Social media could be correct niche marketing tool for nutricosmetics

By Andrew McDougall

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CEO and founder of digital media specialist iNDELIBLE, Ross Glick
CEO and founder of digital media specialist iNDELIBLE, Ross Glick
As the nutricosmetics market is predicted to grow, brands from this niche sector can look no further than social media as the perfect marketing tool for these products to build an understanding and develop relationships with the consumer. USA caught up with Ross Glick, CEO of digital media specialist iNDELIBLE, who stated that as digital media evolves, so does the analytics associated with the user behaviour patterns online, and concerning a niche market like nutricosmetics this can be a valuable tool.

“Social media can offer a very inexpensive way to reach your niche audience by providing a widened lens to view your audience, understand their online behavior patterns and effectively communicate with the user in a faster way than traditional means allow for,”​ Glick explained.

Social is happening, your choice to get involved

The American nutricosmetics market is still in its infancy, accounting for an estimated 3 percent of the market. According to the Kline Group, American consumers are more skeptical of ‘beauty-from-within’ products, as well as products that lack scientific validation or fail to show instant results, making the increased interaction social media offers even more valuable.

Social media is happening whether brands choose to get involved or not, but by doing so companies can create a clear communication path to the consumer and provide them with an experience they would otherwise not get, and Glick explains this is particularly important in a niche market.

“A niche market not only requires a brand to be able to communicate the right message more accurately than a brand going after mass adoption, but it also requires the brand to deliver exceptional service, greater engagement through social commerce incentivization and a streamlined user experience that traditional marketing techniques often stumble with,”​ he said.

Amplify brand message

By taking part, this type of social niche marketing can amplify the brand’s message and potentially reach out to trendsetters and taste-makers in the particular market, something which could help nutricosmetics companies to build trust and relationships with their audience.

“Optimizing a brand's social channels with relevant content, empowering the consumer with creative incentives and breaking down the barrier to entry for the consumer will allow for best practice when engaging niche marketing tactics in social media,”​ Glick continued.

Social niche marketing can stand the test of time as it allows the marketer to understand and engage its audience and increase interaction with the consumer. Glick also pointed out that in niche markets such as beauty from within, it can allow brands to test the market.

“Being able to test the market is a cornerstone of niche marketing. Social media tools allow a brand to study their competitors’ engagement strategies within their own target markets,”​ he said.

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