Emu oil combines with biotechnology to fight aging

By Simon Pitman

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Perfective Ceuticals has become one of the first cosmetics companies to include emu oil as part of a high technology anti-aging formulation.

The New York-based biochemical company says it has perfected a skin care anti-aging formula called Divine Age Guardian Crème that combines biotech growth factors developed through scientific means alongside naturally derived aboriginal emu oil.

The company claims the growth factor has been engineered to rejuvenate the skin at a number of levels, by stimulating key components of the skin's structure, specifically the synthesis of collagen.

High tech meets natural

However, while the emu oil is in contrast to the techonologically advanced growth factors, the company believes that a combination of the two will 'rejuvenate the skin at all levels'.

Indeed the company believes that the marriage of the two basic componenents interact in a complimentary way to reverse skin aging both extrinsically and intrinsically.

In addition to the emu oil and the growth factors, the formulation also includes peptides and olive squalane as well as extracts of beefsteak, ginseng, licorice and vitamins E and A.

Combined with an effective delivery system, the sum of these ingredients is said to target the skin's lipid barrier, firming it to leave the skin feeling radiant, lifted and toned.

Emu oil still to make its mark

Emu oil has been used for thousands of years to help heal and care for the skin, but despite this it has failed to make a significant mark within the personal care industry until now.

Last year, a study conducted by post operative skin care treatments provider backed up aboriginal belief in the rejuvinating qualities of emu oil, by proving that patients wounds healed better and faster when emu oil-based treatment was used as part of the care regime.

Until now emu oil has been used in a number of niche cosmetic and personal care applications, where both its anti-inflammatory and moisturising properties make it a highly functional and useful ingredient.

Its used has been constrained to natural-based products in the US market, where emu farming is widespread, but with growth of emu farming now spreading to Europe and Africa, it is expected that this may lead to wider use in the future.

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