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Sustainable Packaging

Sustainable Packaging

Looking at related issues such as sustainability, environmental impact and marketing related to this fast growing and increasingly crucial area. Articles will also cover the latest developments in the types of packaging materials manufacturers are using, as well as considering the increasingly important area of recycling.

Reducing waste with slimmer labels for personal care

15-Jul-2015 - A new partnership between labeling company Avery Dennison, WS Packaging Group, and OGX hair care aims to limit the energy and materials that go into product labels as well as...

New eco packaging to debut in personal care industry

10-Jun-2015 - The Body Shop has teamed with Newlight, a sustainable materials company using captured carbon—as opposed to fossil fuel—to manufacture plastic.

Cosmetics packaging market to grow through 2025, declares visiongain

01-Jun-2015 - Growth over the next ten years will come most notably to the skin care segment and be due, in large part, to the merits of plastic materials.

Biodegradable beauty wipe alternatives

13-Apr-2015 - Wet wipe makers are being urged to consider the post-consumer life of the product as buyer expectations and pollution figures mount.  

Could EO Products set an industry precedent for sustainability?

01-Apr-2015 - The company just announced its 2015 objectives to limit waste and is advocating for personal care industry suppliers to be more involved with sustainability.

Art of Packaging Gala to honor MAC creative director

31-Mar-2015 - This year's Art of Packaging gala will honor one of the boldest and most innovative names in the cosmetics industry - the creative director of MAC Cosmetics and Jo Malone...

Special Newsletter - Men's Grooming

Time for men’s grooming to stand out by going novel

25-Mar-2015 - The importance of packaging in creating identity for men’s grooming means there is set standards for brands to conform to; but opportunities lie in standing out from the traditional offerings...

Pack Peek Gallery

Pack Peek gallery: News and updates from the beauty packaging world

27-Feb-2015 - Well 2015 seems to be passing by quite quickly, so here's some more announcements and highlights from the cosmetics packaging world, whether it be in masstige or prestige, fragrance, skin...

Green certifications influence consumer behaviour and B2B purchasing, finds UL study

20-Nov-2014 - The study, with an entire section devoted to the personal care product category, ascertained which certification logos and language signify reliably for consumers and B2B decision makers.

Packaging solutions company Ball wins two industry awards for aerosol can designs

12-Nov-2014 - Two leading industry groups recognized the metal package manufacture this year for its personal care product aerosol packaging designs.

Procter & Gamble sets new sustainability objectives across the supply chain

15-Oct-2014 - The company announced this week its intentions to further limit water use and packaging as well as to take advantage of more renewable materials by 2020.

Unilever’s eco deodorant wins top DuPont Packaging Awards prize

27-May-2014 - A compressed deodorant design from Unilever scooped the top prize at the recent DuPont Packaging Awards, in a competition that was dominated by other categories.

Exclusive interview

Consumers confused about what ‘green’ means, says Aveda

22-Apr-2014 - Cosmetics brands need to make it their mission to ensure that the word ‘green’ is used correctly and does not confuse consumers and lose its meaning, according to Estée Lauder’s...

Consumers must be educated to make cosmetics packaging sustainable

17-Apr-2014 - Educating consumers is the only way brand owners can ensure that cosmetic packaging reaches sustainability goals according to a Korean chemical manufacturer.

Green concerns gathering momentum for industry

27-Feb-2014 - Whether green is always best for the consumer and the environment will form the focus of this year’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, confirming the rising profile of green concerns within the...

Experts outline top four personal care packaging trends

21-Jan-2014 - Market researcher Smithers Pira has compiled four packaging trends it says brands need to know about to stay ahead of the curve as consumers continually change the way they view, interact with...

Pack Peek: New year, new packaging

15-Jan-2014 - So, here's the New year, well and truly under way. And, Cosmetics Design has taken at look at some of the new packaging in the cosmetics industry.

Brazil amongst top countries driving polyethylene growth

14-Jan-2014 - Growth of the packaging industry, particularly in Brazil is expected to augment the demand for polyethylene which is forecasted to reach 352.37 billion by 2019.

Pack Peek: December’s packaging innovations

18-Dec-2013 - Winter is in full swing now and the end of the year is upon us, but there has still been an array of new wrappings and packs in the cosmetics...

Leading cosmetics companies join sustainable bioplastic alliance

02-Dec-2013 - Two of the world’s top consumer goods firms, Unilever and Procter & Gamble, have joined forces with six other major companies to form a group which will promote the use...

Voice of the Industry

"The industry does not want to be caught with its' pants down," says sustainable expert

19-Nov-2013 - That expert is Chris Kilham, better known as the ‘Medicine Hunter’ whose life consists of venturing into the world’s wild vegetation zones to search for botanicals that may have therapeutic, nutritional...

Industry might see implications from Target's transparency rankings

30-Oct-2013 - As Target becomes the latest US retailer to commit to providing consumers with more information than ever on the health and environmental impact of the cosmetics they use, it could potentially mean that...

News in brief

Garnier USA wins sustainable beauty award

28-Oct-2013 - Organic Monitor has awarded Garnier their first ever annual Sustainability Pioneer award for their progress in becoming more environmentally friendly.

J&J launches program after only 20% of Americans found to recycle

22-Oct-2013 - The global personal care brand has launched a ‘care to recycle’ campaign in a bid to remind US consumers to recycle more toiletries after 7 out of 10 Americans admitted that...

Skin care influence good news for packaging firms as hair products demand protection

16-Aug-2013 - As the industry recovers from the recession and there is the promise of hair care product development fuelled by consumer demand, cosmetics packager Mega Airless is seeing demand in the...