CP Kelco to increase CMC production to meet demand


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Georgia-based producer of specialty hydrocolloids CP Kelco has announced plans to increase capacity at its production facility for carboxymethyl cellulose (CMC) used in cosmetics, in Finland over the next 12-18 months.

CMC is used in several different cosmetics and personal care applications due to its good binding, thickening and stabilizing properties; ideal for use in various cosmetic products including, hair care, skin cleansing preparations, eye shadow blushers (all types) makeup foundations, toothpaste etc.

CMC is mainly used to thicken and to stabilize cosmetics but due to its polymeric structure that acts as film forming agent, CMC is also used to improve moisturizing effects.

Meet market demand

CP Kelco will be expanding its purified CMC capacity up to 25 percent at its Äänekoski, Finland facility in order to meet expanding market demand. This plant is already the largest purified CMC manufacturing facility in the world.

"Global growth continues as CMC customers need reliable supply and consistent quality," ​says Bill Letsinger, CP Kelco CMC Director, about the Atlanta-headquartered firm’s latest investment.

He went further, "By upgrading our production capabilities, this latest CMC expansion provides us the flexibility for further expansion. The expansion plans are being put in place in anticipation of continued market growth globally and would allow further existing footprint expansion or a Greenfield facility."

"By continuously pursuing cost-reduction and environmental projects, in addition to capacity expansion projects, CP Kelco will keep pace with growing CMC demand and remains well positioned to meet our customers' needs now and in the future,"​ concludes Letsinger.

Continue where you left off…

It builds on a productive year in 2012, when CP Kelco announced its preliminary plans to expand its pectin facility in Limeira, Brazil.

The proposed capacity expansion permitted CP Kelco to support pectin demand with a sustainable and cost-effective raw material source.

The company supplies speciality pectin in the form of emulsifiers and modifiers to the cosmetics industry which can be used to balance PH in skin care lotions, shampoos etc.

 “The proposed expansion includes technology which would enhance CP Kelco’s utilization of abundant orange peel that is readily available in the São Paulo state of Brazil,”​ said Luiz Azzolino, director of operations, at the time.

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