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Adverse Outcome Pathways holding the key to regulatory hurdles?

16-Apr-2014 - Following a successful in-cosmetics workshop on the regulatory issues facing the industry, Annelie Struessman of CONUSBAT, chair of the workshop, stopped off to give the Cosmetics Design team the low-down...

Block animal testing: California Senate urges U.S. to join ban

15-Apr-2014 - In another step forward in the campaign to end animal testing in cosmetics, California's Senate approved a measure by State Senator Marty Block urging the country to follow in other...

PCPC launches PCMAP to assess cosmetics manufacturing processes

10-Apr-2014 - The Personal Care Products Council has announced the launch of a program specifically designed to assess the manufacturing processes for cosmetics and personal care products.

Sunscreen innovation “coming up against a regulatory wall”

09-Apr-2014 - Regulation is limiting essential sun cream development, according to segment expert Dr Jack Ferguson, managing director of sun care specialists Skinnovation. 

FDA reveals strategy for risk-based regulatory framework

09-Apr-2014 - The Food and Drug Administration and Federal Communications Commission have issued a report that reveals a proposed strategy for a risk-based regulatory framework for health information technology. 

Unilever rapped and P&G praised: environmental concerns in focus

08-Apr-2014 - According to the US Attorney's office, Unilever is set to pay up a total of $4.5 million to make amends for its violations of federal environmental regulations, which took place at...

Michigan State University invests in ingredient safety research center

08-Apr-2014 - Michigan State University has established an independent science-based center that will serve as a reliable source for information, research, and analysis on the safe use of chemicals in consumer packaged...

Skinvisible broad spectrum sunscreen meets FDA label guidelines

02-Apr-2014 - Research and Development firm Skinvisible Pharmaceuticals has successfully completed independent testing to validate its broad spectrum sunscreen claims according to new labeling guidelines by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA).

Finally! FDA holds public review on OTC plan

25-Mar-2014 - The Food and Drug Administration will hold a public hearing over the next two days to gather input on its' current process for reviewing over-the-counter (OTC) drugs.

33 recalled 'toxic' hair straighteners found to still be on U.S markets

20-Mar-2014 - New research has revealed thirty-three hair-straightening products containing high levels of formaldehyde to still be on US markets, according to the Women’s Voices for the Earth.

PCPC ‘extremely disappointed’ in FDA’s cosmetics legislation decision

18-Mar-2014 - The Personal Care Products Council’s president and CEO has expressed her disappointment on negotiations with the U.S. food & drug administration regarding cosmetics legislation coming to a halt.

News in brief

NSF’s ‘cosmetics and personal care program’ expands with partnership

18-Mar-2014 - NSF international, a global public health organization, has announced an extension to its recently launched ‘cosmetics and personal care program’, via a partnering up with industry expert and consultant, David...

FDA 'profoundly disappointed' in cosmetic industry proposals

11-Mar-2014 - Legislation proposed by two cosmetic industry associations has been rejected by the FDA, due to what the Administration claims has been 'bad faith negotiations'.

FDA ups the ante on imported anti-aging skin care products

10-Mar-2014 - During the past year the FDA has been cracking down on anti-aging claims by skin care providers in the US, and now the focus is being extended to encompass imported...

FDA ICCR focuses in on nanomaterials and test alternatives

03-Mar-2014 - The FDA has released three documents from the most recent Cooperation on Cosmetics Regulation (ICCR) meeting, which discussed nanomaterial safety, and cosmetics testing regulation.

FDA under pressure to review sunscreen ingredients

26-Feb-2014 - The Administration is feeling the heat from the (PASS) Coalition, who is urging it to allow Americans to have access to the latest safe and effective sunscreen products available.

EPA expands safer fragrance ingredient list

25-Feb-2014 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) has added 50 chemicals, including 40 used in fragrances, to its Safer Chemical Ingredient List (SCIL).

Beauty consequence not cancer risk motivates sunscreen use best in teens

20-Feb-2014 - Scientists have found that youngsters are more likely to address sun protection behaviour if skin appearance and beauty effects are highlighted as opposed to messages displaying a skin cancer risk.

Demand for independent accreditation is rising, says NSF expert

19-Feb-2014 - In a move which responds to increasing industry focus on regulatory compliance, the NSF, a public health and safety organization, have launched a program to help manufacturers confirm the safety...

Murad advert rapped by NAD for multi-step confusion claims

18-Feb-2014 - California-based skin care manufacturer Murad has been advised to modify claims made in its adverts for the Environmental Shield products so that the message is clearer for consumers.

Cosmetics research could be subject to IND requirements

18-Feb-2014 - The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has extended the comment period on guidance which could require cosmetics research to secure an Investigational New Drug (IND) before carrying out clinical trials.

California is 2nd State to propose ban on microbeads in cosmetics

17-Feb-2014 - Following New York's Attorney General proposing a ban on plastic microbeads last week, California is the second state to get on board with the initiative.

New York seeks to be first State to ban plastic microbeads

12-Feb-2014 - Attorney General Eric Schneiderman has proposed a ban on the sale of personal care products with microbeads in the State of New York.

Self-tanning products offer safer bronzing option than beds

11-Feb-2014 - More should be done to promote self-tanning products and influence people not to turn to sunbeds in order to get the bronze look they crave, at the risk of UV-induced...

Research into hemp cultivation and production set to be ramped in the US

04-Feb-2014 - Research into Hemp cosmetics ingredients could soon be given a significant booster in the United States as new Federal laws are readied to bring the country in line with the...

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