Toray Plastics targets Mexico with dedicated packaging range

By Simon Pitman

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Toray Plastics targets Mexico with dedicated packaging range
US-based flexible packaging provider Toray Plastics says it is targeting growth in the Mexico market for consumer product goods with a dedicated product range.

In recent years Mexico has evolved as a supply hub for a range of consumer product goods, an in particular is a major supplier of cosmetic and personal care products to the rest of North America, as well as Latin America.

But as well as providing a complete range of flexible packaging for those needs, Toray Plastics says it is also focused on supply a dedicated range of flexible packaging solutions that meet the specific needs of the fast-growing Mexican market.

Targeting Mexican manufacturing growth

Tapping into the fact that Mexico that production facilities for consumer product goods are mushrooming all over the main industrial zones throughout the country, Toray Plastics says it aims to be a go to for the growing demand in flexible packaging in the country.

“[Mexico] has a population of more than 125 million people and an expanding middle class. CPGs doing business there want seamless service. That includes local sales representation, border warehousing, bilingual communication, and much more,”​ said Doug DeVries, Business Manager, Toray Plastics.

“With Toray, customers are able to bundle in one order all the polypropylene, cast-polypropylene, and polyester packaging films they need, including specialty extrusion-coated films. Our service also provides innovative, flexible pricing and, most important, a solution-driven approach to projects.”

The specific needs of the Mexico market

In targeting the specific needs for flexible packaging in the Mexico market, Toray Plastics says it is giving significant consideration to both topography and climate.

The fact that Mexico generally has a warmer climate gives way to specific requirements for barrier stability and the use of materials that will not degrade easily as both temperature and humidity rises.

DeVries also notes that trends in consumer goods purchases are also influencing the type of packaging materials that are required to meet changing needs.

In particular he notes that consumers there really like the sachet format, which is particular popular for single-use personal care items, including shampoo and antibacterial gel.

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