Botanical beauty from within product gets US patent

By Simon Pitman

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New York-based Opus Skincare says it has secured a US patent for its beauty from within anti-aging supplement which targets hair, skin and nails.

The company says it has received United States patent 8,329,642 for its doctor developed supplement of the vegetable-based nutritional supplement, which is claimed to provide a longer-lasting solution to the sole use of topical cosmetics.

The product, which is called BeautyScoop, has been formulated with peptides and lipids (SPLs) developed especially for the product in an effort to maximize what the company describes is ‘extra-nourishing building blocks’ to tackle physical age-related issues that are invariably related to dryness.

Targeting peptides and lipids

The product has been developed by Eugene Gans PhD and Michelle Yagoda, MD, who say that they targeted SPLs because they are so critical to healthy skin, hair and nails, while highlighting the fact that modern diets often give way to insufficiency and inadequate absorption of peptides and lipids.

In fact, BeautyScoop is being marketed as a complimentary synergistic product that is claimed to combine with topical products to maximize therapeutic benefits.

Key ingredients in the formula include safflower, known to provide essential lipids vital for skin cell development; canolo flower, which provides omega-3 fatty acids; vanilla flower, used as a flavor booster; and hyaluronic acid, which is know to plump and hydrate skin as well as regenerating skin.

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles

The product targets skin by reducing the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dry patches, while also increasing the rate of hydration and skin glow.

For the hair it is said to give greater luster, intensifies shine, reduces breakage and contribute to more manageable hair, whereas for nails the supplement is said to contribute to diminished ridges, nourished cuticles, as well as fortifying and generally strengthening.

Clinical trials were conducted on the supplement to back up these claims, which showed that 86 percent of participants saw some or all of the improvements in all three areas – skin, hair and nails – in the space of three weeks.

The product comes in packets containing 4 – 8oz of the formulation, which the company says can be combined into any kind of hot or cold beverage – even alcoholic cocktails, because of the fact that alcohol is said to increase the absorption rate.

 With the launch of this product, the manufacturer is hoping to break into the niche beauty from within product, which has seen a number of increasingly sophisticated launches in recent years, but one that has failed to make any significant impact with the US consumers.

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