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Catkin Wemyss Bodmer, BRYT Skincare

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Indie Beauty Profile Catkin Wemyss Bodmer BRYT Skincare
In her Indie Beauty Profile Catkin Wemyss Bodmer, founder of BRYT Skincare, calls attention to how valuable the right retail partnerships can be and thoughtfully explains the connection she sees between skin care, health care, and beauty.

Indie, natural skin care brands are the norm rather than the exception in beauty today. So building a new indie, natural brand that is genuinely exceptional and that appeals to a lucrative niche of consumers is quite the challenge. In her effort to rise to this challenge, Wemyss Bodmer has created a product line formulated, packaged, and marketed with a healthy blend of naturalness, mindfulness, and Britishness.

Here, the personal care entrepreneur shares a profile of herself and the BRYT Skincare brand.

Name: ​Catkin Wemyss Bodmer, Founder 

Indie Beauty Company: ​BRYT Skincare

Launched: ​January 2014

Headquarters: ​London, UK

Cash flow: ​Six months after we launched online we were picked up by Britain’s leading up-market supermarket Waitrose and we are now stocked throughout the UK.  To have their endorsement and trust at such an early stage was truly remarkable and I thank them for that from the bottom of my heart. As a trusted brand always offering good value for money and high caliber merchandise, the association has certainly helped our brand message and our availability.

Team work:​ 1 full-time employee and 2 part-time

Distribution: ​BRYT Skincare is sold through our own ecommerce site, in retailers / chains and independent stores in the UK and Ireland and we are, at present, talking with an online site in the US.

Years in beauty: ​On and off for 30 years – it’s been a long and interesting journey!

Years at BRYT Skincare: ​Since its onset in 2013 when I developed the idea for BRYT Skincare. We launched it 9 months later in January 2014.

Entrepreneurial experience:​ I had a brief foray in a partnership in a small beauty PR company in my early twenties, it was a flop! But it introduced me to the most amazing people who totally inspired me and made me really embrace the whole concept of plants and aromatherapy combined in holistic skincare.  They say to succeed you have to fail first, so there you are!

The business: ​BRYT Skincare is a young dynamic British vegan and cruelty-free skincare brand which from the onset has a totally fresh approach to natural skincare. It uses the best of science to get the best from nature and our Advanced Phytoscience System (a unique blend of plant nutrients) runs through each formulation. Our packaging, while being based on Chakra colours, screams refreshing, new and urban; a brand for the Millennials embracing a holistic side and strong ethical policy while being part of a healthy lifestyle choice.

Natural plant power comes first but we also want every product to be effective and kind on the skin so we use high tech science and specific ‘micro ingredients’ to ensure that those natural plant nutrients are absorbed by and are hugely beneficial to the skin. We are very open with regard to the percentage of natural versus synthetic (this is generally between 98 and 100% natural anyway with the exception of the day creams which have an SPF so tend to be around 77% natural). Our whole skincare regime is based on a three-step process using plant extracts and botanical oils to cleanse, nourish, and protect the skin gently but effectively.  We seek to preserve and conserve a youthful glow and healthy complexion drawing in and locking in moisture while allowing super-antioxidants to protect, heal and tone the skin every step of the way.

The wow-factor: ​We believe, like it is everyone’s right to have access to decent healthcare, it is a right for every individual to be able to look after their skin to keep it healthy, after all the skin is the largest organ of our bodies and the first line of defense.  If the skin is healthy it is clear and able to function and do its job properly. To us, beauty is a happy by-product, so we very much seek to put skincare at the heart of health and wellbeing - both from a physical and mental perspective. 

Our unique formulas - free from parabens, sulphates, petrochemicals, phthalates, silicones, synthetic fragrances and GM ingredients - gently nourish the skin even when the skin is being cleansed. They are also constantly helping the skin to regenerate which is key to skin health and the prevention of early ageing.  BRYT Skincare fits into the category of masstige which means we are a premium quality brand but at affordable prices so investment in your skin is even more of a tangible proposition.

The customer: ​Our target consumer is aged between 16 and 60.  Those who aspire to natural, plant-based skincare but who want it to have long-term health benefits to the skin and general wellbeing.  Those who embrace a healthy lifestyle and appreciate openness and transparency but also want products that work. Those who believe prevention is best through a sustained yet simple regime.

Milestone moment: ​I am immensely proud of the awards we’ve won, firstly with CEW two years running, then Beauty Magazine, Green Parent and RSVP Magazine. More recently we were approved by the global organization PETA as vegan and cruelty free, something that is very close to my heart. 

I have to say though that every time I see a write up I feel immensely proud and humbled and hugely grateful that professional people in this amazing industry appreciate our products and what this tiny company is trying to do.

Advice for fellow indie beauty entrepreneurs: ​Passion, belief, and don’t give up.  You never fail, you learn; and when you succeed it is a wonderful shared experience because you are never alone.

Just one: ​Asked about her go-to product, Wemyss Bodmer says it’s BRYT Boost – This facial oil is a light hydrating, skin plumping, complexion glowing, uplifting essential.  Packed with 100% natural plant power this miracle oil is a hydrating godsend when travelling, the perfect facial oil at night, so gentle and effective….It is also incredibly uplifting mentally….I cannot do without it, the 30ml/1floz airless pump lives in my handbag!



Deanna Utroske, Editor, covers beauty business news in the Americas region and publishes the weekly Indie Beauty Profile column, showcasing the inspiring work of entrepreneurs and innovative brands.

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