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In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

Researchers caution against the use of 4NP and similar chemicals

04-Feb-2016 - A HackensackUMC study consistently found hormone-disrupting chemicals in children and is calling for further research into how this relates to pediatric hormonal disorders and what can be done to limit...

ICMAD cosmetic regulatory forum focuses on building "bulletproof" products

03-Feb-2016 - As well as having a full agenda, this year’s ICMAD Technical/Regulatory Forum will focus on “Building a Bulletproof Product”.

New research points to impact of microplastics on oyster farming

02-Feb-2016 - The environmental impact of microplastics has forced legislators worldwide to impose future bans on microplastics, but new research is revealing just how widespread the damage to marine life can be.

EOS settles class action suit and will improve labeling

02-Feb-2016 - The lip care and skin care company announced late last week that a settlement was reached in a recent class action suit claiming that EOS lip balm can cause a...

Class action lawsuit filed against EOS lip care

14-Jan-2016 - The suit filed Tuesday by plaintiff Rachael Cronin, and all other similarly situated complainants, asserts that the product causes a rash; and it has already sparked a fair bit of...

Wegmans removes all products containing microbeads from shelves

06-Jan-2016 - US grocery chain Wegmans has become the first major retailer in the nation to remove all products containing plastic microbeads from its shelves.

ICMAD and ACI collaborate on regulatory forum

04-Jan-2016 - The third Annual Legal, Regulatory and Compliance Forum on Cosmetics and Personal Care Products is set to spotlight the latest regulatory developments in New York.

US Senate passes microbead ban

21-Dec-2015 - New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand introduced the bill—which would definitively ban the use of microbeads in beauty products and personal care formulations—that was unanimously passed last Friday and now is...

US regulators question Walgreen Boots Alliance merger

21-Dec-2015 - Federal antitrust regulators have requested further information from Walgreens and Boots Alliance on their plans to merge two drugstore chains to create a $17 billion business.

Gillette files infringement lawsuit against Dollar Shave Club

17-Dec-2015 - Procter & Gamble is well known for fiercely guarding what it sees as its intellectual property and this time it’s after Dollar Shave Club for allegedly infringing on its razor...

More than 200 women named in lawsuit against Wen hair care

15-Dec-2015 - Chaz Dean, celebrity hair stylist and owner of the Wen hair care line, has been named in a lawsuit that claims more than 200 women from over 40 states have...

Federal government makes headway on microbead ban

08-Dec-2015 - Monday, the House of Representatives voted on a bill to impose a national ban against using the plastic ingredient in cosmetics and personal care product formulations. The Senate has yet...

FDA creates guidelines for small and homemade cosmetics businesses

03-Dec-2015 - The FDA has created a webpage outlining its guidelines for smaller and homemade cosmetic players in an effort to regulate this niche but fast growing area.

New consumer app ranks brands according to ethical practices

23-Nov-2015 - Good On You is set to be a global cross-industry resource for conscientious shoppers. It’s grading fashion brands now and will rate cosmetics and personal care companies in 2016. 

Organic labelling class action suit settled in California

10-Nov-2015 - Avalon Organics and Jason Brand Cosmetics have come to a proposed settlement in a lawsuit claiming products sold during the 4 years prior to May 2011 were labeled in a...

IFF gets top marks for responding to climate change

05-Nov-2015 - The fragrance maker scored high marks from the CDP for disclosing information about its carbon footprint and for actions to diminish climate change. 

EWG announces a verification seal for products made without ingredients of concern

02-Nov-2015 - The nonprofit intends to increase consumer access to information about what’s in personal care, food, household cleaners, and other goods and is working with licensing and brand management company Healthy...

Anti-aging company Jeunesse Global falls under suspicion

21-Oct-2015 - The multi-level marketing company is the target of a newly filed deceptive advertising complaint with the FTC and the Florida Attorney General.

Airborne phthalates readily absorbed through the skin, say researchers

20-Oct-2015 - Findings, newly published in the journal of Environmental Health Perspectives, show that the synthetic plasticisers are taken in by the body in novel ways and that a person’s age is...

Business media wary of under-regulated cosmetics industry

13-Oct-2015 - It’s not uncommon for consumer-facing publications, beauty blogs, or activists to voice disapproval of US personal care regulations, but this Sunday the online new site Business Insider joined in the...

Singapore consumers speak out against 'unsustainable production processes'

08-Oct-2015 - Numerous consumers in Singapore have pledged to boycott companies involved in unsustainable production processes, particularly those sourcing palm oil in the region.

Unilever calls for a hygiene indicator in global sustainable development goals

07-Oct-2015 - Unilever CEO Paul Polman recently announced his support for a hygiene indicator to be added into the list of global goals which are set to shape the sustainability agenda for...

Japan to 'streamline' regulation on cosmetics imports

06-Oct-2015 - Japan's Cosmetic Importers Association has announced its intention to abolish the current import notification system for cosmetics to speed up the process for international players.

D.C. ban on microbeads proposes strict fines

28-Sep-2015 - The District of Columbia has taken one of the strictest stances on state-wide proposals to ban mircobeads in personal care products.

New ideas for managing soy usage

24-Sep-2015 - In hopes of limiting the impact soy has on forested areas, the Consumer Goods Forum has just published a document meant to help personal care and cosmetic companies make informed...

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