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Hair care and specialty bath acquisitions strengthen pdc brands

The company has further expanded into personal care, beyond its industry beginnings in fragrance, by purchasing fast-growing and top-selling trademarked products.

product image via Advanced Beauty Inc.

Ashland to acquire AkzoNobel biofunctional technology

Fine chemicals player Ashland has announced the acquisition of AkzoNobel’s Zeta Fraction biofunctional technology as part of its ambitions to grow its sustainable, natural-based specialty ingredients business.

Post-consumer nanomaterials stunt plant growth, researchers find

Cosmetics and sun care products formulated with nanomaterials fall under scrutiny following the research team’s publication of two journal articles in Environmental Science and Technology.

Bernstein Analysis

Will Beiersdorf follow the trend and underperform, or break the cycle?

In its recent report on the Global Beauty and Personal Care (B&PC) industry, Bernstein Research noticed an interesting occurrence of over- and under- performing at Beiersdorf, and while there is no alarming worry for the company at this stage, the research has questioned whether the cycle will continue…

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