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Columbia University Medical Centre pill to reverse hair loss

19-Aug-2014 - Scientists at Columbia University have taken a pill that treats bone marrow disorders and used the treatment to reverse hair loss in patients with alopecia.

Could antiperspirant be making matters worse?

19-Aug-2014 - New research by a team of scientists in Belgium may suggest that using antiperspirant on a regular basis could actually contribute to underarm body odour.

Consumer demand for cosmetics in China means ingredients suppliers are turning to imports

18-Aug-2014 - As China’s cosmetics market has continued to witness increased demand due to improving lifestyles and rising disposable income ingredients supplier Fenchem says it is riding that wave by turning to the...

Micronutrients have a role to play in anti-ageing skin care

14-Aug-2014 - Micronutrients are essential for our diet but can also play a role in maintaining healthy skin in topical applications, according to a leading dermatologist.

Drinks, pills… Sometimes sunscreen and shade is the best sun protection says expert

12-Aug-2014 - Sun protection innovation has peaked this year with the introduction of sunscreen pills, drinkable sunscreen, and ultraviolet (UV) monitoring bracelets, so here is a closer look.

Stress could worsen skin’s appearance

12-Aug-2014 - Feeling pampered and relaxed could be the key to healthy skin as an inflammatory skin condition or a breakout of spots or a rash could worsen or be caused by...

Something fishy? No, it’s just sunscreen

08-Aug-2014 - After eating a nice piece of fish, few of us would think of using the leftovers as the basis for an effective sunscreen but that is the basis of some...

Wyss Institute spin off to put organ-on-chips technology in labs worldwide

07-Aug-2014 - Having developed devices that mimic genetic characteristics of human organs to assess the toxicity of chemical compounds, Harvard’s Wyss Institute has now set about making this technology available for scientists worldwide. ...

Scientists synthesize cellulose nanoparticles from waste cotton fibers

05-Aug-2014 - Researchers in Iran have successfully synthesized cellulose nanoparticles by using two environmentally-friendly processes and this could help save costs for the cosmetics industry.

AkzoNobel and Solazyme expand agreement to develop palm oil replacement

01-Aug-2014 - Amsterdam-based AkzoNobel and renewable oils company Solazyme have expanded their partnership agreement as they look to further develop the production of algal oils.

Researchers engineer hair color alterations using ion beam technologies

29-Jul-2014 - Researchers at the University of New Mexico (UNM) have taken a break from their normal subject focus of engineering and found a cosmetic application that can benefit from ion beam...

Study is the first to link natural moisturizer to food allergies

24-Jul-2014 - Research conducted into natural ingredients in products targeting dry skin has demonstrated evidence of a link between the topical application and the subsequent development of food allergies.

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How the bar is being constantly raised on natural ingredients

23-Jul-2014 - New technologies and applications, greater sustainability, and more traceability are some of the key areas helping to raise the profile of natural cosmetic ingredients, according to one industry expert.

Stem cells hold key to hair regrowth

21-Jul-2014 - Stem cells could hold the key to telling hair follicles to grow after US researchers found that Transit-Amplifying Cells emit a signal that tells quiet hair follicle stem cells to...

Furthering melanoma understanding could lead to better sunscreens

16-Jul-2014 - Scientists may look to develop additives that can be included in sunscreens to ramp up the skin's ability to deal with UV damage, after a study into melanoma furthered understanding.

Genetics’ effect on skin aging is limited, finds Olay

10-Jul-2014 - Olay has conducted a study into whether cosmetics products can overcome your genetic make-up, by using pairs of identical twins to trial their ProX range.

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Beiersdorf Research: Consumer demand dictates skin science

08-Jul-2014 - In an exclusive interview with, Horst Wenck, corporate vice president of R&D at Beiersdorf, says that it is important to carry out advanced skin science research but that it...

How to get people using sunscreen? Make them too scared not to

02-Jul-2014 - Latest research from a team of scientist at University at Buffalo in New York state shows that it is fear rather than facts that is the best means of encouraging...

Enfucell electronic cosmetics patch to increase skin permeability

01-Jul-2014 - Customized battery supplier Enfucell has teamed up with Spanish start-up, 'The Ionto team' to develop an iontophoretic cosmetics patch they claim will increase skin permeability.

Arthritis drug helps alopecia sufferer regrow hair

25-Jun-2014 - A team of researchers from Yale University have managed to regrow hair in a man suffering from alopecia, by administering a drug normally used to treat arthritis.

Joint venture for cellulose filaments could lead to more sustainable cosmetic ingredients

25-Jun-2014 - Performance BioFilaments, a leading provider of cellulose filaments used in rheology modifiers, has formed a joint venture that will ultimately target the development of more sustainable ingredients.

Study shows that using sunscreens on kids prevents melanoma in adulthood

23-Jun-2014 - Researchers at the Texas Biomedical Research Institute have published research showing in a natural animal model that the malignant melanoma in adulthood is ‘dramatically reduced’ by using sunscreen in childhood.

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“Eliminating microbeads does not compromise cosmetics quality”

20-Jun-2014 - Bulldog Skincare founder Simon Duffy says that removing plastic microbeads from cosmetics products and soaps will not compromise performance and calls for more interest to encourage more brands to follow...

PASS urging industry to support the Sunscreen Innovation Act

19-Jun-2014 - The Public Access to SunScreens (PASS) Coalition, representing the sunscreen ingredients companies is urging industry to support the Sunscreen Innovation Act as it presses for passage of legislation now under consideration in...

Asia researchers look at new ways to harvest seaweed for cosmetics

12-Jun-2014 - Although seaweed farming has been in practice for 100's of years in Asia, researchers now say they are focused on a new method that isn’t as labor-intensive to harvest the...

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