Harry’s Cosmeticology launched as 9th edition

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Harry’s Cosmeticology launched as 9th edition

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Cosmetics Design caught up with Meyer Rosen, editor-in-chief of the 9th edition of Harry’s Cosmeticology, a publication invariably described as the 'formulators’ bible'.

In this Q&A interview we found out how the latest edition of the publication has evolved to keep ahead of all the developments in the industry, as well as discovering how the redesigned format makes the information all the more accessible.

What is new for this, the 9th​ edition of Harry’s Cosmeticology?

This edition is more than twice the size of the 8th​ ed, last updated about ten  years ago. Harry’s is famous as the go-to book for learning the fundamentals of the cosmetic industry. The 9th​ ed. not only updates the fundamentals, but adds advanced material as well as Frontier discussions pointing to new research directions in support of guiding future research by the industry. 

What are the advantages of the publication being in an eBook form?

While the three volume trilogy is available in the traditional book format, in today’s digital world, people need access to information rapidly and usually rely on their mobile devices. Having all 2,600 pages in fully searchable digital format provides instant access to any particular subject area or part in just a few moments.

Further, modern digital technology allows the selection of certain parts of the Trilogy to be rapidly combined to generate our new concept of Harry’s Cosmeticology “Focus Books”.

Which areas of the publication have seen the most development for the 9th​ edition?

Meyer Rosen
Mayer Rosen, FRSC, FAIC, editor-in-chief

There are many areas in the 9th​ edition that did not exist at all in the 8th​ edition. This is because in the decade since the last edition was published, there has been an exponential rise in knowledge emerging from the Cosmetic Science and Technology sector. 

For example, the use of Molecular Biology for creating new products and claims is totally new.  Many new theories of anti-aging have come into being as a  response to an increasing population age.  This phenomenon has spurred demand for products that are visibly effective in both short and long term use.  Another example is the change in the perception that hair was “dead’ to one in which there is an awareness of the cuticle being alive, and the development of approaches that have generated new directions in hair care and anti-aging products.

What is the most challenging area of the cosmetics industry that the book covers?

The cross fertilization and technology transfer across the artificial drug- cosmetic regulatory schism has propelled us towards a new realm of possibility.  The integration and merging of cosmetic science with that of cosmetic dermatology has opened up significant new opportunities for effective, advanced product development.

The Trilogy also emphasizes the industry’s increasing recognition of the challenges associated with the need to make a quantum leap in health, well- being, sustainability and product safety.  The development of new ingredients, that make a real difference, lies in the challenging area of combining an enhanced understanding of Nature’s molecular biology and use of biotechnology processes to generate what is needed and wanted.

Who is the book being primarily targeted at?

I have designed the Harry’s Cosmeticology Trilogy for everyone involved in the cosmetic and personal care industry.  It has been designed for the individual expert yearning to learn more, as well as for use in group settings like Universities and Cosmetic Societies around the world.  Educators in the latter settings are committed to providing  training for both experienced and  new people entering the field or moving from one area to another.

Whether you are a scientist, technologist, marketing or business person; whether you are a dermatologist, cosmetologist; whether you are in sales or manufacturing; or involved in regulatory issues, there is something in the Trilogy for you.

What is your history and involvement with the publication?

With my background as Chief Scientific Advisor and Director of Technical Programming for six years- designing and managing the technical conference of United Business Media’sHBA Global Expo- I had met many individuals who I recognized could and would contribute to this new book. They all supported turning my vision for the 9th​ed of Harrys into a transformational experience for expansion of education in the Cosmetic Industry. 

I understand that the latest edition now includes ‘mind maps’. Can you please explain about this?

The three volume Harry’s Trilogy “book” is filled with Mind Maps that simplify and provide an almost instant overview of each subject covered.  I have used these for years and see them as a unique way of conveying information that can and will be understood and remembered.

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