Croda launches protective protein for hair and polymer for styling products

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The days when it was enough for a shampoo to cleanse and a
conditioner to soften are gone, said Croda's Nick Challoner,
announcing the company's new active ingredients for hair care

Croda​ launched two new active ingredients for hair care products at the recent In-Cosmetics exhibition in Milan.

Keratec IFP is a keratin-derived anti-ageing and conditioning active, and MiruStyle MFP is a quaternary polymer that reduces frizz and static flyaway in styling products.

Croda's personal care marketing manager Nick Challoner said that, as a specialty chemicals company, Croda has always been at the cutting edge of developments for personal care products, particularly using natural ingredients."From an industry perspective, raw materials is very innovative,"​ he explained.

"Our focus and rationale is to keep an eye on consumer trends,​ said Challoner, explaining how Croda stays at the forefront of developments."What has been happening over recent years, especially in the hair care sector, is that companies are making key fundamental claims for their products. It is no longer enough to have a shampoo that cleanses and a conditioner that softens; those days are gone,"​ he added.

He pointed out that most hair care products today contain minerals and vitamins and other active ingredients. He likened the raw materials sector to a never-ending conveyor belt process: "Each year Croda introduces four-five new ingredients products for toiletries, bath and hair care products and we're constantly striving to extend its current lines and also research new areas of chemistry."

Keratec and MiruStyle were both launched recently at In-Cosmetics 2004.

Keratec is a patented keratin-derived active ingredient that helps protect the hair from environmental stress. The company claims it significantly reduces the ageing effects of sunlight and helps maintain the hair's youthful characteristics. Keratec is also said to protect against structural hair damage and enhance gloss, smoothness and moisturisation.

Extracted from New Zealand wool, it is an intermediate filament protein - these are critical in the provision of strength within human hair. It works through sacrificial degradation and anti-oxidation mechanisms that penetrate the cortex and also form a protective film at the surface.It is suitable for use in shampoos, conditioners, styling products and intensive/post-chemical treatments.

MiruStyle is available at relatively the same cost as other styling polymers but offers increased hold, reduced frizz and static flyaway, and high humidity curl retention.

Croda claims these benefits are achieved without dulling or altering the feel of the hair. Its applications include clear gels, spritz stylers, mousses and creams, hairsprays, shampoos and conditioners.

Challoner said that Croda expected to launch further products at the IFSCC​ meeting in the US in October 2004.

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