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Regulation & Safety

In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

Singapore consumers speak out against 'unsustainable production processes'

08-Oct-2015 - Numerous consumers in Singapore have pledged to boycott companies involved in unsustainable production processes, particularly those sourcing palm oil in the region.

Unilever calls for a hygiene indicator in global sustainable development goals

07-Oct-2015 - Unilever CEO Paul Polman recently announced his support for a hygiene indicator to be added into the list of global goals which are set to shape the sustainability agenda for...

Japan to 'streamline' regulation on cosmetics imports

06-Oct-2015 - Japan's Cosmetic Importers Association has announced its intention to abolish the current import notification system for cosmetics to speed up the process for international players.

D.C. ban on microbeads proposes strict fines

28-Sep-2015 - The District of Columbia has taken one of the strictest stances on state-wide proposals to ban mircobeads in personal care products.

New ideas for managing soy usage

24-Sep-2015 - In hopes of limiting the impact soy has on forested areas, the Consumer Goods Forum has just published a document meant to help personal care and cosmetic companies make informed...

Unilever investing in alternatives to animal testing

22-Sep-2015 - As an ever-increasing number of countries make moves to end the testing of consumer products on animals, Unilever has partnered up with the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to develop...

H&M joins forces with HSI in the fight to end animal testing in cosmetics globally

09-Sep-2015 - Humane Society International has joined forces with fashion firm H&M in order to develop new animal welfare pledges that will look to combat animal cruelty and pursue policy change around...

New research points to bigger impact from microplastic pollution

01-Sep-2015 - A group of scientists in the UK have revealed new research that suggests the impact of microplastic pollution from cosmetic and personal care products may be even greater than first...

New eye and skin irritation test guidelines for make-up and personal care products

26-Aug-2015 - The Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development has published two novel eye irritation testing protocols and updated several skin testing guidelines.

What the new Brazilian biodiversity regulation means to cosmetics companies

17-Aug-2015 - With a new Brazilian regulation aiming to generate more research and cultivation of indigenous plant species, cosmetics companies look set to benefit but will also be expected to foot the...

Canada government raises pledge to ban microbeads

11-Aug-2015 - The Canada government has now made moves that should make it the first country in the Americas to place a ban on microbeads in personal care formulations.

Avon pledges to clean up palm oil supply chain

29-Jul-2015 - The direct-sales beauty company just updated its Palm Oil Promise document with stringent objectives and supplier guidelines that are more socially responsible when it comes to environmental and human rights...

Stream2Sea sun care takes safety testing to the extreme

27-Jul-2015 - Company founder Autumn Blum is overseeing meticulous product testing on delicate zebrafish and coral larvae “so that we can state, with complete confidence, that we are the safest product on the...

Are sunscreen and sun exposure guidelines unhealthy?

22-Jul-2015 - Vitamin D deficiency has been linked to numerous health conditions, and now an organization in Canada is calling for public health groups to advise consumers about the benefits of moderate...

New York politicians give final push to microbeads bill

21-Jul-2015 - New York political leaders have given their full support to a ban on micorbeads in personal care that will eventually be implemented state-wide.

EC says it cannot assess hair dye ingredient

16-Jul-2015 - Months after it called for an opinion on Basic Blue 124, the European Commission has concluded that it cannot fully assess the safe use of the hair dye ingredient.

DEHP replacements pose health risks, studies show

14-Jul-2015 - Researches at NYU Langone Medical Center have published findings that link di-isononyl phthalate (DINP) and di-isodecyl phthalate (DIDP) to medical conditions in both adults and children.

UL proposes industry standards for evaluating personal care product safety

09-Jul-2015 - Wellness, sustainability, and ingredient safety rank high among consumer concerns about personal care and cosmetics products, and third-party certifications could be an effective way to mitigate their uncertainties. 

FDA steps up on warnings over drug claims

08-Jul-2015 - The FDA has recently sent two letters out to companies marketing personal care products for topical use, underlining that any claims pertaining to physiological changes puts the products in the...

P&G set to change Olay packaging after settling slack fill lawsuit

07-Jul-2015 - Procter & Gamble says it will change the packaging design for its Olay Skin care products in the US after a lawsuit resulted in the company paying $850,000 in civil...

Post-consumer nanomaterials stunt plant growth, researchers find

06-Jul-2015 - Cosmetics and sun care products formulated with nanomaterials fall under scrutiny following the research team’s publication of two journal articles in Environmental Science and Technology.

A step-by-step guide helps determine characteristics and hazards of nano

02-Jul-2015 - As more and more personal care product formulations comprise engineered nanomaterials, environment, health, and safety researchers are charged with ensuring the ingredients do not adversely affect the health of consumers...

Retailers set the bar for natural and organic standards

01-Jul-2015 - Live Organically, a newly launched ecommerce site, is the latest retailer working to close the gap between consumer expectations and industry best practices in this space.

Connecticut joins growing list of states set to ban microbeads

01-Jul-2015 - Connecticut has joined a growing list of US state legislatures that have decided to ban the use of plastic microbead in personal care formulation due to the environmental risk the...

Sesame fated to be labeled as an allergen by the FDA

30-Jun-2015 - US Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut along with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts have asked the administration to require the ingredient be listed in the interest of...

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