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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Research points to food additive compound as effective sunscreen

01-Feb-2016 - New research from scientists at the University of Arizona, College of Pharmacy, shows evidence that a compound found in the food additive annatto could be effective in protecting against UV...

Study finds aluminium chloride antiperspirant solution reduces sweat more effectively

28-Jan-2016 - A new study has found that of two commonly used topical antiperspirants, the one containing aluminium chloride hexahydrate quantitatively and objectively appeared to reduce sweat more effectively.

Croda launches latest skin smoothing ingredient

26-Jan-2016 - Ingredient supplier Croda has launched its new high molecular weight protein hydrolysate Prolevis, which targets skin wrinkles and imperfections, claiming to instantly smooth the skin.

Biotech development just got easier for specialty chemical, fragrance ingredient, and cosmetics companies

21-Jan-2016 - Amyris, an industrial bioscience company, launched a new program that lets researchers and businesses experiment with bio-synthetic ingredient making without investing in full-scale manufacturing.

‘Non-toxic’ nanoparticles used in personal care and cosmetics disrupt immune function

14-Jan-2016 - Researchers at Pacific Northwest National Laboratory observed that some nanoparticles diminish the function of macrophage immune cells while others cause cell death.

Yonsei University develops acid patch to reduce photo-ageing wrinkles

14-Jan-2016 - Scientists at Yonsei University in South Korea have developed an AA-loaded DMN patch that they claim treats wrinkles as proved in in vitro and clinical studies. 

New chemical analysis company caters to startups in Southern California

12-Jan-2016 - The Mass Spec Lab provides third-party high tech testing to companies in personal care, cosmetics, and beyond that’s meant to elevate the level of accuracy and ease regulatory approval for...

P&G applies for patent for prebiotic agent-containing composition targeting skin microbiome

08-Jan-2016 - Procter & Gamble has published a patent application for a topical cosmetic composition containing a prebiotic agent which claims to improve the condition and appearance of the skin and the skin...

Artificial Intelligence is fuelling disruptive innovation in the personal care industry

04-Jan-2016 - In what’s being billed as the ‘first beauty contest judged by robots’ Beauty.AI and its partners are crowdsourcing facial imaging data that will be used to set a new course...

New testing procedures for effective nail care product development

17-Dec-2015 - At this year’s annual SCC meeting in New York City, Yelena Loginova of Coty presented a multidimensional approach to evaluating nail product efficacy that could help formulators back resulting product...

Could advances in morphogenesis lead to the next big thing in cosmetics formulation?

16-Dec-2015 - A group of researchers say that a new method of morphogenesis could take the development of many oil-in-water cosmetic and personal care formulations to the next level.

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Communicating science is 'essential' and will better inform consumers

16-Dec-2015 - In order to avoid misinforming consumers the science behind a product needs to be communicated according to unisex youth brand Sam Farmer, but the problem is there is no direct...

Nanolive 3D Cell Explorer microscope comes to market this month

15-Dec-2015 - Yesterday at the annual meeting of the American Society of Cell Biology, the living cell tomography company debuted its new microscope, which lets researchers work with cells like never before.

Soft Silver Hair: reformulating beauty for older, wiser consumers

09-Dec-2015 - Specialty chemical maker Croda has just completed testing on a hair-conditioning agent and determined its effectiveness on hair types across the age spectrum, including grey hair.

Anti-aging pill to undergo more testing in US

07-Dec-2015 - In laboratory testing, an FDA-approved diabetes drug has been shown to extend life and prevent wrinkles; upcoming clinical trials will look explicitly at the pill’s potential to stave off the...

Ashland invests in true-to-life global personal care testing capabilities

30-Nov-2015 - Ashland says that continued investment in its personal care testing capabilities has now bought it closer to true-to-life consumer and clinical evaluations for personal care formulation on a global basis.

New research highlights accumulative effect of cosmetics compounds in mammals

30-Nov-2015 - Traces of compounds from cosmetics and personal care products found in U.S. mammals are being assessed for accumulative effects by a team of scientists at the State University of New...

Clariant and Beraca complete strategic alliance in Personal Care

27-Nov-2015 - Ingredient suppliers Clariant and Beraca announce that the strategic partnership deal which sees the former acquire 30% of shares in the Brazilian firm’s Health & Personal Care Division, has been...

Croda lab investment aims to give customers faster response times and more claims

25-Nov-2015 - Croda’s US division, part of the world’s largest cosmetic ingredients operation, says that significant investment at its laboratory facilities is helping to raise the bar on response times and product claims....

Adding chelants to hair care products can reduce hair damage

25-Nov-2015 - Procter & Gamble scientists have found that adding chelants such as EDDS and histidine to shampoos and conditioners could reduce the damage caused by free radicals and keep hair healthier.

Symrise says acquisition of renewable materials provider Pinova puts accent on sustainability

24-Nov-2015 - Symrise's acquisition of US-based natural and renewable materials provider Pinova Holdings is part of the ingredients provider efforts to increase its sustainability profile for fragrances.

More research needed into stretch mark causes before any treatment can be effective

24-Nov-2015 - A new study has urged caution when it comes to purchasing skin creams and lotions designed to prevent and reduce stretch marks, having investigated the causes, and stating that there...

New research aims to optimize anti-bacterial skin wash

19-Nov-2015 - US researchers are conducting studies that could eventually determine the optimal levels of bacteria on hands and how it can influence overall skin and human health.

Raspberry extract shows strong anti-ageing potential

19-Nov-2015 - Research carried out by two biotechnology companies has found that an extract from the raspberry plant is effective in promoting skin hydration and protecting the cells from excessive water loss,...

World’s second largest palm oil producer makes sustainability pledge

18-Nov-2015 - Golden Agri-Resources, the world’s second biggest producer of palm oil, has agreed to re-engage with The Forest Trust in an effort to improve its sustainability profile.

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