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Ashland joins PASS Coalition in supporting Sunscreen Innovation Act

22-Jul-2014 - Specialty ingredients supplier Ashland has voiced its support and approval of the Sunscreen Innovation Act, H.R. 4250 as it looks to develop its new products.

New York state targets the clean-up 1,4-dioxane pollution

22-Jul-2014 - State wastewater treatment authorities in New York say they are implementing new technology that targets the long-term treatment of 1,4-dioxane pollution.

Bella! EC backs beauty health claims; must be judged case-by-case

22-Jul-2014 - Beauty claims are permissible under the EU nutrition and health claim regulation (NHCR) a European Commission committee has said in what an analyst says is a “first blessing” the EC may have...

EU cosmetics Regulation one year on: How is industry coping?

18-Jul-2014 - It has now been over a year since the new cosmetics regulation came into force on 11 July 2013 but challenges still remain for companies to be compliant, and a...

Update: EC wraps up EDC review

15-Jul-2014 - The European Commission has implied in a recent review paper that it has concluded ensuring that REACH covers the assessment of EDCs.

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Can the Soil Association’s small changes make a big difference?

10-Jul-2014 - As the Soil Association announces its campaign to change consumer perceptions of organic brands, Imogen Matthews takes a look at the situation.

Health Canada consults on new regulatory framework

10-Jul-2014 - Health Canada is set to launch consultations this fall on a new framework aimed at streamlining and updating the current regulations for cosmetics that are currently defined as “drugs” under...

Green Ribbon Science Panel calls for prioritization of ingredient concerns

03-Jul-2014 - The Sacramento based Green Ribbon Science Panel has recommended approaches to the state's Department of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC) at its' most recent meeting.

Does the current rash of legislation spell the end for microbeads?

03-Jul-2014 - Legislative moves to ban microbeads in personal care formulators in the states of Illinois, California and New York look set to make this environmentally toxic ingredient a thing of the...

What the new FDA guidance on nanomaterials means for cosmetic players

02-Jul-2014 - Last week the FDA issued new guidance that aims to create a clearer framework to identify potential safety issues for nanomaterials used in cosmetics.

Personal care lawyer says FDA warning on acne products spells audit time

01-Jul-2014 - Following on from the recent FDA warning on OTC topical acne products, lawyer to the personal care industry, Angela Diesch, warns that companies marketing products in this category should look...

FDA warning for over the counter acne treatments

30-Jun-2014 - The US Food and Drug Administration has issued a warning against over the counter acne treatments, noting that severe allergic reactions can result from the usage of certain acne products,...

FDA dedicates section of website to paraben safety

25-Jun-2014 - In an effort to answer whether there are safety concerns related to parabens in cosmetics, the FDA has set up a section on its website to address pressing questions from consumers. ...

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EU-US trade talks look positive, and cosmetics is on the agenda

25-Jun-2014 - The European Commission will host a sixth round of EU-US trade talks next month on a new trade and investment deal, known as the Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, or...

FDA removal of antibacterial soaps & body washes could lead to billions in health care costs

17-Jun-2014 - Proposed rules by the FDA could remove antibacterial soaps and body washes from store shelves which may lead to more than $38 billion in health care costs annually. 

Brazil animal testing ban contains loopholes, welfare group claims

10-Jun-2014 - Following the recent first move by Federal authorities in Brazil to ban the practice of animal testing in the country, animal welfare group Cruelty-Free says loopholes have to be closed...

Rihanna fragrance ad rapped for being ‘too sexually suggestive’

10-Jun-2014 - The British advertising regulatory body has ruled the campaign for pop singer Rihanna’s fragrance, Rogue as 'provocative' and 'sexually suggestive' and has taken steps to restrict where the ad can appear...

Illinois jumps on microbead ban wagon

09-Jun-2014 - Following in the footsteps of New York and California, Illinois is the latest US state to ban tiny plastic particles in personal care goods.

Brands agree to pull titanium dioxide amid calls for ‘more study’

05-Jun-2014 - Five leading skin care brands have agreed to re-label or remove titanium dioxide (TiO2) from those products which contain it, as part of efforts to settle a recent lawsuit in...

L’Oreal to limit wastewater as multinationals clean up their acts

05-Jun-2014 - Consumer goods multinational L’Oreal has announced a partnership with water treatment service provider, Veolia, which will tackle the problem of wastewater discharged from the beauty giant’s factories in Indonesia....

U.S. senator backs Sunscreen Innovation Act to streamline approval process

21-May-2014 - On the back of Skin Cancer Awareness month, New Hampshire’s Republican senator, Kelly Ayotte, has announced her support for the Sunscreen Innovation Act, which hopes to streamline the FDA’s approval...

Minnesota takes the lead in banning Triclosan

21-May-2014 - The state of Minnesota may have set a precedent by becoming the first in the United States to ban the anti-bacterial agent triclosan from use in a range of cosmetic...

EU puts forward hopes for increased unity in transatlantic cosmetics standards

21-May-2014 - As part of ongoing talks between the US and the EU thrashing out the details of the proposed Transatlantic Trade and Investment Partnership, the European Commission has released a position...

Georgia University studies skin cancer risk in nail lamps

13-May-2014 - A group of scientists from Georgia Regents University has looked into the risks of using UV lamps in nail salons and found that potential DNA damage and risk of skin...

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Cosmetics lawyer points out the pitfalls to green marketing

08-May-2014 - “There continues to be uncertainty and vagueness around ‘green’ marketing terms,” and it can lead to hot water, warns cosmetics lawyer Angela Diesch, an associate at Greenberg Traurig law practice.

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