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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Scientists use stem cells to grow new hair

29-Jan-2015 - Stem cells are tipped to be the future for many different scientific studies and it seems that this could include hair loss after scientists used human pluripotent stem cells to...

Soybean oil-based surfactant proven to improve cleaning, foaming and conditioning in shampoo

28-Jan-2015 - Scientists have developed a new non-toxic, environmentally friendly soybean oil-based polymeric surfactant (SBPS) and having studied it for potential application as a surface-active ingredient for shampoos, found that it improves...

As the seasons change, so do Korean men’s skin barriers

28-Jan-2015 - When the seasons change so can our mood or outlook, or even… South Korean men’s skin. A new study by the Inha University College of Medicine claims the factors that...

MIT study underlines link between DNA-damaging chemicals and cancer risk

19-Jan-2015 - There may be a link between DNA-damaging chemicals and inflammation that heightens the risk of cancer, details a new study by a group of scientists at the Massachusetts Institute of...

Strawberries in cream – specialty oils developed for cosmetics

19-Jan-2015 - The sweet fruit, often a dessert favorite, could also be the answer in anti-aging, hair care, and make-up products after Natural Sourcing announced it will develop its line of specialty...

Advances in polymer availability for hair products

19-Jan-2015 - Prominent ingredient brands are moving to manufacture, produce, and market polymers at a substantial scale for use in hair product formulations and market research pros are paying attention.

Scientists shine new light on hydrophobic interactions

15-Jan-2015 - For cosmetic formulators the manner in which water molecules react in formulations is a determining factor. But new research may help bring greater control to such hydrophobic reactions.

Are beauty from within beverages useless?

14-Jan-2015 - A new study reports little or no benefits from the nutrient addition in functional beverages, many of which are marketed with beauty from within claims.

Trimethyl chitosan available commercially for cosmetic applications

13-Jan-2015 - Biotechnology company Ovensa, which specializes in delivery technology and also develops bioactives for the cosmetics industry, has been licenced to produce and market the polysaccharide worldwide.

Nanotechnology innovation rebuilds teeth and reduces sensitivity

12-Jan-2015 - Researchers in Taiwan have development of new biomaterial that effectively fills worn tooth enamel for a prolonged stretch of time.

Sunscreen warning for pilots as sun exposure matches that of a tanning bed session

07-Jan-2015 - A new study has stressed the importance of sunscreen to airline pilots as they can be exposed to the same amount of UVA radiation as that from a tanning bed...

Study focuses on how personal care products react with swimming pool water

06-Jan-2015 - A new study from a research team at Purdue University suggests that chemicals from both personal care products and pharmaceuticals could end up in swimming pools, causing undesirable byproducts.

Color cosmetics are cheating!

17-Dec-2014 - Consumers are more interested in skincare products that ensure the appearance of wellness and a healthy complexion, according to industry research scientist Yulia Park who devotes her energy to measuring...

Z Skin Systems launches oral and topical nutricosmetics products formulated with Zeaxanthin

16-Dec-2014 - The new skin nutrition company’s first two product lines comprise supplements and serums developed and sold for use in tandem.

Study investigates radiofrequency treatment for acne scarring

16-Dec-2014 - A team of scientists in Florida has published the latest findings in an ongoing study that is using radiofrequency technology in the treatment of acne scarring.

Croda releases new skin irritation data

12-Dec-2014 - Yorkshire-based Croda has released new skin data backing up the efficacy of its emollient Cromollient SCE, as the consumer demand for mild and gentle cleansing products grows.

Nanoscience makes new biological gels easier to find

11-Dec-2014 - A new system makes it possible to synthesize innovative tri-peptides that will function predictably as hydrogels, which can be workable cosmetics ingredients.

Nestlé Skin Health to open 10 innovation hubs focused on skin research

11-Dec-2014 - Nestlé Skin Health will open a global network of 10 innovation hubs focused on developing solutions and techniques that will promote healthy skin through medical investigation, education and application of...

Bio-based surfactants made in a bio-fuelled facility coming from Croda

09-Dec-2014 - The specialty chemical ingredients manufacturer is improving its Delaware site to accommodate manufacturing of non-ionic surfactants.  

L’Oreal at work on bioprinted skin for cosmetics testing

08-Dec-2014 - Technology that will make this reality is advancing swiftly. The company collaborating with L’Oreal on bioprinted skin tissue has made promising progress and forged new research partnerships.

Croda study underlines efficacy for hair conditioning and scalp moisturizing treatment

08-Dec-2014 - Croda has unveiled the findings from a study into the efficacy of its scalp moisturizing and hair conditioning treatment DuraQuench IQ SA that broaden its applications.

Mibelle Biochemistry peptide targets oxidative stress at cellular level

05-Dec-2014 - Mibelle Biochemistry is introducing its latest biological active hitting on the current anti-pollution trend in the industry as it targets oxidative stress at the cellular level.

Nobel Prize winning microscope technology revolutionizes skin ageing research

04-Dec-2014 - Nivea producer Beiersdorf is cooperating with Nobel Prize winner in chemistry, Professor Stefan Hell to develop a new microscope technology set to revolutionize skin-ageing research as it can represent cells...

CoQ10 market growth through 2020 will be driven by the personal care industry

03-Dec-2014 - In the Americas that growth will be seen most in Brazil. Globally, Russia, India and China will be CoQ10 market leaders too.  

New tech mixes water and oil without surfactants

03-Dec-2014 - Cosmetics formulation may be forever changed by the innovative machine developed by Korean research scientists.  

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