Oxygen Biotherapeutics debuts its skin oxygen delivery technology

By Simon Pitman

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Oxygen therapeutics specialist Oxygen Biotherapeutics has launched the first in a line of cosmetic products featuring its Oxycyte technology.

The company has begun distribution of its topical gel Dermacyte Oxygen Concentrate treatment throughout the US as an over-the-counter product.

“Demacyte will be available worldwide online as well as through distribution agreements with dermatologists and spas in the US,”​ said Chris Stern, CEO of Oxygen Biotherapeutics in an interview with CosmeticsDesign.com USA.

“We are also planning on developing a partnership with a major cosmetics company, which would be our next major development step to expand distribution further,”

The product is described by the company as ‘a scientifically designed perfluorocarbon concentrate’, which has been formulated to enhance the delivery of oxygen to the skin.

Perfluorocarbon : the oxygen carrier

Perfluorocarbon are fluorocarbons derived from hydrocarbons through the replacement of hydrogen atoms by fluorine atoms.

Historically these perlfuorocarbons have been used for medical applications, and Oxygen Biotheraputics has developed a therapeutic oxygen carrier and a liquid ventilation product based on the compound.

The technology has been around for 20 years, but Stern says Oxyen Biotheraputics is the only remaining player in the field, adding that it is now in advanced trials for medical applications including brain injury, strokes, wound care and decompression sickness.

However, the company is now also at the forefront of formulation technology by incorporating the compound into an anti-aging product that has been clinically trialed for use as an anti-aging treatment.

Increasing oxygen supply to skin tissue

In short, the oxygenating effect of the Oxycyte technology on the skin is said to increase the oxygen supply to the skin tissue, in turn helping to decrease the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles and dryness.

The anti-aging formula was first tested on the market at the end of last year, following which the company described consumer feedback as being ‘quite positive’.

Since then its development team has improved both the smoothness and the effectiveness of the formulation in time for its official launch on the market.

Aimed at the prestige end of the market, Stern says the company is in the process of developing 15 other products to complete the product line, including an eye cream and a serum, all aimed at the anti-aging market.

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