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Regulation & Safety

In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

A step-by-step guide helps determine characteristics and hazards of nano

02-Jul-2015 - As more and more personal care product formulations comprise engineered nanomaterials, environment, health, and safety researchers are charged with ensuring the ingredients do not adversely affect the health of consumers...

Retailers set the bar for natural and organic standards

01-Jul-2015 - Live Organically, a newly launched ecommerce site, is the latest retailer working to close the gap between consumer expectations and industry best practices in this space.

Connecticut joins growing list of states set to ban microbeads

01-Jul-2015 - Connecticut has joined a growing list of US state legislatures that have decided to ban the use of plastic microbead in personal care formulation due to the environmental risk the...

Sesame fated to be labeled as an allergen by the FDA

30-Jun-2015 - US Senators Chris Murphy and Richard Blumenthal of Connecticut along with Senator Ed Markey of Massachusetts have asked the administration to require the ingredient be listed in the interest of...

Article on EWG ‘worst’ sunscreens list goes viral

25-Jun-2015 - As news of the Environmental Working Group’s list of worst sunscreens continues to spread in the US media, one article goes viral leading to fears for consumer safety and the...

Bill aims to finally outlaw animal testing of cosmetics in the USA

24-Jun-2015 - A bipartisan bill has been introduced to the United States Congress that aims to finally ban the testing of cosmetics and personal care products on animals.

Study shows consumers bear the cost of eco-friendly palm oil

18-Jun-2015 - It will be consumers who will be paying the price to harvest palm oil in an eco-friendly way, new research carried out in the US and the UK finds.

Fire shuts down LASplash Cosmetics

16-Jun-2015 - Nail care has been caught in the glare of the media spotlight lately and following this latest incident, publicity could go from bad to worse.

Triclosan, phthalates and microbeads eliminated from Life Brand products

15-Jun-2015 - Canadian supermarket Loblaw has committed to removing these ingredients from its private brand of personal care items, explaining that such a move is best in light of “emerging science and...

UN publishes report urging the discontinuation of microbeads in cosmetics

12-Jun-2015 - The UN Environment Programme (UNEP) released a report this week on the occasion of World Oceans' Day recommending a precautionary approach toward microplastic management, with an eventual phase-out and ban...

FDA highlights differences between cosmetic and medical devices

11-Jun-2015 - The US FDA has issued a warning notice primarily aimed at cosmetic device manufacturers and distributors to highlight the differences in market claims and clearance when compared to medical devices....

Industry giants weigh in on sustainable palm oil

03-Jun-2015 - This week J&J, P&G, Colgate-Palmolive, and Seventh Generation along with numerous other interested companies and investors ran a letter on the non-profit sustainability site urging the RSPO to adjust...

California votes to ban microbeads – is the next step Federal law?

27-May-2015 - The California State Assembly has voted to introduce strict legislation that bans the use of plastic mircobeads in cosmetic formulation, joining a growing list of states to make similar rulings.


The professional beauty industry goes under the microscope

27-May-2015 - It has been a couple of weeks since the New York Times published its two-part exposé on the professional nail care industry in the New York area. And justified or...

Brazil adopts new legal framework for biodiversity-based research

26-May-2015 - A new legal framework has been put in place in Brazil to simplify biodiversity-based research and development for suppliers and manufacturers from the cosmetics, food and pharmaceutical industries.

Advertising watch group goes after Almay

20-May-2015 - The brand’s star spangled #SimplyAmerican campaign motivated to file a deceptive advertising complaint with federal and state authorities.

App aims to help NY consumers avoid products containing microbeads

20-May-2015 - Lawmakers in the state of New York have launched a pamphlet and accompanying app designed to help consumers avoid buying personal care products containing plastic microbeads.

Size matters: Unilever pays out for deceptive Axe packaging

18-May-2015 - A recent settlement between the District Attorney’s Office in Orange County and Unilever has seen the consumer goods giant shell out over $770,000 for the ‘deceptive’ packaging of products.

The rules have changed and biodiversity-based R&D needs to be reviewed to be compliant

06-May-2015 - Companies utilising natural ingredients need to review their practices to be compliant with new regulations on biodiversity-based R&D being adopted in Europe and other countries around the world, according to...

No ad ban for Tom Ford perfume as complaints that it ‘degrades women’ are not upheld

05-May-2015 - The latest advertising for Tom Ford’s Black Orchid perfume campaign featuring model Cara Delevingne has been deemed appropriate for display despite complaints that it was degrading and objectified women called...

Federal microbead-free bill set for May 1st hearing

29-Apr-2015 - The proposed Microbead-Free Waters Acts aiming to limit the use of plastic microbeads in cosmetic and personal care formulations at a Federal level is set to be heard this Friday,...

Sun Care Special Newsletter

The lowdown on global sunscreen regulation

28-Apr-2015 - When it comes to regulation, cosmetic and personal care professionals will often cite sun care as one of the most challenging categories to gain global compliance. We spoke Carl Geffken,...

Navigating the Personal Care Products Safety Act

27-Apr-2015 - The act has just been introduced and with backing from industry giants such as Revlon and L’Oreal, as well as the Personal Care Product Council, it now looks set to...

Feinstein bill could be bad for business, ICMAD claims

21-Apr-2015 - The Independent Manufacturers and Distributors (ICMAD) organization has criticized the proposed Personal Care Products Safety Act being introduced by Senator Dianne Feinstein (D-CA).

Organix products must be 70% organic, pending Canadian court approval

16-Apr-2015 - That’s one stipulation of the proposed settlement in a class action suit accusing Vogue International of deceptive advertising and marketing of Organix skin care and hair care products.

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