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Cargill unleashes natural all-in-one beauty system

By Natasha Spencer

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Cargill unleashes natural all-in-one beauty system
As consumer demands for natural and ethical products rise, Cargill introduces its newly-launched beauty system. We spoke to Stephane LaCoutiere, Global Marketing Director at Cargill Beauty on how the company is ‘unleashing beauty sustainably’.

1. What growing consumer demands led Cargill Beauty to develop its latest formulations and system?

Cargill Beauty conducted propriety consumer research in 2017, which identified six consumer profiles following their preferences for GreenEthic cosmetic options.

Based on these studies, Cargill Beauty acquired good knowledge of what consumers are looking for when purchasing beauty products such as: clarity on labels and claims, ingredient transparency and traceability plus natural and useful ingredients.

Using these consumer profiles, Cargill Beauty’s applications teams developed six nature-derived beauty concepts, which make up the Cargill Beauty System 1.0 for Skincare.

2. How has the natural and ethical market developed over the past 12 months?

What was once viewed as niche is becoming mainstream. Consumers are more informed, and because of this, are making more educated decisions about what personal care products they purchase.

Due to this chain of events, it is not only the small indie brands that are making a commitment to traceability and sustainability. Today we see large players setting long term strategic objectives towards a sustainable and natural future.

3. What elements of the trend segment’s evolution inspired you to create these latest formulations?

The consumers need for safe, nature-derived, sustainable, simple and versatile formulations drove a large part of the inspiration behind the creation of System 1.0 for skincare.

4. Can you talk me through the process from conceptualisation to the launch of your latest offering: Cargill Beauty’s System 1.0 for Skincare?

We used the demand of the consumer to drive the launch of System 1.0 for skincare. We conducted consumer behavioral studies with a sample of 4k participants.

The study identified six consumer profiles following their preferences for greenethic cosmetic options. Through this study, Cargill Beauty got a clear understanding of the wants of these six consumer profiles.

We designed specific product concepts for each profile in terms of texture, claims and positive impact for people and the planet.

5. Why was it important to Cargill to use only three key ingredients?

It was important for us to stay in line with the consumers' demand for simple formulations and to keep the ingredient list as short as possible.

System 1.0 for skincare provides our customers with inspiration when developing a range of formulas with a short and easy to understand ingredient list.

Only three ingredients allows the customer to stretch the formulation. This approach drives the development of a range of formulas with different textures and product positioning while being based on the same ingredient list.

6. What makes these three new launches stand out?

Emultop Velvet IP is a highly efficient enriched lecithin primary emulsifier, which enables emulsification in up to 20% oil. It is velvety smooth to the touch and extra gentle to the skin, as well as being affordable and ideal for sustainable and nature-derived cosmetics products.

Emultop Velvet IP is extracted from NGM soy and 100% nature derived, with a NGM guarantee thanks to Cargill’s fully integrated Identity Preserve system certified by SGS.

Cargill Beauty’s System 1.0 for Skin care uses only three key ingredients; the universal texturiser Actigum VSX 20, the innovative lecithin Emultop Velvet IP and the high oleic rapeseed oil Agri-Pure AP-75 R. This aims to offer manufacturers an array of options to meet their consumer demand. System 1.0 for skin care is safe, nature derived, sustainable, simple, versatile and affordable.

7. Why did you choose in-cosmetics Asia as the platform to display them?

In-Cosmetics Asia is one of our most important shows of the year in APAC! Cargill Beauty takes a lot of care to showcase all new innovations in this market.

8. How has the pluri-functional glycogen active that is used in the system 1.0 formula Radiant Pearl Serum been specifically ‘developed for Asian skin’?

The texture universe that Radiant Pearl Serum falls under is inline with the consumer demand of the Asian market. When developing System 1.0 for skincare we conducted sensory/self-assessment tests in NY, Paris and Shanghai.

The Radiant Pearl formulation ranked very high with the Asian consumer. Over 80% of the sample in this market “really liked the product”​.

9. What do APAC consumers demand from natural and ethical products?

The Asian culture has a long history in botanical and traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and Korean traditional medicine (KTM). Consumers in this market believe in nature derived formulas to care for their skin.

A tradition that started in North Asia has been rolled out to most of the Asian population. Due to this long-standing tradition, the New Natural concept and offering truly resonates with APAC consumers. With increasing air pollution in Asian countries in recent years, people look to ways to ground themselves into nature to find balance in their everyday lives.

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