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IBR ​is a R&D company dedicated to developing innovative and proprietary technological actives for the cosmetics and therapeutic industries.
 IBR ​unique approaches to anti aging include COLORLESS CAROTENOIDS​ branded as IBR-Phyto(flu)ene®​ for topical and dietary supplementation as Beauty from Within as well as DORMINs​ that slow aging by slowing down cell proliferation and preserving telomeres.

IBR CLEARLY BRIGHT Complex​ with IBR-TCLC®​ tomato colorless carotenoids, IBR-Dormin® ​& IBR-Snowflake®​ for outstanding skin whitening, lightening and evening skin tone.

 A PROPRIETARY COMPLEX OF NATURAL, PRESERVATIVES AND STEROID FREE ACTIVES for dermal relief and beautification of sensitive, discomforted skin

IBR-Phyto(flu)ene®COLORLESS CAROTENOIDS:​ natural carotenoids without visible color
Beauty from Within and Out ​targeted as support for sun-care​ and anti aging, skin whitening​ & lightening as well as protect and boost biomolecules and formulations.

IBR-CLC®​ algal colorless carotenoids
 IBR-TCLC®​ tomato colorless carotenoids 
PhytoflORAL®​ supplement for Beauty from Within

DORMINs - a powerful and timeless concept

IBR-CalmDeAge®​ from palm date seeds that are able to preserve youth for over 2000 years: for global anti-aging, reducing DARK CIRCLES and ROSACEA via vasoconstriction. 

IBR-Dormin®​ Narcissus Bulbs Extract for slowdown of aging implementing plant dormancy to skin turning into emerging youth by slowing down the ticking biological clock. IBR-Dormin®​ also inhibits undesired hair growth

IBR-Snowflake®​ for intrinsic anti aging, boost of SOD expression and the skin natural defense and ANTI WRINKLE safe alternative to Botox®

IBR-Dragon®​ for anti aging, SKIN RADIANCE & BRIGHTENING