Fenchem says worldwide personal care sales help drive 2013 results

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Fenchem says worldwide personal care sales help drive 2013 results
China-based ingredients supplier Fenchem has announced a 10.5% growth in the turnover of its cosmetics division driving total revenue for the business up to $15m.

The company said that sales of APG (Alkyl polyglycosides) and Lanolin were the main reason for the growth in ingredients being supplied for personal care formulations.

The brand said that these particular ingredients had proved popular worldwide, but had been in particularly strong demand in markets across Europe, the USA and South Africa.

Company is looking to expand in Europe during 2014

“The 2013 results have confirmed that our strategy is correct,”​ said Robert Young, manager of the company’s cosmetic division.

“We focus on providing highly-quality ingredients relating to the innovative and sustainability trends has enabled us to develop our business and achieve profitable growth.”

Looking ahead to 2014, the company says it wants to strengthen its business in the EU market, and that its two branch offices in Germany and the Czech Republic should serve to help build the business further.

APG is derived from a natural raw palm oil and corn fermented glucose, materials that give it a variety of properties, including extreme mildness, as well as the fact that it is readily biodegradeable.

APG and lanonlin prove to be high demand ingredients

As a nonionic surfactant it is ideally suited to a variety of cosmetic formulations, including shampoos, body washes and liquid soaps, while the fact that it is also Ecocert means it’s ideal for baby care.

Likewise lanolin, a grease derived from sheep’s wool, has also proved increasingly popular because of its natural moisturisation properties, which are combined with both emollient and protective capabilities.

According to Fenchem, the strict control in the production of its lanonlin ingredient means that it is free of pesticide residue, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including skin creams, soaps, lip glosses and hair care products.

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