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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

P&G focuses on natural skin care ingredients to fight pollution

27-Apr-2015 - Procter & Gamble has joined forces with botanists at Royal Botanic Gardens in Kew, London to find effective natural-based ingredients for its latest range of anti-pollution skin care products.

Adjusting the melting point of cocoa butter

23-Apr-2015 - Researchers at Penn State University identified the gene that determines the temperature at which the cosmetic ingredient melts.

Research shows magnolia scent has unique sex appeal

23-Apr-2015 - Magnolia scent could become the next hot fragrance ingredient after research underscored the fact that it is a unique pheromone receptor – a much sought after quality in this competitive category.

Weighing the pros and cons of nano ingredients

16-Apr-2015 - Use of nanomaterials is now widespread in the cosmetics industry - but what are the potential risks? We asked Jaydee Hanson, policy director for the International Center for Technology Assessment...

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Building on the success of the world’s leading anti-dandruff shampoo

16-Apr-2015 - Head & Shoulders has been the world’s top-selling anti-dandruff shampoo for decades, so we spoke to the research term behind the brand’s formulation to find out how they have held...

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P&G looks to expand its anti-pollution skin care offerings

16-Apr-2015 - In Asia, Procter & Gamble is already at the forefront in providing anti-pollution skin care solutions. In the second part of this exclusive interview we take a look at the...

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P&G research stays one step ahead on anti-pollution skin care

15-Apr-2015 - Anti-pollution is a claim we are starting to see more and more of on skin care products in Asia, and increasingly worldwide. This exclusive interview lifts the lid on how...

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How P&G continues to advance its Head & Shoulders formulation

15-Apr-2015 - Procter & Gamble is the undisputed king of anti-dandruff hair care thanks to its Head & Shoulders brand. But the work behind maintaining its reputation is relentless, as the head...

Biodegradable beauty wipe alternatives

13-Apr-2015 - Wet wipe makers are being urged to consider the post-consumer life of the product as buyer expectations and pollution figures mount.  

Lucas Meyer to introduce stem cell anti-aging ingredient

09-Apr-2015 - Lucas Meyer will be unveiling its latest anti-aging ingredient, an advanced self-regenerative stem cell solution, at next week’s in-cosmetics event in Barcelona, Spain.

Advancing skin science could deliver a lifelike synthetic

07-Apr-2015 - Researchers out of the US Department of Energy and the University of California, San Diego, have observed and documented how collagen makes human skin tear resistant.

New protein-based adhesive sets wet

06-Apr-2015 - The sticky material, with potential uses in the cosmetics industry, is a biomimetic developed at Indiana’s Purdue University from research on shellfish.

Biotechnology proves crucial to staying ahead in the innovation game

02-Apr-2015 - Advances in cosmetic formulation and ingredients are undeniably reaching new highs, and it is repeatedly biotechnology that is behind some of the most significant industry innovations.

Synthetic biology revolutionizing cosmetics formulation

02-Apr-2015 - Companies like Gen9 and 20n are building personal care and beauty ingredients with DNA synthesis, bacteria and software.

US cell-development company Cellular Dynamics International acquired

31-Mar-2015 - Fujifilm will pay $307m to add biotechnology company CDI to its business division focused on regenerative medicine and functional skin care cosmetics.

Shiseido's new R&D hub represents 'Vision 2020' plan

31-Mar-2015 - After curbing its R&D spending in the aftermath of the 2008 global financial crisis, Shiseido is now investing in R&D again with hopes to boost group sales above the 1 trillion yen...

Biofabrication will produce cosmetic ingredients of the future

24-Mar-2015 - Living cells, organic molecules and the like will be the raw materials that produce both living and nonliving biological ingredients for personal care products, according to scientists working in the...

Engineered yeast could replace flowers in fragrances

19-Mar-2015 - Boston-based specialists in synthetic biology Ginkgo Biowork is using yeast to produce fragrances that are cheaper than using naturally sourced ingredients.

Muscat… Tasty wine, BUT also anti-ageing properties in skin cream

19-Mar-2015 - Muscat, commonly known for its sweet floral aroma when in wine form, can also reduce skin redness and acne when used in a grape-based cream, according to a new study.

Arizona scientists develop sugar-based surfactants for cosmetics

17-Mar-2015 - A University of Arizona startup, GlycoSurf, has finalized an exclusive agreement for a chemical synthesis of glycolipids technology, which the scientists say is a greener replacement for surfactants in cosmetics. ...

Honeywell teams up with Metabolix on new biodegradable alternative to microbeads

05-Mar-2015 - Ingredients provider Honeywell has formed a technology alliance with biomaterials company Metabolix to develop a new line of biodegradable ingredients.

Japanese 3D printing of human tissue has cosmetic potential

04-Mar-2015 - Cyfuse Biomedical, a Japanese 3D printing developer has raised ¥1.4 billion ($11.8 million) for its work with producing human tissue, which has the potential for cosmetics firms testing out new products....

Research focuses on the effects of copper nanoparticles

03-Mar-2015 - A team of researchers from the University of California, Riverside, and UCLA have created a model that has enabled a research project to illustrate the impact of exposure to copper nanoparticles....

MIT researchers reconfigure complex emulsions

02-Mar-2015 - Double emulsions can be made in large-scale quantitates with mixing processes newly tested and refined by researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

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Sun damage works long after exposure, finds new research

25-Feb-2015 - A new market could open up for ‘evening-after’ sunscreen to further protect the skin from damaging ultraviolet rays after a team of Yale-led researchers discovered that much of the damage...

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