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“If we as beauty companies want every woman to buy our products…”

Jamie Kern Lima, speaking at this year’s CEW Achiever Awards, urged beauty leaders to change the way images and models are used to market cosmetics and personal care products to women.

Jamie Kern Lima, CEO of IT Cosmetics (image courtesy of IT Cosmetics)
Special Newsletter: Natural and Organic Labelling

Words Mean Nothing: The plight of natural and organic beauty labeling

Depending on whom you ask, personal care and cosmetic regulations in the US are overly nuanced, too convoluted, or not exacting enough. All the same, trends and marketing strategies have collided in recent years to make ‘natural’ and ‘organic’ beauty product labeling delightfully problematic. Here, Cosmetics Design explores the challenge.

Nanotech researchers develop a new structural color solution

A team of scientists from around the world, led by Ming Xiao of The University of Akron, have just published their findings online at Science Advances. The researchers are optimistic that their noniridescent structural color solution can be useful on a commercial scale in industries including cosmetics.

Exclusive interview

Projections for future K-beauty evolution in the US part I: New experiences dominate

Experiential beauty, anti-ageing and moisturisation benefits, along with the safety of cosmetics are hot points of interest for the US markets, David Tyrrell, Global Skincare Analyst, Beauty & Personal Care at Mintel revealed. 

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