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Clinical data from newly available alternative genomic testing method

Genemarkers CEO Anna Langerveld talked with Cosmetics Design at this month’s NYSCC Suppliers Day about tape strip analysis and the value that gene-expression data adds to cosmetic product development.

clinical data from Genemarkers tape strip analysis

Toxic Substances Control Act about to be updated, after 40 years

Legislation to reform the act just passed the US House of Representatives. And if momentum continues, phthalates, formaldehyde, as well as other personal care and cosmetic ingredients will come under renewed scrutiny.

Ashland’s latest R&D informs next generation hair care formulations

The specialty chemical maker is developing personal care ingredients based on primary research in emerging economies as well as on changing formulator needs and consumer expectations.

Indian brand launches campaign against skin whitening

Banjara’s, a herbal skin care brand in India, has launched a marketing campaign that makes a point of rejecting the traditional focus on skin lightening, a trend which dominates across Asia.


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Preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation

By preventing and repairing skin against photoaging caused by UV and IR radiation, we can visibly improve our appearance and look younger