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Regulation & Safety

In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

Feinstein bill could be bad for business, ICMAD claims

21-Apr-2015 - The Independent Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) organization has criticized the proposed Personal Care Products Safety Act being introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Organix products must be 70% organic, pending Canadian court approval

16-Apr-2015 - That’s one stipulation of the proposed settlement in a class action suit accusing Vogue International of deceptive advertising and marketing of Organix skin care and hair care products.

Cosmetics Compliance Seminar focuses on regulations in Canada

07-Apr-2015 - Canada’s regulatory framework for cosmetics and their importation will come under the spotlight at this month’s Cosmetics Compliance Seminar in California.

Beauty apps to be governed by FDA and FTC, lawyers caution

06-Apr-2015 - A majority of cosmetics apps will be subject to new draft guidance—now open for comment—from the FDA that designates them as General Wellness devices.

Canadian parliament moves toward microbead ban

26-Mar-2015 - In hopes of curbing environmental damage in the Great Lakes region and beyond, the Canadian parliament—armed with new research—has taken action toward listing microbeads as a toxic substance.

Will growth of wet wipes market be hampered by mounting evidence of pollution?

26-Mar-2015 - A new report indicates that the global wet wipes market is set for significant growth, but mounting evidence that the material causes pollution may cause consumers to think twice about...

EPA proposes registration requirements for nano materials

26-Mar-2015 - The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is mulling a one-time reporting and recordkeeping requirement on nano chemical substances that is likely to include skin and sun care products.

Special newsletter - Men's grooming

How to keep male grooming products on the right side of the law

25-Mar-2015 - We talk to an expert about regulation in the male grooming category, throwing light on some of the specific challenges that anti-aging, hair loss and shaving products present in the...

2015 Cosmetics Compliance Seminar secures more expert speakers

24-Mar-2015 - The 2015 Cosmetics Compliance Seminar is just around the corner, with the final speaker line up now including experts in the fields of CARB and the California Safe Cosmetics Act.

Guthy-Renker facing lawsuit following hair loss complaints

23-Mar-2015 - Dallas-based firm Christiansen Davis has filed suit in a California federal court after multiple women claimed to have suffered severe hair loss after using ‘Wen Hair Products’. 

New Jersey enacts law banning microbeads

19-Mar-2015 - After New Jersey state legislatures passed legislation to outlaw microbeads in October last year, the law was enacted this week, making it the second US state to do so.

University of Karachi sets up dedicated Halal product testing lab

11-Mar-2015 - The University of Karachi’s (UoK) International Centre for Chemical and Biological Sciences (ICCBS), has turned its attention to dedicated testing of Halal cosmetics and other Halal products by setting up...

FDA’s decision on sunscreen ingredients is ‘disappointing’, say industry bodies

10-Mar-2015 - A number of industry bodies have expressed their dismay at the US Food and Drug Administration’s (FDA) preliminary decision to prevent two sunscreen ingredients from entering the US market unless...

FTC raps US app marketers for claiming they could detect melanoma

05-Mar-2015 - The Federal Trade Commission has barred the marketers of 'MelApp' and 'Mole Detective' from claiming they could detect symptoms of melanoma, even in its early stages.

Specialty chemical company Clariant receives global ingredient certifications

02-Mar-2015 - The corporation’s cosmetic chemical production at manufacturing sites in and beyond Europe have been certified for Good Manufacturing Processes.

CARB deadline registration extended

25-Feb-2015 - The California Air Resources Board (CARB) has announced an extension to its pending deadline demanding all data for consumers products sold in the state to be registered.

L’Oréal gets pulled up by the FDA on skin care claims

25-Feb-2015 - L’Oréal has received its third warning letter in as many years, this time getting cautioned over product claims for skin pigmentation that should put them in the new drug category....

PCPC announces new Chair and insists collaboration will drive innovation and safety

24-Feb-2015 - The Personal Care Products Council announced today the election of its new board officers, including its new Chair, Thia Breen, Group President of North America for Estée Lauder who takes...

Phthalates answerable to Maine’s chemical regulation law

11-Feb-2015 - Companies, states, countries and consumers are increasingly conscientious about the ingredients in cosmetics and personal care products. Now Maine has proposed further regulations for products sold in that state.

Can DNA-based seals and silica microtag solutions stop global counterfeiting?

04-Feb-2015 - “Traceable tamper-proof technologies are badly in need today and have the potential to become universal if affordable and proven to be reliable,” says Kantha Shelke, Ph.D., scientist and principal at...

Can cosmetics brands help consumers keep their eyes healthy?

26-Jan-2015 - Insights from board certified oculoplastic surgeon Dr. Mirwat Sami suggest that consumers and brands alike can take meaningful steps to safeguard against eye injury.

Dior in the spotlight over 'propyl gallate' in lip gloss formulation

22-Jan-2015 - Luxury cosmetics maker, Christian Dior found itself under the media's spotlight this week due to a preservative newly added to its Addict Lip Gloss formulations...

Will Revlon’s move to limit “toxic ingredients” set a precedent?

06-Jan-2015 - The Environmental Working Group non-profit hopes the beauty maker’s recent move to exclude particular ingredients from its product formulations will see other industry leaders following suit.   

New Year marks launch of California’s CARB online portal

06-Jan-2015 - The online reporting system for the California Air Resources Board’s 2013 Consumer & Commercial Products Survey went live yesterday.

Cosmetics Compliance Seminar focuses on increased regulation and litigation

17-Dec-2014 - The 2015 Cosmetics Compliance Seminar will be held in San Francisco, California this Spring and will focus on bringing the industry up to speed on the latest in regulation and...

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