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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Biofabrication will produce cosmetic ingredients of the future

24-Mar-2015 - Living cells, organic molecules and the like will be the raw materials that produce both living and nonliving biological ingredients for personal care products, according to scientists working in the...

Engineered yeast could replace flowers in fragrances

19-Mar-2015 - Boston-based specialists in synthetic biology Ginkgo Biowork is using yeast to produce fragrances that are cheaper than using naturally sourced ingredients.

Muscat… Tasty wine, BUT also anti-ageing properties in skin cream

19-Mar-2015 - Muscat, commonly known for its sweet floral aroma when in wine form, can also reduce skin redness and acne when used in a grape-based cream, according to a new study.

Arizona scientists develop sugar-based surfactants for cosmetics

17-Mar-2015 - A University of Arizona startup, GlycoSurf, has finalized an exclusive agreement for a chemical synthesis of glycolipids technology, which the scientists say is a greener replacement for surfactants in cosmetics. ...

Honeywell teams up with Metabolix on new biodegradable alternative to microbeads

05-Mar-2015 - Ingredients provider Honeywell has formed a technology alliance with biomaterials company Metabolix to develop a new line of biodegradable ingredients.

Japanese 3D printing of human tissue has cosmetic potential

04-Mar-2015 - Cyfuse Biomedical, a Japanese 3D printing developer has raised ¥1.4 billion ($11.8 million) for its work with producing human tissue, which has the potential for cosmetics firms testing out new products....

Research focuses on the effects of copper nanoparticles

03-Mar-2015 - A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside, and UCLA have created a model that has enabled a research project to illustrate the impact of exposure to copper nanoparticles....

MIT researchers reconfigure complex emulsions

02-Mar-2015 - Double emulsions can be made in large-scale quantitates with mixing processes newly tested and refined by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Sun damage works long after exposure, finds new research

25-Feb-2015 - A new market could open up for ‘evening-after’ sunscreen to further protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays after a team of Yale-led researchers discovered that much of the damage...

Lucas Meyer says phospholipids are the key to sensory success

23-Feb-2015 - The company’s new pledge is to ‘make you happy’, which it aims to do by highlighting sensory expertise that can give the cosmetic formulations the type of textures that has...

Sun-safety apps improve sun protection practices, study finds

19-Feb-2015 - Smart phone sun-safety apps can help to enhance the sun protection practices of users, according to data analyzed as part of research into how effective it really is.

Google patents personal fragrance device

18-Feb-2015 - Google technologies has secured a patent from the US Patent and Trademark Office for a wearable fragrance emission device that deodorizes the moment body odor occurs.

Scientists develop liquid-infused polymer for bacteria free cosmetics

18-Feb-2015 - Harvard researchers have developed a technology that creates a polymer infused with silicone oil that can be used in a variety of applications including cosmetics to keep bacteria away.

Broccoli makes its' way into fragrance trend

17-Feb-2015 - Fragrance supplier, Seven Scent, reports growing interest in vegetable fragrances and reveals fresh new concepts for personal care products. 

Non-spherical particle production advances

17-Feb-2015 - Researchers Amy Shen from the Okina Institute of Science and Technology and Shilpa Beesabathuni from the University of Washington, working with engineering professionals at P&G, have identified a scalable technique...

Colorado becomes latest state to mull regulation of microbeads

17-Feb-2015 - Colorado regulators are lining up a bill that proposes to join a growing number of other state legislators in banning the tiny plastic microbeads that are formulated with scrubs, soaps and...

UK scientists discover how to make soap from bacteria

11-Feb-2015 - Scientists at TeeGene Biotech, an arm of Middlesbrough University, have developed unique strains of bacteria which produce biosurfactants, which act like soap and help to emulsify different liquids.

Study links stress to negative impact on ‘healthy’ skin conditions

05-Feb-2015 - The psychological stress of events such as an exam or returning to work after a vacation, could have a negative effect on you skin’s barrier function, a new study shows....

Floratech exec warns on getting eco-friendly microbead claims right

03-Feb-2015 - With plastic mircrobeads for personal care formulations set to be banned in a growing number of US states, ingredients provider Floratech has responded with an eco-friendly alternative for formulators....

Advancing dry water science means more cosmetics formulations

03-Feb-2015 - Ana Margarida Fernandes has completed research on the creation of stable liquid marbles that comprise water draped in flocculated polymer latexes and stabilized with polyionic liquids.

Rebounding personal care markets push demand for sophisticated surfactants

02-Feb-2015 - The recovery of the US consumer market is translating into increased spend on personal care products and driving up demand for higher performance and naturally-derived surfactants, new data reveals....

Study links early menopause to everyday exposure – but NOT cosmetics!

30-Jan-2015 - A new study has linked high levels of chemicals that we come across every day in the environment, plastics, and other household items, with women experiencing menopause 2-4 years earlier...

Scientists use stem cells to grow new hair

29-Jan-2015 - Stem cells are tipped to be the future for many different scientific studies and it seems that this could include hair loss after scientists used human pluripotent stem cells to...

Soybean oil-based surfactant proven to improve cleaning, foaming and conditioning in shampoo

28-Jan-2015 - Scientists have developed a new non-toxic, environmentally friendly soybean oil-based polymeric surfactant (SBPS) and having studied it for potential application as a surface-active ingredient for shampoos, found that it improves...

As the seasons change, so do Korean men’s skin barriers

28-Jan-2015 - When the seasons change so can our mood or outlook, or even… South Korean men’s skin. A new study by the Inha University College of Medicine claims the factors that...

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