped with boxes under monitoredtemperature and hygrometry equipped with measuring instruments, which are used for conducting cosmetic and drug trials.

The partnership gives the Dermscan an experienced medical team, trained in clinical trials and specializing a number of areas includingdermatology, ophthalmology, gynecology, pediatrics and cardiology. Currently a technical teamof pharmacists, biologists, engineers and biostatisticians, supervises the trials toensure a evaluation of products.

The CIDC volunteer panel comprises 2,000 subjects representing the different skin phototypes andethnic groups present on Mauritius, which comprises 45 per cent Creole, 30 per cent Indian, 15 per cent Asian and 10 per cent Caucasian. Volunteers meeting specific criteria represent several pathologies, including some that havebecome rare in Europe. For skin conditions these criteria include hypertrophic scarring, excesspigmentation, impetigo, polymorphous light eruption and even scabies.

Further to this CIDC also says that the 700 000 tourists that pass through each year also providethe opportunity to enrich the panel for use tests or outdooranti-UV tests.

CIDC provides cosmetics safety tests and efficacy tests for skin, capillary,nutritional supplements, dental and solar applications. With its heavy sunexposure, Mauritius is the ideal location for solar and photobiologystudies conducted in extreme conditions.

A New International Partner " Thanks to the synergies established by thedifferent Dermscan Group sites and partners, we will benefit from the R&D division of LaboratoireDermscan, known for being particularly innovative and successful,"​ said Jean-LouisRoule, President of CIDC.

CIDC also conducts pharmaceutical trials as a result of the several pathologies present on theisland. This is particularly pertinent when considering that there is a 30 per cent incidence of diabetes amongst all islanders aged 30 and above and that 12 per cent of the entire population is obese.

"In the tradition of the seven existing partners, this new agreement participates in a precisestrategy: to conduct tests that are increasingly varied and effective in the areas of the world thatcorrespond best to the development or export constraints of our clients' products. With CIDC, webenefit from a multiethnic panel and hospitalization services that reinforce our range of tests,"​said Frédérique Girard, president of Dermscan.

The fact that Dermscan​ is upping its research and development capabilities of different ethnic groups is a reflection of the growing importance of cosmetic products that cater for the specific skin requirements. This is reflected by the growing number of leading cosmetic companies that are investing in cosmetic lines that specifically cater to ethnic skins. Currently main markets for ethnic cosmetic products include the UK, US and South Africa, where annual growth rates for the category have remained above 8 per cent over the past few years.

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