US ‘fat burning’ lip balm creates a stir in Europe

By Simon Pitman

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A lip balm manufactured by Californian company Pacific Shore Holdings has been criticized by UK consumer groups over its fat burning claims.

Burner Balm is claimed to help individuals with low energy levels as well as helping to address the issue of controlling appetites.

However, the launch of the product in the UK has triggered a succession of criticisms to these claims, with eating disorder charity Beat stating that the product could put further pressure on young girls over their body shape.

Marketing ploy

“We feel this is yet another marketing ploy playing on women's insecurities and issues around their size and weight,”​ Mary Georg, a spokesperson for Beat told UK newspaper The Independent.

The National Obesity Forum claimed the product was a ‘gimmick’, adding its belief that the two active ingredients contained in the balm were unlikely to have any real effect.

The balm was created by Dr. Allan Kurtz, with the help of a number of medical experts, with the products efficacy derived from appetite suppressants that are claimed to help curb snacking between meals.

Pacific Shore defends itself

Pacific Shore has defended itself against the UK criticism by issuing an official statement to back up its claims as well as underlining the fact that the balm is not a final solution to weight loss.

“We not encouraging people to avoid eating,”​ said Joey Valvo, company vice president. “We are providing a unique product that offers a solution for dieters.”

“Rather than rely on high calorie choices for that afternoon energy boost or snack before dinner, consumers now have a zero calorie alternative.”

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