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Regulation & Safety

In order to keep the cosmetics industry safe as well as innovative, there is a strong regulatory structure in place.

If you want to know about the new regulations and their effect on the industry, or the progress of alternative testing methods, or to stay on top of the latest regulatory requirements , we've got you covered!

Counterfeit makeup and skin care problematic for consumers and brands, shows MarkMonitor data

19-Jul-2017 - The brand protection company has released a new report indicating that at least 25% of consumers surveyed have unknowingly bought fake cosmetics and personal care products. And the MarkMonitor data suggests...

Study highlights rise in consumer complaints to FDA

12-Jul-2017 - A new study by Northwestern University highlights how the number of complaints to the FDA relating to cosmetic and personal care products more than doubled between 2015 and 2016.

Ingredients’ carbon footprint in the spotlight: DSM touts its Vitamin E’s credentials

11-Jul-2017 - With sustainability now demanded right through the supply chain, ingredients manufacturers are becoming increasingly quick to herald their portfolios’ green credentials.

Australia prepares to replace cosmetics regulation NICNAS

28-Jun-2017 - The present National Industrial Chemicals Notification and Assessment Scheme (NICNAS) cosmetics regulation, which covers a wide range of chemicals including cosmetics, will be reformed from 1st July 2018.

Exclusive interview

Chinese regulations update: Knowledge and compliance

21-Jun-2017 - As Belinda Carli, Director of the Institute of Personal Care Science prepares to provide an update on Chinese regulations at this week’s  in-cosmetics Korea in Seoul, we caught up to gain...

Canada finalizes microbead ban

19-Jun-2017 - The government published its Microbeads in Toiletries Regulations this month and the formal ban will go into effect in phases, beginning in January of 2018.

Exclusive interview

Korea conducts research to develop natural and organic cosmetics standard

12-Jun-2017 - As in-cosmetics Korea prepares to welcome regulators and formulators from around APAC and the globe, we spoke to Min-sun Kim, Cosmos assistant, Control Union Korea about the efforts to reach...

Guest article

What does France’s new adverse event reporting portal mean for cosmetics companies?

07-Jun-2017 - In this guest article, Caroline Carodoso of consultancy firm ProductLife Group considers how France’s new reporting for adverse events will impact on the industry.

Beauty industry stands up for Paris Climate Agreement, despite US plans to back out

06-Jun-2017 - Leading cosmetics and personal care companies, including L’Oréal, The Estée Lauder Companies, and Unilever, remain committed to the Paris Agreement. This despite a recent announcement that this country will be...

Will the UN instate a global ban on animal testing for cosmetics?

01-Jun-2017 - Cruelty Free International and The Body Shop have teamed up on a campaign to ask the intergovernmental organization to do just that. It’s an effort that could eventually act as a...

Elizabeth Schmalz Ferguson joins Applied DNA Sciences board of directors

18-May-2017 - The supply chain tech company was apparently seeking a board member with significant cosmetics and personal care industry expertise. And Ferguson’s experience with companies like Revlon and Estée Lauder made...

10 years and 5,000 products for NATRUE’s Natural and Organic Cosmetics Label

17-May-2017 - The association behind this international standard is celebrating 2 milestones this year, while looking to the future with both optimism and suspicion.

J&J and personal care ingredient supplier lose big in talc lawsuit

09-May-2017 - Late last week a jury in Missouri handed down a verdict that found both the baby powder maker and Imerys Talc America accountable for, among other things, conspiracy, breach of...

What does Homeland Security want with the beauty industry? part 2

04-May-2017 - For cosmetics and personal care companies and those that supply the industry with its ingredients, registration and participation in the program known as CFATS could well be mandatory. And not...

What does Homeland Security want with the beauty industry? part 1

03-May-2017 - A department initiative knows as the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards program, or CFATS, requires select cosmetics manufacturers as well as ingredient suppliers and distributors to register and comply with security...

Why 1,4-dioxane in cosmetics deserves more attention

01-May-2017 - The issue of 1,4-dioxane is back in the headlines after traces of the substance were found in water supplies for Long Island, New York, but one expert fears that this attention could mean...

Does the move to eradicate 1,4-dioxane go far enough?

27-Apr-2017 - Although pressure to ensure 1,4-dioxane is removed from cosmetic and personal formulations is supported by a leading naturals expert the question remains as to whether the move goes far enough.

CVS to institute new testing requirements for dietary supplements

24-Apr-2017 - As part of a corporate makeover, CVS Pharmacy says it intends to institute new standards for the dietary supplements it sells that will include specific testing requirements.

CVS to phase out chemicals of concern in store brand beauty and personal care

20-Apr-2017 - The retail pharmacy chain announced plans this week to remove select ingredients from four of its own cosmetics and personal care brands, calling the move “a natural step in the...

NSF launches cosmetic product compliance verification service

17-Apr-2017 - NSF International says it is the first organization to off the cosmetics and personal care industry a dedicated product quality, safety and compliance verification service.

US senator pressures FDA to ban 1,4 Dioxane from cosmetics

17-Apr-2017 - Senator Charles Schumer has officially called on the FDA to take action to strip 1,4 Dioxane from a range of consumer products such as shampoos, shower gels and lotions.

FDA to hold public meeting for proposals on international cosmetics regulation

12-Apr-2017 - The FDA has confirmed that it will hold a public meeting on May 25 ahead of the International Cooperation on Cosmetic Regulation (ICCR) meeting, to be held in Brazil in July.

Qualyst launches test to determine effects of cosmetics on the liver

23-Mar-2017 - Qualyst Transporter Systems (QTS) has launched a test that is designed to determine the effects cosmetic and personal care products may have on the liver.

Annual industry education event looks at the shape of cosmetic and personal care regulations today

15-Mar-2017 - Legislation, claims substantiation, natural beauty, and crisis communications were all topics of discussion at this year’s Legal, Regulatory, and Compliance Forum, hosted by ACI and ICMAD.

Washington DC and the state of beauty industry

06-Mar-2017 - A week ago Monday, the Personal Care Products Council convened a panel, as part of the organization’s annual meeting, to discuss the ramifications that the new Presidential administration’s legislative endeavors...

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