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Formulation & Science

Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Should ‘quality’ ingredients matter more than ‘natural’ ingredients?

30-Aug-2016 - At least one skin science and personal care research consultant thinks so. And, Cosmetics Design spoke with Nava Dayan about the formulation challenges and toxicity concerns that exist when the...

Complex carbohydrates research centre aims to benefit cosmetics and packaging

30-Aug-2016 - Adelaide Glycomics says that the opening of its carbohydrates research centre is the largest of its kind in the southern Hemisphere, and is likely to benefit a number of industries,...

Final call to submit for “Best Ingredient Made From Recycled Materials Award”

29-Aug-2016 - Tomorrow will be the last opportunity to submit entries for the Cosmetics Design award for best ingredient made from recycled materials.

Formulating, marketing, and innovating skin care in the age of good bacteria

25-Aug-2016 - Public appreciation of the skin’s microbiome is on the rise, and while the personal care and cosmetics industry has been working in this area for years, there’s much more to...

Last few days to submit for “Best Ingredient Made From Recycled Materials Award”

24-Aug-2016 - Does your company offer an innovative ingredient made from recycled or waste products? If so there is still time to enter for this brand new award, before the cut-off date...

L’Oréal’s new South Africa research centre opens for business

19-Aug-2016 - Global beauty player L’Oréal’s new Research & Innovation centre is now open for business, bringing its global R&D network to Sub-Saharan Africa for the first time....


Two Views: Smart science makes beauty better

18-Aug-2016 - In this edition of Two Views, industry experts weigh in on how science improves and enhances cosmetic, fragrance, and personal care products. Christina Agapakis, Creative Director of Gingko Bioworks, explores...

Hair care products made with biotech will limit hair loss

17-Aug-2016 - This month Daniel Alain Life Science acquired the intellectual property rights to a technology that the company plans to put to use in hair care and hair styling product formulations...

Cosmetics Design Ingredient Award

Cosmetics Design proudly introduces the “Best Ingredient Made From Recycled Materials Award”

11-Aug-2016 - The Cosmetics Design USA team is introducing a brand new industry award that aims to find the best ingredient developed using recycled, repurposed, by-products or waste materials.

Dermatologists give topical probiotic skin care a nod of approval

09-Aug-2016 - In a newly published review of the emerging personal care subcategory, board certified dermatologist and nationally recognized anti-aging expert Dr. Patricia K. Farris acknowledges that topical probiotics can benefit the...

Guest article

Top sites for correct ingredient information

09-Aug-2016 - With so much misinformation on the internet, how do you know which sites to trust for CORRECT ingredient information?

Guest article

Going natural means accepting a shorter shelf life for ingredients!

08-Aug-2016 - As a raw material distributor of only certified organic, I must comment on an increasing trend that is in conflict with GMPs and Quality Systems that do not consider Organic...

Tobacco as a renewable squalene source

03-Aug-2016 - Following next year’s harvest, tobacco-derived quantities of the compound will be available for cosmetics companies to test out in beauty and skin care formulations—thanks to a company called SynShark and...

Orion Genomics to revolutionize palm oil industry with DNA research

02-Aug-2016 - The privately owned biotech company opened in 1998 and has done extensive work in developing oncology diagnostic tests. But, the project making news now is set to change the way...

IFF and Unilever partner to help vetiver farmers in Haiti

19-Jul-2016 - International Flavors and Fragrances (IFF) and Unilever have teamed up on a project that also involves leading non-governmental agencies to enhance the lives of vetiver farmers in Haiti.

Gemseal emollients for use in makeup and personal care formulations get US distribution

14-Jul-2016 - A deal, signed this month, between ingredient maker Total and distributor DKSH means that the hydrocarbon emollients will be available through that company to cosmetics and personal care product manufacturers...

Croda acquires encapsulation tech from Brazil’s Inventiva

11-Jul-2016 - The team, technology, and territory of the company founded by Renata Raffin and Candice Felippi, which specializes in nanotech encapsulation of cosmetics actives, will add to Croda’s business in and...

New data on the Amphisol K oil-in-water emulsifier

07-Jul-2016 - DSM Personal Care has just released new testing results for the ingredient that are meant to illustrate its advantages over similar potassium cetyl phosphate emulsification technologies, when used to formulate...

Croda puts spotlight on textures and sensorial

05-Jul-2016 - Cosmetics Design recently caught up with Denise Costrini, marketing manager for hair care at Croda to find out about some of the latest concepts the company's formulation lab has put...

Alban Muller targets fast-growing US naturals market with LA office

01-Jul-2016 - France-based Alban Muller is targeting growth in the US market for natural and organic products with the opening of a new office in Los Angeles.

How the search for sustainable palm oil took one supplier to Ecuador

01-Jul-2016 - Cosmetics Design recently spoke to Gay Timmons, the founder of ingredient supplier Oh Oh Organic, to find out about how her quest to find sustainable and ethically produced palm oil...

In-cosmetics Korea opens its doors next week!

30-Jun-2016 - In-cosmetics is set to open its doors next week in Korea for the second year running, gathering together the industry in one of the world's leading markets for beauty and...

More cultured ingredients coming to beauty, thanks to Ginkgo - Amyris partnership

29-Jun-2016 - Today as Ginkgo Bioworks announced the deal, Cosmetics Design caught up with Jason Kelly, CEO of Ginkgo, to find out why the two companies are collaborating to bring more biotech...

Harvard’s ‘bionic leaf’ has cosmetics potential - turning sunlight into liquid fuel

23-Jun-2016 - Scientists at Harvard Medical School  say they have developed an artificial photosynthesis system that can convert solar energy to biomass with more efficiency than that of the fastest growing plants....

New carbon nanocapsules could mean more ways to deliver cosmetic actives

21-Jun-2016 - Researchers at ETH Zurich, that city’s university for science, tech, engineering, etc., have created a new nanocapsule that’s hydrophobic inside and hydrophilic outside.

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