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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Harvard’s ‘bionic leaf’ has cosmetics potential - turning sunlight into liquid fuel

23-Jun-2016 - Scientists at Harvard Medical School  say they have developed an artificial photosynthesis system that can convert solar energy to biomass with more efficiency than that of the fastest growing plants....

New carbon nanocapsules could mean more ways to deliver cosmetic actives

21-Jun-2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich, that city’s university for science, tech, engineering, etc., have created a new nanocapsule that’s hydrophobic inside and hydrophilic outside.

Guest article

Meeting consumer demands for ‘waterless’ products

10-Jun-2016 - Consumers are increasingly looking to balance their use of products with an environmental conscience, and we’re seeing this demand met by a new wave of products being promoted as ‘waterless’....

Getting stability and compatibility right for natural skin care formulations

09-Jun-2016 - June 15th is the date for the sixth edition of the Skincare Ingredients online event, and one of the highlights of the conference programme will be a webinar focused on natural...

Cosmetic ingredients to result from synthetic DNA deal between Gen9 and Amyris

08-Jun-2016 - Gene synthesis company Gen9 has agreed to supply the renewable molecule and ingredient maker Amyris with synthetic DNA constructs, which will be used to engineer new ingredients for use by...

Biotech beauty ingredient market growth underlined by Ginkgo Bioworks and Twist Bioscience deal

08-Jun-2016 - Biotech innovations require industry-scale resources to get alternative ingredients for fragrance and personal care to market. As that market grows, synthetic DNA manufacturing, like what Twist Bioscience does, is in...

Formulating for market success: skin care textures and sensorial attributes

07-Jun-2016 - In a global online event this month, Cosmetics Design will host a half-day program of presentations and conversations with cosmetics and personal care experts on skin care ingredient topics of...

Stephenson Personal Care launches sustainable emulsifier range

03-Jun-2016 - Stephenson Personal Care has launched a range of emulsifiers which it claims are more sustainable thanks to the use of a cold processing technique.

Researchers have grown skin in a lab, with all the features of real skin

01-Jun-2016 - Complete with hair follicles and sebaceous glands, the bioengineered 3D tissue has potential uses in cosmetics and personal care testing, say the team at RIKEN.

Nanoparticles in English Ivy could lead to synthetic cosmetic adhesives

31-May-2016 - Researchers at Ohio State University now have a good understanding of what comprises the glue that binds this plant to the trees, fences, and walls it so readily climbs.

Palm oil: BASF responds to the 'decisive factor' of sustainability

31-May-2016 - BASF, global specialty chemicals firm, has laid out a series of measures by which it hopes to raise the sustainability profile of its personal care ingredients offering, with a particular...

Clinical data from newly available alternative genomic testing method

26-May-2016 - Genemarkers CEO Anna Langerveld talked with Cosmetics Design at this month’s NYSCC Suppliers Day about tape strip analysis and the value that gene-expression data adds to cosmetic product development.

Ashland’s latest R&D informs next generation hair care formulations

26-May-2016 - The specialty chemical maker is developing personal care ingredients based on primary research in emerging economies as well as on changing formulator needs and consumer expectations.

Colombia’s undiscovered natural cosmetics ingredients

25-May-2016 - Areas of the South American country are largely uncharted when it comes to plant species because of the danger researchers face from decades of war and criminal gang activity. Now...

Cosmetic formulations may soon include self-healing polymers

24-May-2016 - Researchers at Penn State University have discovered that synthetic imitations of the sort polypeptides found in squid ring teeth have uniquely desirable qualities and have filed a patent for the...

Butter-coated powders standout among cosmetics and skin care ingredients

23-May-2016 - At this year’s NYSCC Suppliers Day event, Cosmetics Design checked in with Stellie Balthazard of Blue Sun International about that company’s butter-coated powder ingredients and the options that manufacturers have...

There’s a new cosmetics science certificate program in Canada

23-May-2016 - Seneca College in Toronto has launched a graduate-level certificate program meant to prepare students for careers in sales, regulatory, or laboratory roles in the cosmetics and personal care industries.  ...

New skin lightening ingredient passes safety tests

19-May-2016 - Specialty chemicals firm Sirona Biochem has announced that its new skin lightening compound has recently gone through safety and efficacy testing that has brought the innovation a major step closer...

The possibilities for 3-D printed hair seem endless…

17-May-2016 - 3-D printed skin has already made a splash as a non-animal alternative testing method, but now researchers have created new possibilities for 3-D printed hair using advanced software.

Smithsonian to digitize cosmetics and personal care collection

16-May-2016 - Making resources available online is a new priority for the museum and thanks to funding from a long-standing personal care brand, the project is moving ahead.

CD Buzz: Fision WrinkleFix

A look at TRI-K’s multifunctional anti-aging ingredient

12-May-2016 - At in-cosmetics Paris, Elzbieta Kaprzyk, director of innovation, research, and development for the company, spoke with Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske about Fision WrinkleFix.

Shiseido opens its new Americas Innovation Center

12-May-2016 - At a ribbon-cutting ceremony, attended by Mayor Janice Mironov and the company’s top executives and R&D chemists, Shiseido shared its plans for new tech and product development as well as...

CD Buzz: Meadowderm

Ingredient Launch: Elementis Specialties debuted Meadowderm at in-cosmetics Paris

11-May-2016 - Senior Scientist Veronika Solotoff spoke with Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske about the new anti-aging ingredient.

CD Buzz: Defenscalp

A new ingredient for scalp care and anti-dandruff products

10-May-2016 - At in-cosmetics Paris, Cosmetics Design reporter Deanna Utroske sat down with Magali Borel, product manager of IFF Lucas Meyer Cosmetics, to discuss that company’s Defenscalp ingredient.

Industry turns to Korea: in-cosmetics gears up for second event

10-May-2016 - The cosmetics industry is set to turn its attention to Korea for the second in-cosmetics trade event there, in confirmation that the country continues to be a powerhouse at the...

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