Summer snowflakes join fight against ageing

By Guy Montague-Jones

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An aqueous extract from summer snowflake bulbs is the latest anti-ageing product to be developed by Israeli Biotechnology Research (IBR).

IBR-Snowflake is based on the Dormins technology platform that uses natural extracts from plants in their dormant stage to slow down cell proliferation.

The first Dormin-based product from IBR was a narcissi bulb extract released in March 2006 in conjunction with Germany ingredients supplier Symrise.

The company has since launched a number of ingredients using the concept, each with its own unique set of properties.

IBR spokesperson Liki von Oppen-Bezalel said IBR-Snowflake also boosts “additional anti-ageing benefits​” that distinguish it from previous launches.

Touted as Botox alternative

She told that the product inhibits muscle contraction working as a “potential substitute to Botox”​. In testing IBR-Snowflake at 1.5 per cent blocked muscle contraction in a co-culture muscle nerve.

Because the effect lasted up to 24 hours in the study, the company claims it can be considered long term.

Another anti-wrinkle benefit of the product cited by IBR is its ability to increase super oxide dismutase (SOD) expression. According to von Oppen-Bezalel, this is due to the high anti-oxidant content.

Different preservation options

IBR-Snowflake is available in two formats. The first, IBR-Snowflake 1001, is a water-based version with a paraben-free preservative system.

The second, IBR-Snowflake all natural 1003, is formulated in glycerin and water and is entirely preservative free. IBR intends to obtain organic certification for the ingredient in due course, said von Oppen-Bezalel.

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