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IBE launch event in New York City attracts droves of brands, buyers, and consumers

The 2015 Indie Beauty Expo showcased 80 independent beauty and personal care brands during a full-day event in the city last week. Every product shown was formulated without 20 “potentially toxic ingredients” because, as event co-founder Jillian Wright told Cosmetics Design, “indie brands have a higher level of responsibility,” and...

IBE launch event in New York City attracts droves of brands, buyers, and consumers

P&G: tough times, lower spending, new era

Procter & Gamble is on course to emerge as a leaner and probably healthier business in the wake of selling off a $12.5 billion slice of its fragrance and cosmetics business to Coty.

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Cosmetics and Personal Care Packaging: material solutions

The physical properties of packaging material can have as much to do with the success of a beauty product line as the formulation, distribution, and marketing do. Design expert Leslie Sherr weighs in on packaging material options.

Cosmoprof Las Vegas: 5th Screen Digital takes fragrance sampling to the next level

Cosmetics Design caught up with the CEO of 5th Screen International, Keith Kelsen, who in this interview explains how the company has taken fragrance and put it in a cassette that can be sampled by consumers at the touch of an on-screen button in-store.

From waste prawn shells to shampoo - scientists develop new polymer

So you have made a lovely prawn cocktail, but what to do with the waste? Well, scientists have looked into producing shampoo using polymers found in seafood shells in a bit to make the whole process more environmentally friendly.