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Make-up brand reformulates line to be gluten-free

By Andrew McDougall+

Last updated on 23-Apr-2014 at 17:48 GMT2014-04-23T17:48:22Z

Make-up brand reformulates line to be gluten-free

Color cosmetics brand Vincent Longo has reformulated some of its most popular items to be gluten-free, in what has become somewhat of a trend in make-up, particularly in the US.

The gluten-free dietary trend has been around for a long time in supermarkets and grocery stores and is now making its way to the make-up and skin care counters as well.

Brands such as Boscia and Dry Bar, as well as Red Apple, have been specially established to tap into the gluten-free trend, and now Vincent Longo is doing the same.


Gluten is a protein found in wheat, barley and rye, as well as many common food additives. Those allergic to the protein can trigger an autoimmune reaction once ingested, which can refer to your make-up.

For example, scientists suggest that wearing a lipstick or gloss with gluten ingredients can cause an autoimmune reaction if digested or left on the skin, causing both the potential for a topical and/or internal upset.

“Gluten sensitivity can develop if gluten, or partially digested fragments of gluten, are ingested,” explains’s Founder and Cosmetic Chemist Ron Robinson.

“With the increased public awareness of celiac disease and other gluten-sensitive conditions, many beauty manufacturers have introduced gluten-free products. This is especially relevant to lip products that can be ingested during use.”


So, on the back of this, Vincent Longo has reformulated four of its most popular products: its Lip & Cheek Stain, hydrating Silk Velour Lipstick, the Creme Gel Liner, and the Volume Plus Mascara.

The US brand maintains that it hasn’t sacrificed formula quality in regards to its gluten-free items, and is just responding to market demand for products that do not contain gluten ingredients.

“The fact that Vincent Longo has taken such an initiative at providing gluten-free products shows the brand's commitment to addressing the concern of their consumers’ health needs, without giving up on color-payoff or a diluted formulation, ” says Robinson. 

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