A closer look at Mediterranean aromas and oils

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The International Federation of Essential Oils and Aroma traders
(IFEAT) is to hold a conference in Lisbon, Portugal at the end of
October that is set to address a number of issues relevant to the
cosmetics sector.

The conference will be held in Lisbon between 24 - 28 October, Lisbon, with a theme that will focus on 'The essential oils of the Mediterranean region and international developments in aroma chemicals and industry legislation.'

The conference will give buyers, growers, distillers, chemical manufacturers and academics an insight into current trends and global developments in the essential oils and aroma chemicals industry.

The conference will cover the fragrance and aroma industries in France, Italy, Spain, Turkey, Morocco, Tunisia and will consider how the climate in this region has been favourable to a number of key ingredients such as vanillin, citrus and musk - two leading ingredients for the cosmetics industry.

The conference will also look at key issues in the supply of these ingredients from the Mediterranean. The agenda will include a lecture about how companies in the region can stay competitive in the face of growing competition from Chinese companies. It will also address key issues about processing, including a lecture about the bioanalytic approach to aroma chemicals.

Michael Boudjouk, chair of the IFEAT Executive Committee, said: "Our agenda includes a three-day lecture programme which will explore themes such as the production and export of essential oils in the Mediterranean region, and will examine the current aroma chemical industry. It will also consider the probable impact of new European directives and international legislative issues."

IFEAT​, which was established to protect the interests of the flavour and fragrance industry, has played a major part in the further incorporation of this sector in the cosmetics and personal care industry.

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