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Why the shift from shaving to toiletries in the men’s grooming category?

By Andrew MCDOUGALL , 15-Nov-2012
Last updated on 03-May-2013 at 10:44 GMT2013-05-03T10:44:50Z

Why the shift from shaving to toiletries in the men’s grooming category?

Skin care and deodorants have driven the growth of the men’s toiletries category and will see it overtake the traditional top performer, men’s shaving, in the male grooming segment.

In the next five years this shift is expected to continue, with toiletries overtaking shaving in 2013, and adding more than double to its value than shaving by 2016, with deodorants becoming the most dynamic category in terms of value.

Euromonitor Beauty and Personal Care research analyst Nicole Tyrimou explains that there are three main factors causing the shift between the two categories.

Top three

“Firstly, we have seen men’s shaving experience a slight slowdown in its growth, and that’s mainly because of the new trend amongst men, of a more unshaven and natural look, in what is called the ‘three day beard’ trend,” she says.

This is most evident in Western Europe and North America, the first and third largest markets respectively.

“Secondly, we have seen men’s skin care, which is the most dynamic category, growing very strongly on the back of Asia-Pacific, where 60 percent of the sales come from,” continues Tyrimou.

“Men’s skin care has diversified greatly over the past five years. We have seen products incorporating multi-functional properties; having moisturizing properties as well as anti-aging , SPF, anti-acne, for sensitive skin, or even for dry skin.”

Deodorant diversification

The market analyst explains that the third and most important factor to the shift is the men’s deodorant market, which has been growing very strongly on the back of Latin America, and Brazil in particular.

The men’s deodorant market makes up 50 percent of the men’s toiletries market, so it is the largest category within the segment.

“We’ve seen greater diversification in men’s deodorants, from incorporating extra benefits like moisturizing, whitening, as well as aligning themselves more closely to fragrance,” says Tyrimou.

“In particular, in Brazil, we have seen [Unilever’s] Axe launching Excite in 2011, which was a body spray created by a famous American perfumer showcasing how much more sophisticated the scents are becoming.”

Regionally, Latin America is expected to lead the global growth, with Brazil adding over a third of the growth to the men’s grooming category.

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