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As a specialist in concepts for effective skin, hair and body care products, Evonik Personal Care combines scientific excellence with passion. We always work according to the highest ethical and scientific principles – and we always put our hearts into it.

We call our approach: The Soul & Science of Beauty. It includes three aspects: foresight, responsibility and realization. That means identifying chances and investing resources now to achieve better results in the future, doing business with responsibility towards the environment, society and clients as well as securing the best possible transparency within the product lifecycle.

Furthermore it means seeing product development through to completion and delivering processes and products that get results. Evonik Personal Care uses renewable resources and sustainable methods based on three technology platforms: organics, silicones, actives. Emulsifiers, secondary surfactants, synthetic and enzymatically produced emollients, conditioners, thickeners, pearlizing agents and a wide spectrum of active ingredients comprise our product portfolio. These ingredients significantly contribute to consistency, efficacy and sensory appeal in personal care products. This determined, target-led mindset, combining technical knowledge, resourceful, networked thinking and decisive action, offers particular advantages when it comes to supporting the innovation projects of our clients.

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Hairflux: Combining ceramides and pure oils to improve hair and scalp care

Content provided by Evonik Nutrition & Care GmbH

Hairflux: Combining ceramides and pure oils to improve hair and scalp care

The global shampoo and conditioner market is estimated to reach $39b by the end of 2018, with an expected growth of nearly 5% through 2020. More than simply cleansing and moisturizing the hair, consumers demand innovative solutions to individual concerns....

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