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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Stopping grey hair with science

03-May-2016 - NYU researchers Makoto Takeo, Wendy Lee, and their team have identified the molecular pathway that manages hair (and skin) color. And this latest ‘cure for grey’ is making headlines well...

Anti-ageing Special Newsletter

What’s trending in the natural anti-ageing category right now?

29-Apr-2016 - In the past few months we have seen a plethora of new natural-based ingredient launches targeting the anti-ageing beauty market, including, a raspberry extract, a green coffee oil ingredient and a new apple...

New testing model underlines how SPF30 sunscreen can delay melanoma

28-Apr-2016 - A new type of clinical trial carried out by scientists at the Ohio State University have proven that the use of SPF30 sunscreens can delay incidences of melanoma.

Sugarcane ingredient of choice to replace shark-derived squalene

28-Apr-2016 - Popular personal care ingredient squalene is an organic compound often derived from sharks’ livers - in response to consumer demand for cruelty-free and renewable ingredients, manufacturers are now looking elsewhere...

Environmental expert slams war on personal care microbeads

26-Apr-2016 - Further research carried out at the University of Michigan into the possible pollution effects of microbeads in waters in the Great Lakes have demonstrated a vastly different outcome.

Greater understanding of pollution leads to new Sederma active Citystem

22-Apr-2016 - Sederma has turned its innovation attention to the popular anti-pollution trend, developing its latest natural active ingredient Citystem to fight against visible and invisible pollution damage to the skin. 

Natureworks launches lab to develop methane to lactic acid process

18-Apr-2016 - Natureworks, which specializes in lactides and biopolymers, has invested in a development facility to convert methane into lactic acid, with applications in a spectrum of personal care products.

And the winner is… in-cosmetics 2016 awards announced

15-Apr-2016 - As the second day of the in-cosmetics trade show drew to a close in Paris, the hall filtered away from the main show floor and into the annual awards ceremony,...

Dow Corning invests in personal care manufacturing capabilities

13-Apr-2016 - Dow Corning has invested $6 million to expand its silicones manufacturing plant in Midland, Michigan to increase production of silicone elastomer blends for beauty and personal care.

Lucas Meyer unveils new pore-shrinking ingredient at in-cosmetics Paris

13-Apr-2016 - Lucas Meyer Cosmetics is unveiling its latest ingredient, a pore-minimizer called Miniporyl, at this weeks in-cosmetics event in Paris.

Palm-free ingredient portfolio stands out at in-cosmetics

13-Apr-2016 - Inolex, a Pennsylvania-based personal care ingredient company, is launching a new collection of ingredients at this week’s show in Paris, France, and seeing a terrific industry response to its alternatives...

in-cosmetics 2016 Paris in pictures!

13-Apr-2016 - With day one over and two yet to come of the in-cosmetics Paris trade show, take a look through this gallery at a snapshot of some of the highlights so...

Sustainable Council calls for a 'shift' to increase transparency requirements

12-Apr-2016 - The American Sustainable Business Council is calling for transparency in cosmetics labelling and a reform of the sector’s legislation at a time when Congress is meeting to discuss investment in clean energy....

P&G study shows more tolerance to PPD derivative hair dye and stresses pretest importance

08-Apr-2016 - A new study carried out by Procter & Gamble with University Trier and the University of Groningen has found that individuals who are allergic to para-phenylenediamine (PPD) in hair dyes,...

Specialty ingredients driven by demand for multifunctional products

05-Apr-2016 - Performance-enhancing multifunctional ingredients are topping the ‘must have’ list for formulators all over the world, according to a new report from the Kline Group.

Oriental herb extract shown to be good candidate to treat hair loss

01-Apr-2016 - Scientists have found that myristoleic acid, an active compound in Malva verticillata seeds, can activate Wnt reporter activity and increase cell proliferation in cultured human dermal papilla cells (DPC), making...

Ashland launches new polymer targeting rinse-off cleansing products

31-Mar-2016 - Fine chemicals player Ashland has just announced the launch of its Surfa Thix N Polymer, an all-in-one solution for a wide variety of rinse-off consumer cleansing products.

New science makes organic synthesis easier

29-Mar-2016 - Chemists from the University of Texas at Arlington and North Carolina State University have documented a water-based process that could lessen industry’s dependence on solvents.

Biomod Concepts’ anti-aging masks bring modern beauty to the private label market

29-Mar-2016 - The beauty and health technology company leverages its patented and proprietary systems in innovative ways and just launched water-free balm masks, announcing that they’ll be in stores this spring.

Nanotech research could uncover new ways of formulating multifunctional products

24-Mar-2016 - New research has come to light that could optimize the manner in which liquid formulations dry, enhancing both the application and efficacy of sunscreens and other beauty products.

Could eggshell nanoparticles be the next step up for bioplastics?

17-Mar-2016 - Bioplastics are in big demand as increasingly popular eco-friendly alternatives to cosmetic packaging, and the latest research in this area is pointing to eggshell as a new material.

New research uses hyperspectral imaging to see nanoparticles in tissue samples

17-Mar-2016 - Sara Brenner and her colleagues recently published their work in Wiley’s journal of Microscopy Research and Technique, documenting a quicker more cost-effective method to conduct toxicology studies and other nanovisualization...

New biorefinery tech produces high-purity glycerin for personal care formulations

16-Mar-2016 - SBI BioEnergy, a biofuels company out of Edmonton, Alberta, is about to start converting waste oils and fats into alternative fuels. And as with petroleum based fuel production, the byproducts...

Mazza Innovation signs deal to deliver bioactive cranberry extracts for clean-label beauty products

15-Mar-2016 - Vancouver, Canada – based Mazza has teamed up with Naturex to produce phytochemical ingredients from the nutrient-dense bog fruit.

Study considers impact of personal care compounds on waste water

14-Mar-2016 - A team of scientists at the Pennsylvania State University is studying what happens to chemical compounds from a variety of sources, including personal care, if they remain in waste water.

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