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IFF and Amyris Advance to collaborate on renewable fragrance ingredients

03-Mar-2014 - Fragrance and flavors giant IFF has announced a collaborative venture with Amyris Advance to bring a new generation of renewable fragrance ingredients to the market.

Green concerns gathering momentum for industry

27-Feb-2014 - Whether green is always best for the consumer and the environment will form the focus of this year’s Sustainable Cosmetics Summit, confirming the rising profile of green concerns within the...

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Sustainable farming method found for vegetable oil

20-Feb-2014 - A report by US botanicals company Natural Plant Products on vegetable oil cultivation has proposed a sustainable method of production for the key cosmetics ingredient.

Demand for independent accreditation is rising, says NSF expert

19-Feb-2014 - In a move which responds to increasing industry focus on regulatory compliance, the NSF, a public health and safety organization, have launched a program to help manufacturers confirm the safety...

Consumer demand driving fragrance into new roles

17-Feb-2014 - Mintel has released figures which confirm the market is ripe for multifunctional fragrance as consumers seek health benefits to complement their scent.

News in brief

Death of Aveda’s founder announced

17-Feb-2014 - Aveda, US beauty giant famed for its environmental responsibility in business, has announced the death of its founder, Horst Rechelbacher.

R&D responding to renewed attention on ingredients

10-Feb-2014 - Rising consumer awareness of ingredients, fueled by the recent influx of product databases, is driving a focus on formulation right back to the industry’s research and development level.

'First' skin care line combines BOTH human adult and plant stem cells

28-Jan-2014 - DermaTech Research Laboratories has discovered a proprietary technology that it says develops the world's first skin care line that incorporates both human adult and plant stem cells.

CCFTA defends companies against ‘toxic’ accusations

11-Dec-2013 - The Canadian industry organization for cosmetics companies, the CCFTA, has defended top cosmetics companies such as L’Oreal and J&J against accusations of using “toxic” chemicals in their products....

Natural personal care market defies gloomier picture in developed markets

11-Dec-2013 - Natural personal care is continuing to grow at healthy rates worldwide even in the United States and Europe, where other categories have been less dynamic, according to new data from...

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Datamonitor outlines skin care trends for Cosmetics Design

10-Dec-2013 - This month the market researcher's interactive report exclusively for Cosmetics Design readers is focused on the key consumer insights and product trends currently impacting the global skin care sector....

Marine biotech is ‘land of opportunity’ for cosmetics

03-Dec-2013 - Marine biotechnology offers a ‘land of opportunities’ for personal care and cosmetics products producers, particularly in North America and Europe, according to a recent report by market research firm Technavio.

Meeting goals for sustainability brings P&G 'green' benefits

26-Nov-2013 - Consumer goods giant Procter & Gamble announces it has reached most of its goals in sustainability for 2013, bringing the company benefits both in savings and ‘green’ image.

Phthalate safety in cosmetics defended after study links them to premature births

21-Nov-2013 - Phthalates, preservatives utilized in certain beauty products, have received another blow to their image in the cosmetics industry as a new study links them to a rise in premature births,...

Voice of the Industry

"The industry does not want to be caught with its' pants down," says sustainable expert

19-Nov-2013 - That expert is Chris Kilham, better known as the ‘Medicine Hunter’ whose life consists of venturing into the world’s wild vegetation zones to search for botanicals that may have therapeutic, nutritional...

Elevance makes 1st cosmetics line of renewable ingredients commercially available

19-Nov-2013 - Elevance Renewable Sciences will make its line of plant-based polymers and emollients commercially available for cosmetics, skin care and hair care applications.

Tricking biological clock could boost microalgae production

14-Nov-2013 - A group of scientists have discovered a way to trick algae's biological clock to remain in its daytime setting, which dramatically boosts the amount of valuable compounds that the marine...

Multiceras develops 'groundbreaking' wax extraction process

06-Nov-2013 - The Mexican natural ingredient supplier says it has developed a ‘groundbreaking’ way of extracting wax from the leaves of the Candelilla plant through the use of citric acid rather than...

TRI-K develops vegetable alternative to animal keratin

30-Oct-2013 - New Jersey-based TRI-K has developed a new vegetable-based alternative to animal keratin which it says mimics the functional ratios in human hair amino acids in a more natural way.  

Sustainability discussion can be heightened through digital communication

21-Oct-2013 - The on-going discussions about sustainability development in the cosmetics industry can be heightened through social media and digital communications, according to industry experts.

Microalgae research will lead to rise in efficent production process

17-Oct-2013 - Scientists at ‘Uni Research’ have set out on a five year venture to develop new 'concrete value chains' and build key competencies that will enable microalgae to be developed in...

Oh, Oh Organic founder opens up on the challenges of distributing natural ingredients

17-Oct-2013 - Oh, Oh Organic founder Gay Timmons talks about the challenges of distributing natural ingredients in the US market, as well as opening up about the on-going fight to nail the...

Lonza expert opens up on how the West Coast market is crucial to ingredients innovation

09-Oct-2013 - Lonza's director of technical market, Suellen Bennett, speaks to Cosmetics Design to reveal just how advanced the West Coast cosmetic market and how it has evolved over the years as...

Heliae focuses on high-value algae for personal care

09-Oct-2013 - The company has begun operations at its first commercial facility in Arizona whereby it will initially focus on producing 'high-value algae' for the personal care industry.

Ross Organic highlights two of the most ground-breaking ingredients to hit the market

08-Oct-2013 - Ali Witwit, director of technical marketing at Ross Organic, discusses what he believes are two of the most technologically advanced ingredients to hit the market of late, including an eco-friendly surfactant for the...

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