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TRI-K develops new anti-aging hair care ingredient derived from the Baobab tree

14-Apr-2014 - Ingredient distributor and developer Tri-K is launching a new ingredient that taps into two of the biggest trends in the industry – anti-aging hair care combined with demanded for unique...

Research questions health risk associated with lipids in cosmetics

11-Apr-2014 - Scientists at York University, Toronto, Canada, have released research pointing to potential health risks associated with prenatal brain development.

L’Oreal launches new campaign with Melanoma Research Alliance

10-Apr-2014 - L’Oreal has announced that it is launching a new campaign with the Melanoma Research Alliance (MRA) which looks to raise awareness of the dangers related to sun damage and promote...

News in brief

Researcher who created original Dove bar dies

09-Apr-2014 - Vincent Lamberti, who led the team which originally developed the Dove ‘soap’ bar, has died in North Jersey, aged 86.

Form of baldness explained as hair loss gene identified

08-Apr-2014 - Hair loss and skin disorder treatments have been given new hope after a US study identified a strategy for reversing hair loss after research into a gene that affects one...

Avon the latest to take reformulation pledge with triclosan

07-Apr-2014 - Avon has announced it will stop using triclosan, a suspected endocrine disruptor in its products.

Pigment and Color Science Forum and Ti02 World Summit

02-Apr-2014 - The 2014 editions of Pigment and Color Science Forum and the Ti02 World Summit will be held from October 7-9 in Montréal, Canada, event organizer Smithers Rapra has announced.

The sweet smell of… bacteria? Esters to be made from renewable sources

31-Mar-2014 - When we think of sweet smells we do not immediately think of bacteria, but scientists from the University of California, Davis are engineering bacteria to make esters to be used...

Tissue damage plasma source to open cosmetic treatments door

31-Mar-2014 - Scientists at the University of Notre Dame, Indiana say inducing biological tissue damage with an atmospheric pressure plasma source could open the door to cosmetics applications.

Hair care launches at in-cosmetics 2014

27-Mar-2014 - The in-cosmetics Innovation Zone will give attendees the opportunity to gain an insight on the latest hair care developments. Take a look at the ingredients set to be showcased at...

New study points to greater need for sun care in minorities

26-Mar-2014 - Latest research from the US suggests that an increased awareness of skin cancer in minorities should go hand-in-hand with greater use of sun protection.

P&G study points to consumer preference for at-home treatments

26-Mar-2014 - Presenting its latest innovation at the recent annual meeting of the American Academy of Dermatologists, consumer goods multinational P&G revealed that convenience was a key factor in consumer choice of...

Skin care preview: gallery of ingredients to be launched at in-cosmetics '14

26-Mar-2014 - The in-cosmetics Innovation Zone is a unique area for attendees to catch up on all the latest products launches in one place. Here, we've rounded up some interesting skin care...

Oxea expands manufacturing footprint in the Americas

25-Mar-2014 - Germany-based Oxea has expanded its manufacturing reach in the Americas as it starts work on the construction of a new facility for the production of Propanol in Bay City, Texas.

Exclusive interview

Beiersdorf R&D head says it’s OK to appreciate external innovations

21-Mar-2014 - Traditionally cosmetics companies have adopted a ‘not invented here’ attitude, but big benefits can be gained from changing to a ‘proudly found elsewhere’ mindset and being open with external partners,...

NSF expands industry reach through partnerships

18-Mar-2014 - Health and safety organization NSF International, which last month announced the launch of its cosmetics and personal care program, has entered into partnerships with a leading consultant and ICMAD.

New nanotechnology science journal to launch

17-Mar-2014 - Elsevier, a global provider of scientific, technical and medical information on products and solutions, has announced the launch of an open access journal, ‘Colloid and Interface Science Communications’ (COLCOM), relevant...

Agave shortage to hit cosmetics

12-Mar-2014 - The price of agave, a Mexican plant which provides various active ingredients in cosmetics products from hair oils to anti-aging, is set to rise due to increasing demand outstripping the...

Scientists hail anti-aging impact of TPF 50 sunscreen

11-Mar-2014 - A new clinical study has highlighted the efficacy of Triple Protection Factor broad spectrum sunscreen in preventing sun damage and aging on the skin.

Research into nanosilver leads scientists to give warning

07-Mar-2014 - Nanosilver, found in certain cosmetics and other consumer goods, can penetrate the skin and cause damage, according to a scientific research project carried out in Denmark.

Scientists develop liquid procedure to extract musks from cosmetics

04-Mar-2014 - Chinese scientists have developed a novel way of extracting musks from cosmetics through a combination of supported liquid extraction (SLE) and solid-phase extraction (SPE).

IFF and Amyris Advance to collaborate on renewable fragrance ingredients

03-Mar-2014 - Fragrance and flavors giant IFF has announced a collaborative venture with Amyris Advance to bring a new generation of renewable fragrance ingredients to the market.

Study suggests general hair conditioner just as effective to get rid of lice

28-Feb-2014 - A new study claims that ordinary hair conditioner is just as effective at getting rid of hair lice as specialist nit-removal.

Scalp micro-pigmentation to help with hair loss

26-Feb-2014 - A 'Scalp Micro-Pigmentation' treatment is the latest weapon against hair loss, offering sufferers the option of less invasive and perhaps even a faster process of concealing areas of balding or thinning....

Sneak peek: Induchem introduces its hair growth galvanizer

20-Feb-2014 - Ahead of the upcoming in-cosmetics event, Induchem has given Cosmetics Design a preview of its Redensyl hair growth activating molecule which will be unveiled at the show.

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