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TricorBraun prepares for lip balm research project

By Deanna Utroske

Last updated on 19-Dec-2016 at 18:55 GMT2016-12-19T18:55:08Z

TricorBraun prepares for lip balm research project

The package maker announced plans this month to conduct research and gather consumer data that TricorBraun designers will then use to create functional, compelling packaging solutions for lip care.

In fact, TricorBraun has already made a next-generation lip balm package, which seems to be in the final stages of development. The company will include this new package in its upcoming focus group study and presumably refine it as needed based on the feedback.

The focus groups will “[benchmark] a variety of different existing systems along with a new TricorBraun innovation, not yet on the market,” affirms the company press release about project.

Data collection

TricorBraun has enlisted an independent market research company to facilitate the focus groups. Women and girls, ranging in age from 11 to 30 will be involved.

The company aims to discover what sort of packaging appeals to these lip balm consumers, in terms of look and function. “The focus groups will participate in a discussion surrounding ease of use, visual appeal and the fun factor for a variety of differently formatted packaging systems found in lip balm,” according to the release.

“Insights will be gained regarding packaging purchase drivers such as cleanliness, trendiness, portability and more.”

Package design

The data gathered will inform innovation at TricorBraun. “We are always enlightened and often surprised by the feedback we receive during these focus groups,” Rachel Murphy, a package designer with the company says in the press release.

“With the results of this type of research in hand, I am able to design more effective solutions that resonate with consumers,” Murphy explains. “The research gives meaning and purpose to our designs. Meeting consumer needs rather than designing for the sake of design is always the objective.”

While shelf appeal has long been a goal for packaging design. Becky Donner, senior VP of design and engineering at TricorBraun, believes that in today’s marketplace a much more nuanced approach is needed. “The functionality of the product's packaging must be well thought out and designed to create the best experience possible,” she remarks.

By looking inside the mind of the consumer and gleaning a picture of how and why they use products, we are able to elevate every aspect of packaging design to help you win on shelf and help consumers win at home,” Donner adds.

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