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Social media plays a huge role in product discovery for beauty consumers

22-Aug-2012 - Social media continues to grow in importance for the cosmetics industry, as it can provide manufacturers with a good source of engagement and allows consumers to discover different products.

Mobile app developments so far in 2012....

24-Jul-2012 - With Mintel forecasting a rise in products which increase the interactivity between the virtual and real world like QR codes and mobile apps, Cosmetics Design takes a look at some...

Industry progress with social media so far in 2012…

25-Jun-2012 - With a recent poll finding a company's social media activity makes them appear more ‘accessible and responsive’ with US consumers, Cosmetics Design takes a look at how far the industry...

Beauty manufacturers need to embrace the internet to boost eCommerce sales

13-Jun-2012 - Internet shopping and online research use for beauty products is fast becoming a common practice for consumers giving suppliers a major opportunity to increase their eCommerce sales.

Is your company utilising social media enough?

07-Jun-2012 - A recent poll carried out by The Allstate Corporation and National Journal highlights that Facebook fans or Twitter followers of a brand are more likely to not only recommend, but also...

Social media can be a marketer’s dream come true

24-May-2012 - As interest rises and more companies turn to social media, the platforms could offer a vast opportunity for cosmetic brands if utilised correctly.

Social media becoming key to communicate latest developments

21-May-2012 - On the back of the in-cosmetics trade show in Barcelona, Cosmetics Design reflects with beauty blogger and consultant Imogen Matthews over the show highlights, themes and where the market is...

When it comes to men’s grooming, language is the Holy Grail

07-May-2012 - Despite men’s grooming becoming more popular, manufacturers still have to ensure they are marketing their products in the right way in order to get the most out of the market’s...

Social media plays a key role in reaching consumers for beauty brands

03-May-2012 - As more and more consumers turn to the internet and word of mouth becomes more important, social media will play a key role in engaging the consumer, according to a...

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Social media takes center stage as in-cosmetics organizes ‘twinterview’ with entrepeneur

29-Mar-2012 - The organisers of the in-cosmetics trade show have latched onto the latest social media trend and have arranged a Twitter interview with Will King, founder and CEO of King of...

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Beiersdorf heralds social media as key to communication as its innovation drive continues

08-Mar-2012 - The way people connect and communicate with each other through social media has affected the way business is done and is a great source of innovation, according to Germany-based Beiersdorf.

Social media holds the key for customer interaction says L’Oréal

24-Feb-2012 - Cosmetics giant L’Oréal has identified social media as the final piece in the ‘digital revolution’ puzzle, opening up new opportunities for interaction between its brand and consumers.

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Nu-Life turns to social media with launch of Facebook page

07-Feb-2012 - With the goal of creating a social presence to connect with the public, NU-Life cosmetics has launched a new Facebook page to provide an inside look on the day to...

Companies must offer complete shopping experience to maximize e-commerce

25-Jan-2012 - As spending in the e-commerce arena continually increases year on year, companies need to start utilizing all the platforms available to create an evolved shopping experience.

Social media and mobile marketing sparks growth of couponing and discounting

17-Jan-2012 - Although social media and mobile strategies are revolutionizing the marketing of cosmetic and personal care products, this trend is leading to growth in couponing and price promotions, notes market researcher...

New PayPal-Facebook payment app should not influence beauty brands to monetize social media

02-Dec-2011 - As global payment giant PayPal launches an application for the Facebook platform, beauty brands should still concentrate more on managing their representation and engaging consumers than trying to monetize social...

Social media – not just an industry buzzword, but a genuine opportunity

29-Nov-2011 - Social media has been an industry buzzword for a long time, and as many companies have begun to get involved, some are still not maximising its full capabilities. Having seen...

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Social media could be correct niche marketing tool for nutricosmetics

06-Oct-2011 - As the nutricosmetics market is predicted to grow, brands from this niche sector can look no further than social media as the perfect marketing tool for these products to build...

Estée Lauder sees the benefits of getting involved in the social media conversation

28-Sep-2011 - Cosmetics giant Estée Lauder has ramped up its use of social media platforms in a bid to connect with the consumer and is displaying the benefits of executing digital strategies...

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Dove utilizes social media to promote its latest hair care campaign

19-Sep-2011 - Dove Hair Care has launched its Make Friends with Your Hair campaign in the US inviting women to share their hair stories on Twitter, Facebook and its website.

Skin care company uses social media to launch product and position brand

19-Sep-2011 - Love Life Skin has utilized the expertise of digital innovation company Indelible, to launch and position the brand in the luxury ‘cosmeceuticals’ market with a social media campaign that is...

Shiseido leaps into the world of e-commerce

10-Aug-2011 - Japanese cosmetics company Shiseido has taken its first step into the world of e-commerce by opening up the new sales pipeline in the US market.

Can social media connect suppliers with consumers?

09-Aug-2011 - Last month packaging and brush supplier Qosmedix launched its official Twitter account and is now utilizing it to connect with consumers by encouraging interaction and highlighting newly launched products.

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Social Media: Don’t wait for consumers to come to you, meet them on their platform

03-Aug-2011 - As social media evolves, more retailers need to look at integrating it into their online stores and turn them into entertainment destinations, or they may be missing a trick, according...

Euromonitor outline the positives and negatives of using social media

13-Jul-2011 - At the recent HBA event in New York, we caught up with Euromonitor senior researcher Virginia Lee who spoke about both the benefits and pitfalls associated with social media.