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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

New research on the prevention of scars has anti-aging potential

11-Jan-2017 - An international team of scientists from the University of Pennsylvania, the University of California–Irvine, New York University, and more, have just published their findings on the potential of myofibroblasts to...

Bioprocol launches ingredients made from rare Colombian fruits

11-Jan-2017 - Colombian ingredients maker Bioprocol has tapped into some of the unique flora found in the country to launch two new ingredients that tap into rare plant extracts.

Johnson & Johnson at work on skin care that modulates bacteria

05-Jan-2017 - The multinational company has partnered with a biotech firm specializing in probiotic skin care and cosmetics as part of its new JLINX program.


Two Views: Developing a color cosmetics palette

22-Dec-2016 - For this installment of Two Views, Cosmetics Design reached out to two creative professionals—Michelle Rotbart, who works with an agency, and Marisa Fazzina, who works independently—to weigh in about the...

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Anti-pollution claims: how to test them?

15-Dec-2016 - With no single, clear definition for the anti-pollution trend, how can brands test their ingredients and finished products for efficacy when it comes to protection claims? We get an industry...

Welch's and Blue Marble Biomaterials team up on fragrance and cosmetic ingredients

13-Dec-2016 - The grape juice maker has a plan to turn its side stream components into biochemicals for use in beauty product formulations; to do so Welch’s has partnered with petrochemical replacements...

How biotechnology has impacted the cosmetics business in 2016

12-Dec-2016 - Biotechnology continues to play an ever-increasingly important role in cosmetics formulation. Here we take a look at some of the most significant developments in this field during the past year.

Almond Board of California raises investment to develop cosmetics ingredients

12-Dec-2016 - The Almond Board of California is targeting expansion into the cosmetics and personal care industry through a research initiative designed to find new uses for byproducts from almond processing.


Two Views: Educating the cosmetic chemists of tomorrow

01-Dec-2016 - Online learning and in-lab training both have their advantages. For this installment of Two Views, Cosmetics Design checked in with a pair of educators about how tomorrow’s cosmetic scientists and...

The Women in Science fellowship from L’Oréal is accepting applications

30-Nov-2016 - Between now and February 3, 2017, the multinational beauty corporation, in conjunction with The American Association for the Advancement of Science, is welcoming applications from prospective fellows—five winners will be...

New nanoscience suspends oil in clay, expanding the possibilities for cosmetic and personal care emulsions

30-Nov-2016 - Last week, the open access journal Scientific Reports published the latest work of physicist Jon Otto Fossum, and his findings “may lead to new emulsion or encapsulation technologies.”

Guest article

5 top functional ingredient launches of 2016

29-Nov-2016 - 2016 was a year that saw an increased focus on fast-to-market formulations, continued growth of the natural sector and a huge explosion in interest in the sensory aspects of a...

Cosmetics Design launches Beauty Industry Awards!

28-Nov-2016 - The Cosmetics Design team is delighted to announce the launch of its regional and global Beauty Industry Awards, the first award of its kind to recognize achievements in the entire...

Aloe Vera substitutes spark lawsuits against private label skin care brands

23-Nov-2016 - Wal-Mart, Target, and CVS are expected to face class action suits following an investigation by Bloomberg News that found those stores' own brands of Aloe Vera personal care products were...

Ingredient launches you may have missed at IFSCC 2016

16-Nov-2016 - This year’s IFSCC congress in Orlando, Florida, was jam-packed with informative scientific talks and poster presentations. But among all the opportunities for education were two days of supplier exhibitions, a...

Shiseido wins poster award at 29th IFSCC congress

10-Nov-2016 - The leading Japanese personal care producer wins the poster award for its research on dermal cavitation as a skin aging mechanism.

How ingredients suppliers are reacting to the sensorial and textures trend

08-Nov-2016 - Gone are the days when consumers would settle for any old gloop. If a product does not have the right skin feel consumers won’t be back for more.

Beraca launches a pequi-based ingredient for curly hair

07-Nov-2016 - Beraca got the attention of formulation professionals at the recent in-cosmetics Latin America event with the launch of a hair smoothing ingredient that is sourced from the Amazon. The company's...

Angus Chemical Company focuses on increasing its profile in the Brazil market

03-Nov-2016 - Angus Chemicals is making moves to increase its footprint in the important Brazil market by focusing on raising its branding profile. We spoke to one of the company's technical experts,...

Exclusive interview

How does that work? A look at the technology behind Biomod’s Infusers

03-Nov-2016 - The category-defining waterless masks from Biomod, are poised to disrupt the skin care market and are, in the meantime, sparking a fair amount of curiosity among industry insiders. Cosmetics Design...

Mintel analyst identifies the next generation skin care formulations

03-Nov-2016 - At the recent in-cosmeticss Latin America event, Cosmetics Design caught up with Mintel analyst Vivienne Rudd who, among several key trends, identified how the next generation of skin care products is...

Dow Chemical highlights the importance of customization

02-Nov-2016 - Alongside the all-defining sensorial and wellbeing trends, Dow Chemical's Thelma Bayout spoke to Cosmetics Design at the recent in-cosmetics Latin America about how customization is also playing a significant part...

Improve USA launches aloe vera-derived anti-aging ingredient

01-Nov-2016 - Enderma is a clinically proven ingredient made from aloe vera extract that is said to improve overall skin health and help smooth out wrinkles within one week.

Innovating ‘beyond dreams’: IFSCC opens its doors

01-Nov-2016 - The International Federation of the Society of Cosmetics Chemists has opened its doors for this years edition of its annual congress, inviting delegates to look ‘beyond dreams into new frontiers’.

Croda highlights how texture is determining its skin and hair care development

31-Oct-2016 - During the recent in-cosmetics Latin America event Cosmetics Design caught up with Caroline Gomes de Fritas from Croda to discover how the skin and hair care solutions it was platforming...

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