Cosmoprof Las Vegas conference presentation focuses on cult brand status

By Simon Pitman

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Cosmoprof Las Vegas conference presentation focuses on cult brand status

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Achieving cult status is the dream that many cosmetic brand owners aspire to. It is invariably a long, complex and expensive journey to take, but we find out that there are some simple rules to abide by, in this exclusive interview.

Here we speak to Amy Levin, who is the founder and creative director of, an online portal devoted to individuals who are involved or interested in college fashion and styles, featuring images of how students are dressing on campuses across the world.

In her capacity of fashion expert and guru for a scene that inspires many catwalk looks, Amy has been invited to the forthcoming roundtable discussion at part of next month’s Cosmoprof Las Vegas conference program.

Amy will be a featured panelist for the presentation: Achieving Cult Status: Keys to Success, which is scheduled to take place on Monday, July 13th​, from 3pm – 5pm at the  Mandalay Bay Conference Center, Reef E.

Make a note of the conference presentation!

The conference presentation will be chaired by myself, Simon Pitman, and the other panelists joining in on the debate with Amy will include Liliana George ,executive director of The Estee Lauder Companies, as well as Paul Ireland, vice president at fragrance specialists Takasago.

The discussion will explore the various layers involved in building a cult brand, stressing how crucial the detail is in every step of the product’s development, as well as pointing out the many potential pitfalls that can ruin a brand’s image in a very short time.

Amy spoke to Cosmetics Design about her ideas concerning cult status in brands, and her responses to some targeted questions about the subjects are included in this interview:

If there was just one golden rule to achieve brand status, what would it be?

Create a meaningful brand that adds value to your consumers' lives.

How important is it to identify your target audience and the individual consumer?

Identifying your audience is everything—it’s essential to having a strong, meaningful brand. Whether you determine your key consumer is 15 years old or 35+, knowing who your “it” girl / guy is allows you to center and focus the brand around this person and fulfilling their needs, wants and desires.

How do you set about successfully identifying that consumer?

This comes from market research and understanding where your product will fit into the life of your ideal consumer as well as the market as a whole. I am constantly asking questions, poking holes and reading, reading, reading.

What is the best approach to engaging and resonating with that customer?

Find out where they live, what they do, what makes their world go round and then be there. For millennials, they are social media obsessed so being present and engaging with them on social media is vital.

What aspect of the branding is really crucial to promoting cult status?

Making people feel a part of something where they take ownership in the success and popularity of the brand.

Anyone interested in attending this insightful discussion about cult brand status can find out about ticket information and sales by​ clicking here.

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