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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Special Newsletter - Natural & Organic

What happens when science unlocks the secrets to natural cosmetics…

08-Oct-2015 - The industry has been both developing, enhancing and replicating natural ingredients for years, but what technologies are driving this area now, will it ever be possible to tinker with organic ingredients and...

Reserveage Organics founder credits Gelita with firming up science supporting beauty-from-within

02-Oct-2015 - Reserveage Organics, a company built first upon the benefits of the antioxidants found in wine grapes, is expanding rapidly into the beauty-from-within category, which founder Naomi Whittel says is finally...

Scientists identify low-cost production method for wearable skin patches

02-Oct-2015 - Scientists have found a way to produce high-performing wearable skin patches that can continuously monitor and communicate the body’s vital signs at a low cost.

Scientists develop nanoparticle containing sunscreen that doesn’t penetrate the skin

01-Oct-2015 - Researchers have developed a sunscreen, made with bioadhesive nanoparticles, that doesn’t penetrate the skin, eliminating serious health concerns associated with commercial sunscreens.

Sirona Biochem claims to have made a big leap in the development of skin whitening ingredients

29-Sep-2015 - Canada-based biotech company Sirona Biochem believes it has made a big leap in the area of skin whitening ingredients, with its compound developed using fluorination technology.

New research points to a total ban on microbeads as the only way forward

22-Sep-2015 - A new study conducted by a research team based out of Oregon State University suggests that the only way of tackling the current environmental problems caused by microbeads is a...

Symrise strengthens US scent & care business with Pinova acquisition

21-Sep-2015 - Germany-based fragrance and personal care ingredients provider Symrise has strengthened its US business with the acquisition of Georgia-based Pinova Holdings.

New oil-in-water emulsifier and freeze-fracture technology are advancing sun care

16-Sep-2015 - DSM’s latest sunscreen ingredient—which the company is demonstrating this week at The Sunscreen Symposium—promises to improve product stability and simplify development.

Beiersdorf makes new skin cell metabolism discovery to aid anti-ageing development

15-Sep-2015 - Beiersdrof researchers have found that skin cells can protect themselves against stress even faster and more holistically than previously thought, and this discovery will lead to the development of new...

P&G research team finds chelant use in shampoo improves hair health

08-Sep-2015 - P&G scientists have found that the use of chelants in shampoos and conditioners will reduce copper levels in hair and ultimately lead to improved hair health, particularly when exposed to...

Cosmopack Symposium spotlights formulation of the future

08-Sep-2015 - As part of the second New York Cosmopack Symposium, Cosmetics Design will be playing its part in the conference program by hosting a roundtable on the future of formulation.

Scientists develop 'liver-on-chip' device to help with cosmetic product development

25-Aug-2015 - According to scientists from Israel and Germany, tighter EU regulations prohibiting the use of animals in safety testing, although more humane - is ultimately hindering new cosmetic product development.

New database helps formulators quantify long-term ingredient exposure

24-Aug-2015 - Just how much personal care and cosmetics product are loyal consumers in contact with? That’s what a team of researchers from the US and Europe – including two pros from...

Fresh science on anti-aging, from Avon

24-Aug-2015 - Avon researchers have identified two biological factors that make for a more nuanced understanding of why skin changes with time and how lines and wrinkles form.

Study points to new active compound that could control body odour

11-Aug-2015 - Scientists have found that the cyclic oligosaccharide beta-cyclodextrin is capable of interacting with different components in sweat and body secretion and this could position it as an active for use...

in-cosmetics organisers announce first ever Formulation Summit

07-Aug-2015 - The organisers of the in-cosmetics trade show are turning their attention to the summit arena announcing its first ever Formulation Summit to focus on texture and sensoriality in personal care.

Research suggests skin damage from UV radiation is reversible

05-Aug-2015 - A team of researchers based at the John Hopkins University in Baltimore believe they may have found proof that photoaging damage from ultraviolet radiation could be reversed.

Mechanical engineers rethink how heat affects the natural curl structure of hair

04-Aug-2015 - Rather than studying hair according to ethnicity, researchers from Purdue University are categorizing hair by curl patterns and investigating the threshold at which each can tolerate heat styling. 

Second in-cosmetics Brasil event boasts expanded conference program

03-Aug-2015 - Following on from the success of the inaugural in-cosmetics Brasil event in Sao Paulo last year, the event organizer is gearing up for an expanded event that will include a...

All-natural sunscreen developed from algae to tackle pollution issue

03-Aug-2015 - A team of global scientists claim they have come up with a natural-based sunscreen that has been inspired by the strategy fish, algae and microorganisms develop as a means of...

Microalgae-derived betaine surfactant hits the market

29-Jul-2015 - BASF has commercialized algal betaine as a personal care ingredient made with Solazyme’s AlgaPūr microalgae oils that’s intended for use in skin care and hair care formulations.

Shiseido enters new skin research agreement with CBRC

23-Jul-2015 - Shiseido has entered into a new collaboration agreement with the dermatology research centre at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US for collaborative research into skin biology as well as efforts...

Market for personal care delivery systems set for big growth

22-Jul-2015 - Demand for technically advanced cosmetic and personal care formulations is set to further grow the market for cosmetic and personal care delivery systems.

Lignin nanoparticles create 'nanobullets' with antibacterial properties

21-Jul-2015 - Scientists at North Carolina State University have presented research that points to an effective environmentally-friendly antibacterial agent developed using lignin nanoparticles.

Symrise brings the ‘green smoothie’ trend to cosmetics

21-Jul-2015 - Symrise is extending its range of offerings to include freshly pressed plant juice varieties that can easily be incorporated into cosmetic applications, taking inspiration from the food and beverage industries...

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