GEA Process Engineering Inc.

GEA Process Engineering Inc.

GEA Process Engineering Inc. is a full-service engineering company offering systems and solutions for liquid and powder processing. Established in 1974, the company is known for innovative processing systems for drying, granulation, agglomeration, coating, evaporation, distillation, rectification, crystallization, filtration, heating & cooling, cell disruption, product recovery, liquid processing, filling and aseptic filling, bottling, bottle and PET conveying systems, powder handling and packaging, tableting, mixing and blending, containment, cleaning (CIP) and fermentation as well as process integration and process automation services.

GEA Process Engineering designs and engineer customer-orientated process solutions for the beverage, food and dairy, home and personal care, biotechnology and pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. Based on a deep and fundamental understanding of the various processes in these industries, along with our wealth of experience, we always provide cutting-edge process solutions, fulfilling our customers’ needs. In close collaboration with our customer we design and engineer the right process solutions for all applications within the above-mentioned industries and our price always reflects the solution. Whether you require a new “Greenfield” processing plant, integration of a new process, an extension or upgrade of an existing process facility, GEA Process Engineering will be your natural partner. In all phases - from idea to commercial production, GEA Process Engineering can provide extensive know-how and experience in process design & engineering, and/or project management.

GEA Process Engineering has also acknowledged the trend towards corporate sustainability and sustainable engineering solutions. GEA Process Engineering is designing products and processes that can be optimized to specific criteria and that incorporate environmental and social benefit factors while assessing impacts of resource use (energy, material, and cost) on environmental and social benefits (or otherwise) of products, processes, and services. In other words, GEA enable companies to embrace corporate sustainability through advanced sustainable process solutions​ GEA Process Engineering is a member of the GEA Group, a global technology group specializing in process systems and solutions.

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