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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

in-cosmetics Latin America Show Video

in-cosmetics Latin America show director reveals what is new this year

21-Sep-2017 - Cosmetics Design caught up with in-cosmetics Latin America show director Daniel Zanetti to find out about his expectations for this year's show, the all-important exhibitor numbers and what is new...

Study supports efficacy of hyaluronan for wrinkle reduction

20-Sep-2017 - Twelve weeks of supplementation with hyaluronan – also known as hyaluronic acid – may improve the “luster” of the skin and reduce wrinkles, says a new study from Japan.

Nanotech researchers develop a new structural color solution

19-Sep-2017 - A team of scientists from around the world, led by Ming Xiao of The University of Akron, have just published their findings online at Science Advances. The researchers are optimistic...

in-cosmetics Latin America focuses on marketing initiatives for ingredients players

14-Sep-2017 - Reed Exhibitions will be opening up the in-cosmetics Latin America event in Sao Paulo, Brazil next week, with a focus on how formulation players can leverage their brands.

Inolex opens cosmetics ingredient demonstration center in Sao Paulo, Brazil

12-Sep-2017 - The global beauty care ingredient maker began hosting training sessions at the new facility last month and is aiming to use the new center to better collaborate with current Inolex...

Biotech player Brain gets boost from investor

08-Sep-2017 - Germany-based biotech ingredient player Brain has received a boost to its longer-term expansion goals thanks to support from a new investor.

Sensorial trend still going strong with support from silicone fluid blends

07-Sep-2017 - Widespread advancements in silicones continues to drive the sensorial trend forward as the flexible, stable ingredient offers long lasting benefits while enhancing the texture of skin care, hair and colour...

Givaudan Active Beauty expands its digital capabilities

07-Sep-2017 - As part of its 2020 digital innovation strategy, Givaudan had launched a new educative  beauty app for its Active Beauty division.

University of Arizona develops truly topical sunscreen

06-Sep-2017 - Researchers Stephanie Tolbert and Douglas Loy have created a UV blocking sun care formulation that won’t pass through the skin. The two believe that this will alleviate a pain point...

Shin Etsu Chemical ups silicone production in US

05-Sep-2017 - The largest silicone maker in Japan has just announced plans to expand its business here in the States. The company has been in operating in the US from Ohio, New...

Is paraben research sensationalised?

05-Sep-2017 - Research can be used to support amazing and important findings – it can also unfortunately be taken the wrong way before a true causative relationship is established, to create fear.

Biotech firm offering cosmetic companies an alternative to animal testing to open in US

29-Aug-2017 - Genoskin makes unique human skin models for testing specialty chemicals as well as finished personal care and cosmetic products. This week, the French company announced plans to bring its business...

Scientists develop low cost sensor label for safer cosmetics

24-Aug-2017 - A team of scientists at Clarkson University, New York, has developed a simple smart label that could help warn consumers before cosmetic and personal care products spoil.

in-cosmetics Latin America to be highly experiential and educational

23-Aug-2017 - Next month in São Paulo, Brazil, the international cosmetics and personal care ingredient trade show opens its doors again, this time with a dedicated Protection Showcase, more interactive features, and...

UCLA scientists advance stem cell hair growth technique

18-Aug-2017 - Promoting hair growth using stem cell technology is not new, but scientists from UCLA believe they have advanced the technique by discovering a new way to activate hair stem cells...

Blendtek Ingredients and Fitoplancton Marino team up to bring microalgae ingredients to beauty makers

17-Aug-2017 - In an exclusive deal, announced this month, ingredient distributor and solutions provider Blendtek will be the official supplier of Fitoplancton Marino’s Easyalgae Plankton-Extract ingredient.

CPL Aromas launches £1 million scientific research centres in UK and Indonesia

15-Aug-2017 - CPL Aromas, a fragrance house company, has announced the launch of two £1 million scientific research centres.

Genomatica announces new personal care ingredient process tech

15-Aug-2017 - The San Diego-based biotech company known for making intermediates and basic chemicals has just announced that the company is now making bio-based specialty chemicals for the commercial market.

Botaneco opens US innovation facility

10-Aug-2017 - Canada-based seed oils specialist Botaneco has unveiled its newly opened innovation facility dedicated to skin, hair and sun care, in Lambertville, New Jersey.

Peptide development could lead to longer-lasting hair fragrances

08-Aug-2017 - A group of American Chemical Society researchers say they have harnessed peptide properties to develop shampoos with longer-lasting fragrances.

Latest formulation buzz: enhanced delivery

07-Aug-2017 - The cosmetics industry is full of fantastic cosmeceutical actives to address all sorts of skin conditions, from acne in teenagers to anti-ageing of mature skin. But, with so many actives...

Urtica plant extract may improve UV-induced skin aging, in mice at least

01-Aug-2017 - Chlorogenic acid, the active component in Urtica thunbergiana extract, may prevent premature skin aging caused by ultraviolet irradiation when taken orally, according to researchers in South Korea.

Ginkgo Bioworks new partnerships focus on enzyme production

01-Aug-2017 - In recent days the biotech company has announced deals with two enzyme producing businesses. While the bulk of what these companies develop and make will be directed to the food...

Shiseido performs voluntary recall on sun protection and body wash items

31-Jul-2017 - The Japanese personal care conglomerate, known for its various global prestigious brands and scientific contributions, apologises to customers and promotes two voluntary recalls in one week.

News in brief

Fruit d'Or gets 'health maintenance' claim in Canada for cranberry seed oil

28-Jul-2017 - Fruit d’ Or has announced approval by Health Canada for the omega-3 and omega-6 content of its multifunctional cranberry seed oil ingredient.  The approved claim wording includes “for the maintenance of...

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