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Cosmetics now boasting ethical food labels

By Lucy Whitehouse + , 21-Apr-2016
Last updated on 22-Apr-2016 at 11:49 GMT2016-04-22T11:49:18Z

Cosmetics now boasting ethical food labels

Ethical food labels, such as ‘non-GMO Product Verified’ and ‘gluten-free’, are fast becoming staple features on cosmetics and personal care products too, according to new research.

Gathered by specialist consulting and market research firm Organic Monitor, the new figures suggest that 15% of natural personal care products now boast these or similar accreditations, which, the firm states, equates to a market value of over USD 700 million.

Ethical labels are crossing over from the food to personal care industry because of transparency,” explains the firm.

Consumers are demanding the same level of traceability and safety from personal care products as they are getting from natural and organic foods.”

Non-GMO and gluten-free

Organic Monitor claims that with Non-GMO Project Verified, the adoption rate on the certification label has now reached about 500 personal care products.

Brands such as Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soaps are putting the Non-GMO Project Verified label on their products to assure consumers no genetically modified ingredients are in their products,” Organic Monitor explains.
The mark is also encouraged by natural food retailers like PCC Natural Markets which are pushing for GMO labeling.”

The research company notes that with ever-growing consumer enthusiasm for gluten-free foods, a rise in gluten-free beauty is now following suit too.

Gluten-free is another label gaining traction on personal care products,” Organic Monitor asserts. “Brands are adopting gluten-free certification because of the rising number of food ingredients making their way into personal care applications.”

Safety first

Consumer interest in naturals is partly driven by safety concerns, according to the research firm, and as a result, new labels that guarantee the health and safety of cosmetics products are emerging.

The Environmental Working Group recently launched its ‘EWG VERIFIED: For Your Health’ label for personal care products that do not contain potentially harmful ingredients. The Premium Body Care Standard of Whole Foods Market also has strict guidelines on permitted ingredients,” the firm explains.

Organic Monitor will be holding the Sustainable Cosmetics Summit in New York next month, which will be featuring a presentation about eco food labelling. For more information, please click here .

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