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Want to stay up to speed with the latest cosmetic research developments in skin care, hair care, fragrance, and color cosmetics? 

Bookmark this section to find out what scientists are up to in areas like natural polymers, microalgae, as well as other innovative ingredients and research being carried out by universities, researchers, ingredient suppliers and manufacturers.

Mechanical engineers rethink how heat affects the natural curl structure of hair

04-Aug-2015 - Rather than studying hair according to ethnicity, researchers from Purdue University are categorizing hair by curl patterns and investigating the threshold at which each can tolerate heat styling. 

Second in-cosmetics Brasil event boasts expanded conference program

03-Aug-2015 - Following on from the success of the inaugural in-cosmetics Brasil event in Sao Paulo last year, the event organizer is gearing up for an expanded event that will include a...

All-natural sunscreen developed from algae to tackle pollution issue

03-Aug-2015 - A team of global scientists claim they have come up with a natural-based sunscreen that has been inspired by the strategy fish, algae and microorganisms develop as a means of...

Microalgae-derived betaine surfactant hits the market

29-Jul-2015 - BASF has commercialized algal betaine as a personal care ingredient made with Solazyme’s AlgaPūr microalgae oils that’s intended for use in skin care and hair care formulations.

Shiseido enters new skin research agreement with CBRC

23-Jul-2015 - Shiseido has entered into a new collaboration agreement with the dermatology research centre at Massachusetts General Hospital in the US for collaborative research into skin biology as well as efforts...

Market for personal care delivery systems set for big growth

22-Jul-2015 - Demand for technically advanced cosmetic and personal care formulations is set to further grow the market for cosmetic and personal care delivery systems.

Lignin nanoparticles create 'nanobullets' with antibacterial properties

21-Jul-2015 - Scientists at North Carolina State University have presented research that points to an effective environmentally-friendly antibacterial agent developed using lignin nanoparticles.

Symrise brings the ‘green smoothie’ trend to cosmetics

21-Jul-2015 - Symrise is extending its range of offerings to include freshly pressed plant juice varieties that can easily be incorporated into cosmetic applications, taking inspiration from the food and beverage industries...

Takasago targets Latin America with Mexico fragrance facility

20-Jul-2015 - Fragrance supplier Takasago is targeting further growth in the Latin American market with the opening of its new Creative Center for flavors and fragrances in Mexico.

New research shows nanotech nitric oxide can treat acne

16-Jul-2015 - By putting recognized slow-release nanotechnology to use in a new way, scientists have shown that nitric oxide can address the two causative factors of this prevalent skin condition.

A desktop version of 3D bioprinting is here!

15-Jul-2015 - Now researchers can print and test cosmetics on human skin without devoting hundreds of thousands of dollars or massive amounts of space to printing technologies.

Ashland to acquire AkzoNobel biofunctional technology

06-Jul-2015 - Fine chemicals player Ashland has announced the acquisition of AkzoNobel’s Zeta Fraction biofunctional technology as part of its ambitions to grow its sustainable, natural-based specialty ingredients business.

Study documents DNA damage and aims to aid development of anti-ageing products

02-Jul-2015 - A study into the full range of ultraviolet radiation damage on the skin could help sunscreen and cosmetics manufacturers develop and test better protecting products, as for the first time...

Could a new pulse technology be the long-awaited Botox alternative?

01-Jul-2015 - A newly developed non-invasive pulse technology is being heralded as the next step in the search for effective solutions to treat degenerative skin disease.

New microscope shows live cells in 3 dimensions

30-Jun-2015 - The revolutionary tomographic technology from Nanolive SA, a Swedish startup, is set to change R&D in the personal care and cosmetics industries.

Nanomaterials found detrimental to sea life

24-Jun-2015 - Published research from the University of California, Davis, casts doubt on whether personal care products can be safely designed with nano-zinc and nano-copper oxides.

Research reveals confusion over sunscreen terminology

18-Jun-2015 - New research shows that consumers in the United States are often confused by the terminology used on sunscreen labels, while a combined star rating and SPF system may make things...

L’Oreal bringing wearable electronics out of the lab and on to consumers

18-Jun-2015 - Flexible wireless sensors, developed in collaboration with engineers from the University of Illinois, measure skin conditions and gather data that L’Oreal can put to good use.

Induchem Science Symposium focuses on the future role of omics

16-Jun-2015 - Switzerland-based specialty chemicals player Induchem recently held its annual Science Symposium in New York, which this year focused on the role that omics is playing in cosmetics development.

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The importance of applying a sunscreen properly on product efficacy

16-Jun-2015 - In the lab the product may pass all the tests, but if it is not applied properly then this could be irrelevant, meaning the spreadability of a product can be...

Newly developed probiotic has cosmetic potential

11-Jun-2015 - A newly developed thickener for the food industry could also hold the key to probiotic functionality in cosmetic and personal care products.

Brazil’s Natura Cosmetics to formulate with microalgae oil

11-Jun-2015 - The direct-sales beauty and personal care company has signed a purchasing deal with Solazyme to use AlgaPūr in its products.

TerraVerdae joins growing number of microbead alternatives

08-Jun-2015 - With the hand of the law increasingly turning against plastic microbeads in the United States, TerraVerdae has joined a growing list of biodegradable alternative ingredients.

Minnesota study underlines waterways pollution from cosmetics

04-Jun-2015 - A new study has been released by the Minnesota Pollution Control Agency that confirms pollution from cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and endocrine disrupting compounds across the state’s waterways.

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NuSkin applies scientific rigour to the essential oils trend

04-Jun-2015 - Essential oils have been valued by many cultures for centuries and recently, as consumers have moved towards a preference for natural cosmetics, essential oils have become more prevalent in beauty...